Ascendant-5th house delineation axis.

This is using the equal house system.
Ascendant in Aries(5th house Leo)– Romance is a lively and ardent pursuit. Extremely demonstrative in love, the sun, the lion king, Leo brings all the splendor of royalty with lavish and generous displays of zeal and affection. You also need this attention back and adulation. Can be selfish however and egocentric. This puts Aquarius on the 11th house cusp, you look for love in groups of artists, musicians, and progressive people.

Ascendant in Taurus (5th house Virgo)
-In love, you are concerned with all the details, all the details about you and you are concerned about the details about them, leaving no stone unturned. Love is a process and courting is essential and you show it by being reliable. Formality. Can be finicky and petty.
Pisces on the 11th makes you want someone that can carry you off into a dream. Find love amongst groups of actors, musicians,poets.

Ascendant in Gemini (5th house Libra)– You express love in true Libra fashion, by being fair, agreeable, and charming. Pleasing aesthetics and refinement are a must. The higher ideals of venus play out here and can make the whole ordeal play out like a romance novel.Can be prone to lying and deceit(to keep balance).
Aries on the 11th, you will find your lover amongst a bold, dynamic, and assertive bunch. A Fire starter.

Ascendant in Cancer (5th house Scorpio)
– Scorpio is all or nothing, so with Scorpio on the 5th there is an all or nothing approach to your affairs.You express love passionately and don’t hold back. High sexual energy. Can be overly secretive and possessive.
Taurus on the 11th. You need a stable lover and the security that comes with that.

Ascendant in Leo (5th house Sagittarius)
-Jupiter love, expression of love is fun, optimistic and jovial. It has to be an adventure as well as a learning experience to keep the fire going.
Can be fickle .
Gemini on the 11th house makes you need someone who is communicative and you can find your love amongst the communicative crowd. The radio, television, and publishing crowd.

Ascendant in Virgo (5th house Capricorn)
– The conservatism of Saturn is part of your love expression. Courting process is methodical and discipline and stability mark your love life. A great need for security. Shows love with material goods. Can be depressive and pessimistic.
Cancer on the 11th house, attracts a emotional,and nurturing partner, finds them possible in hospital or service industry.

Ascendant in Libra (5th house Aquarius)
– Uranus brings erratic affection to love. Friends and lovers one in the same and friendship is paramount. Goes against the status quo in relationships. Expresses love in unusual ways like through electronic mediums (Uranus). Attracted to unusual and/or eccentric people. Can be unreliable .
Leo 11th house, finds love amongst the stars and attracts and is attracted to people with star power.

Ascendant in Scorpio (5th house Pisces)
-Neptune brings a higher spiritual meaning to love and can put two people on a cloud . Enchantment with a lover is marked here and you may put them on a pedestal. Escapist tendencies.
11th house Virgo, you find love with someone who is organized and detail oriented, like an accountant or business person.

Ascendant in Sagittarius(5th house Aries)– You dive head first into love like the ram. Wasting no time you fall into and express love quickly and aggressively. Not worried about formalities or nuances you pursue love with a direct passion.Can be way too aggressive.
11th house Libra, you will find love amongst pleasing and diplomatic people.

Ascendant in Capricorn (5th house Taurus)– Love is expressed through earthy Venus sensuality. Taurus means money too so financial security is paramount. Like the other earth placements, earthy, reliable, practicality are expressed. Can be materialistic and possessive.
Scorpio on the 11th house. Powerful, passionate, and mysterious lovers will be found.

Ascendant in Aquarius (5th house Gemini)– Mercurial romance, romance via communication. Witty and mentally sharp you will never stop verbally professing how much you care for them and conversation will be extremely important . You will also love sharing new information with them as well. Mentally nimble. Can be fickle.
Sagittarius in the 11th, you find love amongst the crowd who can physically expose you to the things you love to read about.

Ascendant in Pisces (5th house Cancer)– You will express love through a maternal kind of nurturing and affection. Highly emotional and attached, you want to protect them from any harm and nourish them to full health. Can be too possessive.
11th in Capricorn, you find love amongst career oriented people, people who need a hot meal and some relaxation in between long work hours.

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