Bang or Bust? An astrological look at the NBA draft picks 2012

The NBA draft will be here shortly and like every year there is a lot of buzz around a few players. Players come into the league and some live up to the hype and others do not. Many times the top draft picks don’t pan out and later draft picks develop into anywhere from above average, all the way to super star caliber players. Looking at these players astrologically is a great way to analyze these players to determine how they will pan out. I’ve started to analyze the top 5 draft picks according to and the results may surprise you (or maybe not).

#1 Anthony Davis

University of Kentucky star who once was a point guard but now plays forward/center is looking to be the #1 over all pick.

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Looking at his chart initially what jumps out at me is the grand cross. A grand cross is a formation of great disappointment from a standpoint that the native feels held back by many obstacles. It will not be an easy road for him. He also lacks the fire element in his chart so the charisma and faith of someone like Tim Tebow, and the never say die attitude of players like Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook is not something that he naturally possesses. The amount of water he has in his chart indicates he has a “softer” demeanor and is more likely to feed off of another great player than to be a leader himself.

On the positive side , his mars, moon, and sun form a grand water trine. If there is a configuration that can augment any weaknesses in a chart that is it.

In my opinion this is a player who needs to finish his college career, build size and build confidence. Because entering the draft at this particular point may prove to be very detrimental to his development. I say that because of his grand cross and also the amount of water he has. If he loses confidence early on he may never recover and develop. The grand cross can make or break someone but due to the factors in his configuration I say break because of the lack of fire, and also lack of saturn aspects which augment will power to succeed and work ethic.

Bang or Bust?


#2 Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

Anthony Davis teammate on the University of Kentucky had a solid freshmen year, he is a much different type of person than Anthony Davis.

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Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is loaded with air. When I see this in a player what it says to me is that the player has savvy and good court IQ. He has his sun and mars in libra which are in fall and detriment respectively. However them being cardinal signs there is still a leadership quality (Chauncey Billups has both those placements) and a direct energy. Air also helps with being more composed under pressure (Dwayne Wade and Kobe Bryant both have Mars in Libra and air Venus. His mars trines his moon which is good for motivation and aggression.His moon conjuncts saturn which can be harsh but he will have a strong work ethic , and his mars trines saturn as well reinforcing that. He also has an unaspected sun which is rare. He craves success and spotlight.

On the negative side, a lot of air means that he may easily become disengaged from the game if something isn’t going right. He will need a coach and players around him that are firey, and intense for him to feed off of.

Overall I see a pretty good upside here.

Bang or Bust?


#3 Andre Drummond

Uconn center Andre Drummond has shown great athleticism and defensive prowess thus far and looks to be #3 overall.

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Here you have a player who will love the spotlight and play with a lot of heart with sun home in Leo and moon exalted in Taurus, and Mars virgo trine his moon. So we know his athleticism and strength will be there.

There are many alarming things though in the chart to me. One is the grand cross with the sun,moon, saturn , and pluto. The other is the cardinal T-square with uranus and neptune conjunct in Capricorn opposite Venus Cancer, squaring jupiter in Libra. I see a gifted player here but one of those guys that is loaded with off court (especially dealing with women) and locker room issues. Definitely a high risk gamble.

Bang or Bust?


#4 Bradley Beal

Shooting guard out of Florida averaged 14.6 points, 6.5 rebounds, 2.2 assists in his freshman year.

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Looking at his what I see is a good balance of earth and water, moon trine saturn as well for good composure. Appears to be a player that will be very solid fundamentally. Does not look like someone who grabs headlines due to personality (much like Tim Duncan) but on the court will be balanced.

On the negative side, I see some questionable decision making due to mercury opposite neptune and uranus. And he also has a grand cross and T-square so will face some adversity before anything else.

I see him as being a solid 2 guard

Bang or Bust?


#5 Harrison Barnes

Sophmore North Carolina small forward

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If I were to pick first based on astrology, this is the guy who I would pick. Based on his chart he looks like he will be a “beast” in the NBA. He has a powerful Mars Leo -Venus Aries trine. Sun in Gemini trine Moon in Libra for skills and savvy. (Gemini rules the hands and arms, skills with hands). Mars in Leo square Pluto in Scorpio indicates a temper but if controlled it indicates indomitable willpower.

Negatives I see are sun square saturn, confidence suffers with this placement usually, but based on the rest of his chart I don’t think it will hurt, only help him.

Bang or Bust?


I may do 5 more in the near future as well. But in terms of these 5.

What do you see? What are your thoughts?


  1. I like the blog but whatever you’re using for those pictures doesn’t work when I click on them and they’re too small to read. Are you using their birthday or the pick day? I can’t read the chart to tell!

    •  Thanks Josh I appreciate it!! I’ll have to modify. The MCE under this new wordpress version is faulty and they haven’t fixed it so uploading photos and such is not so smooth.  I’m using their birthdays


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