Mars in fire signs.



Mars ( planet of vitality) is strongest when placed in a fire sign. Since fire indicates passion, and impulse, Mars is most definitely more comfortable expressing itself through these signs.

Mars in Sagittarius

Mars in Sagittarius gives the native the expansive all or nothing powers of thor (jupiter) to accomplish many different tasks (mutable). They are honest and direct people who will tell you their honest opinion to your face. Winning a debate may prove to be futile because they will out shout you if they can’t win on facts. Thank goodness they like to have fun doing a plethora of things and doing them with passion (even if they don’t finish them). Due to their mutable nature there can be some inconsistency to them. Sometimes they will be very vigorous other times pretty subdued. Negatively, they can be inattentive to detail resulting in injuries, and reckless as well as take criticism very personally and fire back with hurtful barbs.


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