Isiah M asked 2 weeks ago

I have sun, moon, mercury, venus, and mars all in Cancer. Is there anyway I can work on not being so emotional and sensitive?

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Profile photo of TheAstrochologistTheAstrochologist Staff answered 1 week ago

What I would suggest “grounding” practices Isiah. If you google “earthing, grounding” a wealth of information about how to do it, the best methods to use. Barefoot walking is one of the best methods that I’ve found personally, but there are many more as well. Earthing helps you tap into the Earth element, which is the counterbalance to water, and a symbiotic element in astrology. This will without a doubt, help you. Water conforms to its container, grounding helps to create that container.
Spending time, or even living near water soothes Cancer placements too.

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