Christopher Dorner’s preliminary natal chart .


Came across the ex-cop shooter Christopher Dorner’s birth information . June 4 1979 in New York.






Here is his portrait.  Based on cranial structure I rectified a Leo ascendant.

Here is his chart.

leo asc

The Mars-Venus opposition to Uranus and The Sun and Mercury opposite Neptune really stick out to me. As this story keeps unfolding I will keep adding new information. And if anyone has information about life events or anything else please comment. So that a more accurate chart can be constructed.



Looking at Dorner’s progressed chart there is a clear clash with authority. A progressed Sun square Pluto and Mars square Saturn showing a natural disdain for the established order and authority. Sun-Pluto, Moon-Pluto, Mars-Pluto can play out in dramatic fashion as we have seen recently with the Jovan Belcher and Oscar Pistorious situations.



  1. Thanks for your effort but I have read that he was born in New York State.  My guess is Buffalo, NY.  I personally think that his ascendant is late Aries or early Taurus, giving him Mars rising.  And all his planets except Neptune would be below the horizon.  With Neptune in the seventh house, Mars conjunct Venus, Sun combust Mercury and the Moon practically unaspected we have a person who does not relate to others in any conventional sense and probably feels greatly misunderstood.  Misunderstood and unloved.  No father on the scene either.

    • Migyur Ill re-check when we can get a definitive POB on him. I pretty much agree with you aside from the Aries/Taurus ascendant. With the hard oppositions to neptune not only unloved and misunderstood like you said but probably victimized throughout his career.


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