Sag man with a Taurus woman

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Anonymous asked 4 weeks ago

What do you think about a cancer rising Taurus sun Libra moon Gemini Venus (opposite Pluto/ in the 12th house)  and Taurus rising sag sun Leo moon scorpio venus? We have mercury trine mercury, mercury conj ascendant, &a mercury opposite ascendant which helps my Gemini Venus, both mars in Virgo 

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Profile photo of TheAstrochologistTheAstrochologist Staff answered 2 weeks ago

I think that moon to moon the Libra and Leo is excellent, Venus in Scorpio with Leo moon is a hurdle, and Gemini Venus is as well. Sun – ascendant Taurus helps a lot and I can see that attraction, especially with your Mars being in Virgo. Sag and Taurus is one combination that doesn’t have a reputation for longevity but I’ve personally seen a couple with this combo married for 50 years. It’s a mixed bag with some large hurdles.

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