Houses, Hemispheres, and Quadrants.

Northern hemisphere , houses 1-6(lower half of natal chart): Subjective hemisphere

Southern hemisphere houses 7-12( upper half of natal chart): Objective hemisphere.

Western hemisphere ,houses 1-3, 10-12(left half of natal chart):Self motivated

Eastern hemisphere, houses 4-9( right half of natal chart): Externally motivated.

First quadrant, Northern hemisphere houses of self:houses 1-3

House 1 (Aries house): House of self,personality, looks, physical attributes. Any planets here will change you at a fundamental level. Mars is home here.

House 2 (Taurus house) House of personal values and possessions . Any planets here will influence how you go about gaining wealth and material goods and how you value them. Venus is home here.

House 3 (Gemini house) House of mind, communication, and local travel. Planets here will influence and modify thought and communication. Mercury is home here.

2nd Quadrant ( associative houses, self identity through others) houses 4-6

House 4 (Cancer house) Home, family, roots, and ancestry. More planets you have here, the more important home will be as well as family and family history. Moon is home here.

House 5 (Leo house) Self expression, fun, and romance. More planets you have here , more expressive, artistic you will tend to be, as well as romantic. Sun is at home here.

House 6 (Virgo house)
Work environment, co-workers , service. Handling details, clear concise communication. Planets here modify your work habits and attention to work.Saturn is best here.

3rd Quadrant (Partnership houses) 7-9:

House 7(Libra house) Partnership, love, and open enemies. Planets here bring focus to relationships Venus is home here.

House 8 (Scorpio house) Marriage, shared resources, death, and evolution. Planets here bring focus to marriage and evolution. Pluto is home here.

House 9 (Sagittarius house) Higher learning, morals, distant travel. Planets here will bring focus to these characteristics. Jupiter is home here.

4th Quadrant( Society and greater whole) houses 10-12).

House 10 (Capricorn house)
Duty in the context of society, stature and standing . Planets here will bring focus to one’s stature in the world and gaining it. Saturn is home here.

House 11 (Aquarius house) Groups, friends, group activities. Planets here will bring focus to socializing in groups. Uranus is home here.

House 12 (Pisces house)
Service, sacrifice, charity,secret enemies. Planets here will bring focus to working in a behind the scenes manner for the good of many. Neptune is home here.

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