12/21-12/31 Capricorn Horoscope 2013



The Sun passing through Capricorn this year should prove to be an interesting transit with the looming “Cardinal crisis”. Venus is also retrograding in Capricorn. The Winter Solstice this year will be on December the 21st at 12:11 pm.

Capricorn Horoscope

Adult Mt. Goat

Venus in Capricorn Rx: Relationship accounting

Venus turns retrograde in 28 degrees Capricorn on the 21st of December and will last until January 31st 2014. This is a period where you should take inventory on your relationships and financial practices. Not keeping track of expenditures?  Something may happen to you that forces you to pay attention. Like an overdraft charge. Assessing if your relationship efforts are reciprocal, and your partner is putting the same amount of work in that you are. If not then what? Are you working hard so that your partner doesn’t have to and they show no appreciation for it? This is the miser action of Venus in Capricorn because all of these questions will come up and the native will likely act accordingly.This affects you more of course if your chart ruler is a Venus sign ( Taurus or Libra ascendant).

Venus in Capricorn is also interested in having a  prestigious career (after all Capricorn is the career sign). This retrograde period may allow you to refocus and rededicate yourself to building your brand, and your resume.

Cardinal clash

Since the Sun in Capricorn is the beginning of the new season as a Cardinal sign, it will be clashing with the other first decan Cardinal sign placements transiting right now. This causes a cardinal clash or “crisis”. For this first decan(and second decan) of Capricorn we’re facing a Sun-Pluto conjunction. There may be significant changes around Christmas/Saturnalia and the New Years. I’m suspecting a strong push against the Affordable Healthcare act as the New Year approaches. The political chess match going between the U.S., Russia, China, and Iran may go through a major move. All in all a less cheerful holiday season this year I suspect.The  Sun will also make a square aspect with Uranus in Aries which really turns this period into a wildcard of possibilities. Unexpected is to be expected so don’t be surprised. Don’t resist changes  (especially related to relationships with the Venus RX). Many world events that will effect the narrative of world politics and life will likely happen ,even if subtly during this holiday stretch.

Weather wise , the Sun, Moon, and Pluto will be in alignment on New Years eve and day. Look out for seismic activity and tidal activity as this conjunction creates a kind of gravity vacuum that will effect Earth.

Personal Sun Sign points of interest


Should be focused on Career.


Should be focused on expanding their minds with higher knowledge, learn something new over the holidays if possible.


Time to focus on the inside. Fast from electronics, texting on your smartphone, etc.


Focus on relationships .


Focus on working , health goals. Start your fitness regiment again to get in shape for the Spring and Summer.


Time to write and manifest that creative urge during this time. Writing is one Mercury oriented form of creativity that is up Virgo’s alley.


Stay tuned for the 2nd decan outlook including the New Moon, as well as the 2nd half of the zodiac’s Sun sign outlooks.





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