December 31st is not New Year’s Eve!


Today is not New Year’s Eve!!, December is the 10th month of the year, making January the 11th and February on into March the 12th which correlates to the Astrological “calendar”. The New Year coincides with the Spring Equinox/ Cusp of Aries which indicates a fresh start. As a Cardinal sign Aries indicates a beginning to a Season and the 1st astrological house, Ruled by the planet Mars, Aries is the first sign, and a characteristic is raw in your face aggression. ( Unlike the Marsian counterpart Scorpio which is more calculating and stealthy)

This season is “spring”. “Springing” out of hibernation during winter, life springing back into action.

Invoke your New Year’s Resolutions during Spring Equinox, they might last more than a week that way. This makes a lot of sense, many people see spring coming and say, summer is approaching I have to get in shape, go on a diet.. work more to save money to go on a trip over the summer, so on and so forth. Starting something new during a period of introspection, closure , and hibernation (winter)is doomed from the very beginning. This just shows how out of touch people are with geo rhythms and bio rhythms. It also shows how poor the Grecco Roman calendar is for keeping the populous in harmony with the Omniverse.

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