3 reasons why astrology is the greatest and only self help system you need.



I have been an astrology practitioner for a while now. There are many misconceptions I think, about what astrology actually is. Which is why I wrote The Road From Space .   I field many questions through readings, emails, direct messages on social media, and on my site.  It is my belief that astrology is the best  and  only self help system that a person will ever need. The issue comes in when people begin to explore the vastness of astrology and become intimidated or simply don’t want to spend the time. In my book, I wanted to simplify and streamline astrology so that the fundamentals were easy to digest. In this article though I want to lay out the case about why people should use this system to identify answers to pressing questions with 3 points of emphasis.


1.  Money and career

Let’s be honest, money and securing basic life necessities and some semblance of  comfort is the motivation for most of the world’s population. So why not learn what type of career would fit your temperament best? No astrological chart is a disqualifier  for any career or job. However, there are simply careers better suited for individuals based on their astrological chart. The kicker here is, that depending on when a person was born, they may have karma or blocks in the form of fears that prevent them from rising to the top in a field that they would excel in. Not only that, make a living and enjoy doing it.

Let me give you an example.  Someone has a heavily Leo chart with a diurnal emphasis. This person is a leader in the making, a show person in the making. But they have Saturn in Leo conjunct their Sun, Mercury, Venus in Leo.  They fear the spotlight at the same time desire to do something in the theater or film industry. We have just compartmentalized the goal, and the roadblock to the goal using astrology. I would provide this person with some organizations or programs that would help this individual knock down that blockage and rise to the top. As an astrologer I can help you by giving you a different perspective. But these are issues that can be solved as an individual just as well if you’re objective about reading your chart.

2. Relationship needs

In this day and age, I believe there are many relationship problems due to the simple fact that people present themselves as other that who they are. Which only leads to confusion once the “honeymoon” phase is over. If a person analyses their chart and knows what to look for, they can actually identify and acknowledge their needs. Instead of doing a dance and seeing signs portending, a person can cut their losses, and simply look for someone more fitting for their style, and needs. Some argue that this use of astrology, which is called synastry, takes all of the fun out of relationships.

Let me say that, good synastry (relationship astrology) does not guarantee compatibility,  if person 1 has vastly different values than person 2, the union is likely to hit snags. But it can be used as a great prequalifier especially if a person is honest and upfront about their style and needs.

3. Self-Confidence

Astrology teaches us that every single person on earth is confident in something and lacking confidence in another area. Sometimes these two intercept each other. If a person believes they are lacking confidence, it is my job to find out where they will have the most confidence and encourage them to pursue that. I also need to help them identify and articulate where they have the least amount of confidence  so that they can cultivate and build that confidence as well. As an astrologer I can do this.

When all is said and done I believe it is up to the individual to see it out for themselves. Because this is a personal journey. I can tell a person, their spouse can tell them, their parents, the pope can tell them. But if they don’t see it for themselves then it will not happen. But I think astrology is the greatest tool available to identify and objectively articulate any grievances one may have in a plethora of areas. It can be a daunting task to learn the language and the systems. It will be well worth it in the long run though believe me!


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