12 Mars signs at work.

There are many indicators in your natal chart of what kind of work and career will suit you best. Mars sign and aspects, 6th house cusp and planets, 10th house cusps and planets, midheaven and so on. At our cores though , our mars will indicate our demeanor and how we work because mars is how we go about exerting energy. I have made many observations in the workplace and of most of the mars signs in action so I’ve compiled a list, a dossier I guess you could call it. Each of the mars signs works in very different ways.

Mars in Capricorn– These people can work, physically, very long and endure strenuous labor. Repetition doesn’t seem to bother them too much . They can work in isolation and be relied upon to get the task done .

Mars in Virgo– Equally capable of Mars in Capricorn of hard labor, but are very restless and need to do a variety of things. Also the energy level isn’t as consistent as Mars in Capricorn.

Mars in Gemini– not very high energy, needs a conversation to keep energy level high and is easily bored with repetition. Doing something airy and mercurial will most likely keep them happy.

Mars in Libra– Again like the Gemini mars, not high energy at all. Needs a partner, and a conversation to keep energy levels up. Easily bored like Mars in Gemini. Libra is a social sign so socializing while working at some level is necessary.

Mars in Aquarius– Works better than Gemini and Libra mars placements, but still air. Works well using computers and machinery as opposed to physical labor like the other air mars.

Mars in Sagittarius Needs variety at work , easily bored if in the same routines set in. Likes to travel in work, even if it’s just to a different section of the same building. Can have a high energy output, but it’s inconsistent.

Mars in Aries– Can work especially hard physically, work needs to be physical or they need some kind of goal to conquer if it’s another form or medium of work.

Mars in Leo – Can work very hard to achieve personal goals or be the head, or leader of something, but if it has to do with serving under someone else they don’t put out much effort. Physical stamina.

Mars in Pisces– Pretty lazy, needs someone to give them orders otherwise they stay kind of stagnant. Working with animals or doing something musically will most likely inspire them to keep working.

So I have not been able to observe Mars in Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio. How are these individuals in the work environment? Lend me your thoughts and any other Mars sign observations you may have. Peace.

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