The life , incarceration, and execution of Troy Davis astrologically.


*the following is not a rendering of judgement either way, but an objective look via astrology.


Troy Davis was born October 9th 1968 in Georgia,  unable to determine the exact ascendant sign and degree at the moment. Working with what information I have, there are a number of conclusions that can be made based on his natal chart:

Sun and Mercury in Libra opposite Saturn in Aries-:Saturn is in fall in Aries  the respect most people have for structure and authority isn’t there.Mercury in Libra opposing Saturn Aries indicates someone who can plot and scheme against authority and Sun opposing Saturn is indicative of someone who is not cooperative  feels they must go to the extreme in asserting themself. Sun is exalted in Aries and Saturn is exalted in libra which is indicative of someone who is assertive but has a keen sense of justice. With these two placements swaped this can show someone who can be a proverbial bull in the china shop, struggling to be direct, struggles with balance, and chafes against people who give him opposition.

Moon Taurus opposite Neptune in Scorpio- This is indicative of someone who struggles with boundaries, emotionally and otherwise. Neptunes nature makes this native extremely susceptible to external influences and has trouble separating their own energy from others. Neptune dissolves boundaries. This is someone who can pull the wool over others eyes as well.

Lastly Venus conjunct Neptune: People may not be able to see him for who he really is and of no fault of his own.Neptune is projecting a “spell” so to speak.

Now I also looked at the original event, the alleged murder of the of duty police officer that took place on August 19th, 1989 @ 1:15am in Savannah Georgia.











Asc @ 11 degrees gemini


and the execution chart for the execution which took place September 21st, 2011  @ 11:08 pm in Georgia.











Ironically, the murder/arrest and the execution both take place  @ 11 degrees Gemini ascending.

The transiting Pluto Capricorn conjuncts the Saturn Capricorn of the original alleged murder even. Death by the state.

Chiron during the alleged murder conjuncts the moon during the time of the execution


What are your thoughts?

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