Astrological elemental deficiency

Having a good balance of elements in the natal chart is a good indication of an even temperament . Most people however, do not have an even balance. Many are even missing elements in their chart. This manifests in many different ways.

LACK OF FIRE- (one fire planet or less, unoccupied 1st,5th,9th houses, poorly placed Sun, Mars,Jupiter) Lacks trust in life, lacks passion, docile, lacks intuition, lacks spontaneity, lacks courage. Overcompensation manifests as over aggression, recklessness , cruelty.

LACK OF AIR- (one air planet or less, unoccupied 3rd,7th,11th houses, poorly placed , Mercury, Uranus) Lacks objectivity, lacks rationality, lacks foresight, lacks communication ability. Overcompensation manifests as boisterousness,overly talkative, overly detached demeanor.

LACK OF EARTH ( one earth planet or less, unoccupied 2nd, 6th, 10th houses, poorly placed Venus, Saturn)- Lacks pragmatism, lacks discipline, lacks planning, lacks material desires. Overcompensation manifests as one sticking to rigid schedules and routines.

LACK OF WATER (one water planet or less, unoccupied 4th,8th,12th houses, poorly placed Moon, Neptune, Pluto) – Lacks intuition, lacks empathy, lacks feeling. Overcompensation manifests as over emotionalism, sacrifice.

Some may be deficient in one or more elements. Some may lack one element completely. A deficiency will illustrate the characteristics that one can work on to bring Ma’at or balance into their lives.