Sun signs.

Zodiac sign descriptions of the Sun signs


( Cardinal, Fire) Aries is well placed in the sun as the firey ruler of mars. Head strong, impulsive. It’s best to steer clear of the ram especially when angered. Passionate nature makes them prone to bumps and bruises. Should watch out for cuts when using metal objects . Will initiate conflict if ram deems it necessary. Rules over the head. The astrological new year.


 (Fixed, Earth) The bull is ruled by Venus. Sensuality and aesthetics are  important to the Taurus. A long fuse but once blown the bull will charge at full speed so be careful. Very stable and consistent changing direction is tough and trying to change them is futile. Enjoys the physical sensation of touch, the sense of smell, taste etc. Prone to being possessive and controlling of their environment, which can include people. Rules the throat and neck.


(Mutable, Air) Mercury ruled Gemini is a head full. Try to keep these frantic minded individuals attention may be tough. They are exceptional at lower minded activities, word games, puzzles, writing, and speaking and have vast reservoirs of mental energy. Potential to be great speakers with careers in radio, television. Rules over the arms, hands.


(Cardinal, Water) It may take a while for the crab to come out of their shell, but they do eventually, emotional, nurturing and intuitive the crab has the  gift of empathy. Once you have their trust they will be one of the most supportive people you know.Betrayed they will be deeply hurt though and retreat into their shell. Food is important to them so don’t touch it if they don’t offer it. Rules over the chest.


(Fixed, Fire) Leo is at home in the sun. The strong, soul of the lion is present here and the native  emits much pride and charisma. These natives love accolades and attention. Strong natural leaders. Sign of the artist and actor. Creativity and self expression are important. “Their view” is important to them. Prone to egocentric behavior.  Rules over the heart.


(Mutable, Earth) The virgin can be spotted tying up loose ends, working to keep things organized. Service oriented Virgo make natural healers. Earthy nature makes them good business people as their analytical minds are able to delve deep into details. Technical aptitude is high, so working as engineers, lab techs, dieticians are good careers. Rules over the digestive system.


(Cardinal, Air) Ruled by Venus, Libra is a social butterfly, fond of comforts. Interest in fairness and justice. Can be  jovial and charming. May be lazy but being that it’s also a Saturn sign, there is an excellent executive and “Ceo” streak in Libra. Can objectively judge and analyze situations. Keep a cool head under pressure. Rules the kidneys.


(Fixed,Water)Sensitive and magnetic. The scorpion will repulse many and attract many more with their intense nature. This sign of extremes can be the best person to have on your side or your worst enemy. Prone to being controlling out of a need to know exactly what’s going on at all times. Strong behind the scenes leadership ability. The type of energy fit for “unseen hand” types. Rules over the sexual organs and reproductive system.


(Mutable, Fire) The archer is a fire sign so the sun is comfortable in Sagittarius. This is the sun, or flame dimming. Represents wisdom, old age. The exploratory,independent, and adventurous nature of the Sagittarian will make them many friends. Restless by nature, trying to keep them under your them will just leave you frustrated. The expansive nature can make long term commitments of any sort somewhat difficult. Willing to try just about anything once. Rules over the hips, thighs.


(Cardinal, Earth) The goat is a steady consistent climber. Practical and stable they are steadfast, not easily deterred. A strong will is present. Some may find this nature lacking in spontaneity and a bit boring. As a cardinal sign in the earth element there are excellent managerial abilities. Small business owner willing to put in many hours. Rules over the knees.


(Fixed, Air) in detriment in the sun as the sun represents the individual soul and the Aquarian has trouble separating the me from the we. The water bearer is the humanitarian of the zodiac. These individuals are offbeat often extremely creative and intellectual. Usually liking the company of equally creative and offbeat individuals but do not really discriminate when it comes to friends as they have many.They need some space but will stick with the right person as a fixed sign. Rules over the calves.


 (Mutable, Water) The Neptunian fish is highly sensitive and intuitive. They put great care and sacrifice into whatever it is they deem worthy and are natural nurturers.. Many times though it’s hard to know where they stand because they themselves are unsure of where they stand. Caretakers of the outcasts in society such as: drug addicts, prisoners, the handicapped. Strong religious mind due to it’s ancient ruler Jupiter. Charismatic and inspirational if they play up their positive side. Rules the feet.