Christopher Dorner’s preliminary natal chart .

Came across the ex-cop shooter Christopher Dorner’s birth information . June 4 1979 in New York.






Here is his portrait.  Based on cranial structure I rectified a Leo ascendant.

Here is his chart.

leo asc

The Mars-Venus opposition to Uranus and The Sun and Mercury opposite Neptune really stick out to me. As this story keeps unfolding I will keep adding new information. And if anyone has information about life events or anything else please comment. So that a more accurate chart can be constructed.



Looking at Dorner’s progressed chart there is a clear clash with authority. A progressed Sun square Pluto and Mars square Saturn showing a natural disdain for the established order and authority. Sun-Pluto, Moon-Pluto, Mars-Pluto can play out in dramatic fashion as we have seen recently with the Jovan Belcher and Oscar Pistorious situations.


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