Ice Cream Matters


IMPORTANT: Here’s a list of the sign’s favorite ice cream flavors. Check the video for a more details. Peace, love, and frozen dairy/non-dairy treats.

xo AstroByLauren

Aries: fried ice cream- for when you’re doing too much.

Taurus: Double chocolate chunk chip death by chocolate Godiva face chocoholic ice cream.

Gemini: Neapolitan. Secretly, they only like vanilla and would never in their life touch strawberry YET they just feel better knowing the other option are there.

Cancer: Plain. Vanilla. Sandwiched between two macarons for extra protection.

Leo: Ostentatious ice cream.

Virgo: Dippin dots.

Libra: Skittles.

Scorpio: Prickly pear gelato. They are not even sure if it tastes good, but they want to keep things interesting.

Sagittarius: Chipwhich, snow cone, something that can be purchased off of an ice cream truck.

Capricorn: Hennessy. Do they make Hennessy ice cream?

Aquarius: Ben to the Jerry’s. Ice cream with a political agenda.

Pisces: Gummie bears on top.


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