361° Astrology Presents; 2012 Summer Retro-Groove


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This 2012 summer, while the Sun ☉ is in its last stretch in Degrees of the Zodiac Sign Cancer, some of the Air Planar rulers show us their Retro –Groove!!

Retrograde Cycles and Retrograde Movement has always had a bad rap in astrology. It is like the “Friday the 13th” of Astrology, except it last more then one day, but a period of time. That period of time in which a planet goes retrograde or “retro” is considered to be a time of reflection on the energies, topics, motifs, themes, of the planet in retro.

Only the Sun ☉ and the Moon ☽ never go retro, however all the other planets do. Retrograde is when a planet “appears” to stop (become stationary) then move backwards for a period of time or stretch of degrees of space in the sky. It is popularly compared to the effect of a slow-moving train or car as viewed from another train or car traveling parallel to it but at a more rapid rate, wherein the slower train appears to be moving backwards.

However, in the case of the celestial bodies it is not a matter of their actual speed or travel, but of the rate at which they change their angular positions or “relationships”, take Mercury retrograde for example; Mercury travels around the Sun faster than we (Earth) do, and every 4 months, it passes us (Earth) in it’s orbit, consequently, we here on earth witness Mercury appearing to go backwards for three weeks. N.I.C.E. (Naturally Inspiring Consciousness Everywhere)!!!

What does it mean for a Planet to be retrograde in a Natal, Progressed or Transit Chart?

Each planet in your natal chart represents the way in which manifest or utilize energy in a particular manner or certain way.

For example, Mercury is the thought process, the way you communicate, your ability to learn and process information. Venus in your chart describes what you value; you’re earning potential and financial habits.

Traditionally, Retrograde Planets are said to emit a fainter, often considered weaker vibration, the energy is more subjective, and internal…

The expression of a retrograde planet is somewhat different or not as apparent, it is more restrained, yet it has a very powerful and deep pull.

So applying the Retrograde energy (Rx= Symbol for Retrograde in Astrology) to the delineation of Mercury and Venus above we can see how with Retrograde, Mercury is your thought process and way you communicate, however with retrograde it is some sort of impediment or delay, or difference in the way you manifest that planet, or not so, apparent in its expression.

Now because a retrograde planet is more “internal” or “subjective” it is considered widely in astrological circles to mean “weak”, “Ill” , or “bad”. I like to say Retrograde Planets are “Diet” or “Lite” brands of those planets.

When planets are in retro since you don’t get the usually outward expression in life, the energy, is internalized, but thing is, as beings, we are so use to externalizing our energy and utilizing it in that fashion, that during retro grade periods we are not “conscious” of how to utilize the “Retro” energy correctly. We are still trying to extrovert-ize an energy source that is now “introverted”. Hopefully a few of the tips I drop here will help others be more “conscious” of their “retrograde power”.

In a person’s natal chart retrograde planets often mean this energy isn’t obvious or normally evident in their life or comes to and through them slowly, softly and lightly, the energy is deeper and more internalized, and thus takes extra effort to manifest and utilize, especially for “extroverted orient purposes”. Some karmic astrologers believe that retrograde planets indicate a link to a past life.

Difficulties with retrograde really depend on whether it touches a sensitive spot in your chart. An afflicted planet or angle being hit three times is apt to definitely affect a person adversely.

With Mars retro in your chart your drive and motivation may not be apparent (Sign, House will add and color the experience) Venus retrograde in your natal chart, your concept of beauty is different, comes from a different place, than those around you. With Mercury retrograde, your thinking is different or your speech may be different, delayed, etc. With Jupiter, planet of your Life’s Philosophy, Adult Education, or how you Relate to Foreigners, you may adopt a foreign paradigm, or been born in a foreign land, you may have a different philosophy then that of what you where taught as a child or your family.

Retro Planets in the Progress chart indicate future issues under the influence of those retrograde planetary powers. It highlights coming or building energy trends that spark off by the Retrograde Period. During these Periods in the progress, “circumstances” associated with the Retrograde planets at the Angles or Cusps will describe “re-occurring” trends and motifs or issues of those retro planets in the matters of the house which they rest and with the additional colorization of any planets that make contact with it and what angles and cusps it rest on.

A progress Venus Retro may be “dry” period for romance or financial opportunity for a person or a period to take one’s time in those regards or take a break.

As well a progressed Retro Period often brings about “re-occurring” themes or energy trends that often one has suppressed or allowed to brew or simmer. Often in my experience it announces a time to put such matters on the back burner or to address later for one reason or another, and I see often in people’s charts it is the season that they tend to do just that. It is a period where delay and taking one’s time is the “right tool” for the job.

Planets in retro in the Transit affect you in matters where the retro planet is located by house, sign, etc, as well this energy “is” apparent in others, more so then you see it in yourself or affecting your personally and your surroundings. You may often hear about or see people go through the negative connotations associated with retrogrades during this period. As well retrograde planets are important especially if they are retro in the natal chart, or if the retro planet is a co-ruler and may or may not be retro as well in the natal promise.

In the charts of nations it is a serious consideration, especially the “outer planet retro” for the outer planets affect generations, nations, cultures, societies, and humanity as a whole.

In the transit, Retrogrades highlight a period of internalization, intimacy, slowing down and taking one’s time, re-evaluation and re-visiting situations, it presents an opportunity to “try again or do a do or make over”, essentially it is like going to the line and taking a couple foul shoots.

Ok, well we know that “Retrograde Planets get a bad rep in astrology”, Mercury Retro = Lost Cell Phones, Broken Communication, Hidden or Seditious Thoughts, Mars Retro = inability to assert oneself or do so properly, they may be passive aggressive and etc. Now let’s take a look at a different perspective of “Retro planets in Astrology”

Let’s R.O.C. (Revolution of Consciousness/Raising Our Consciousness)


Give Retrograde a Face Lift!!!

First it has to be acknowledging that I don’t subscribe to the “entire” astrological “retrograde” theory/ideology. Here is where I differ, retrograde is considered weak and fickle energy, however one must consider this notion, that the planets when in retrograde follow a repetitive path for a duration of time. They go back and then forth over “some” of the “same” degrees or positions or locations. This is B.I.G. (Brilliantly Inspiring Genius)!!!

Think on it the planetary power “seems” to be more “internal” however it animates and rolls over the same positions and degrees more then once. This can show how although those retrograde planet’s power is internalized, it is also more powerful, especially for self-growth, realization, enlightenment or in the case of Outer planet retrogrades, idea, events and actions that affect humanity on a large scale and for a period of time.

For example; Mars went Stationary (Meaning appearing to stop its motion and sit in place apparently) in the Zodiac Sign of Virgo at 23 Degrees on 1/23/2012 it stayed Stationary until 1/24/12 when it went “RETRO”. It apparently began to move backwards along its path in the sky. So, it moved backwards in Virgo from 23 Degrees and 5 Mins until it reached 3 degrees and 41 minutes of Virgo on April 13th 2012, having moved 22 degrees and five mins of distance backwards in the Sign of Virgo in 81 Days.

Now it had previously visited or been located at or gone over 23’5 Degrees of Virgo all the way back to 0 Degrees of Virgo before, which would additionally mean that it made contact or relationships, or angles to other planets, angles, cusps, points and degrees not just once (as with its previous journey from when it entered Virgo on Nov 11th 2011 and traveled to 23’5 of Virgo which it achieved on 1/23/12 in approximately 73 days) but for degrees 3’41 to 23’5 Of Virgo, they have been transverse, or visited by the power of Mar’s Retrograde not just twice but three times, that is thrice one has to deal with that energy on those degrees.

Now here is how it gets even better, if you have Planets Natally or by Progress at those degrees or in direct 30-60-90-150-120-180 degree relationship or aspect to a retro planet then the “energy trend” of that “relationship” adds more color to the “Retrograde Period”, and thrice so.

Here is an analogy my mentor taught me;

“If one takes a Lighter and flick it on, then move the flame from right to left and again. Does it get any hotter in one direction or another?

Such is it that “I see” planetary vibration following the same laws of “radiant Energy”. Stationary, Direct or Retro may, in my mind have an intensity that the regular motion does not, because if you hold something over that lighter-flame for a prolonged period of time, instead of passing something over the flame or through that same flame.

My rational comes from the idea too, that an aspect is an aspect according to its “Nature or delineation”regardless. A trine is respectfully a 1st to 5th or 1st to 9th House aspect or energy trend. The 9th to 5th House view is applicable too. Does this energy of the Trine behave differently during the Retrograde Period? I haven’t seen how.

The only different with retrograde period is that it is prolonged poised over an area for some considerable time. Giving us more time to take “advantage” of its placement or more then one opportunity to engage its vibration in whatever medium (The degrees posited by it) via the retrograde motion, more then once. I am also convinced that if one has a planet on or aspect by stationary planet (par tile/within one degree) that something extra ordinary manifest for here the planet is SITTING on the degree or position. It has apparently stopped and is holding up any aspects or relationships it is making.“ ~Ra Akhu~

That perspective is astounding and I had to put it to the test. Well I gave you a prior example of Mars going retro and the time and dates it did and the degrees it covered and the amount of time in days, and months, as well the sign (Virgo) it was in.

Now I actually have Mars in Virgo at 26 Degrees by Natal Promise, and I am a 16 Degree Virgo Rising. So when Mars went retro at 23 degrees I was 3 degrees from a MARS RETURN. (See my blog 361 RED Astrology

http://www.facebook.com/notes/ever-reese/361-martian-red-astrology/10151075646805390 for more on Mars)

With Mars natally in my 1st House and in the Sign Virgo a Mars Return is all about Initiating New Health Regiments, Renewed drive for or to work, confrontations in the workplace, new passions with work mates, neighbors or beginning new schooling for a trade or in the health or service field for me, as well as about heat, or confrontation or issues with personal relationships, personal power, communication and freedom, for, Mercury the ruler of Virgo, where Mars is located in my Natal Chart, is indeed located, in Libra conj the Sun, Pluto and Uranus in Libra the 2nd Place in my chart.

So suffice to say these delineations came to the fore (and others) during the period Mars entered Virgo, they became of big importance to me personally since the energy is visiting my 1st House of the physique, and personality and self, and since I have Mars there natal this power is increased.

Now as Mars traveled through Virgo it goes retro for a few month and so not only did Mars stay in Virgo lighting up Virgo in the 1st for me, it then back tracked making angles again to any planets or important points from that sextile, trine, squared or opposed the degrees of 0-23 of Virgo (formed a Semi-Sextile to the Sun/0’Libra, Pluto 3’Libra/ Mercury 7’Libra and Uranus 17’/Libra THREE TIMES) Not only that, it prolonged the energy that built up to my MARS RETURN at 26 Degrees of Virgo.

The opportunity for forming new partnerships, addressing issues in ongoing one’s, via transforming, or severing them and thus ending them, came over many times that by the time of my Mar’s Return these issues, changes, actions and events had indeed affected my money and morals (2nd /Libra/House where the Ruler of Virgo is located in my chart natal) dealing with my close relationships and business partnerships.

This “ELONGATED” (for remember Mars went Rx before my Mars Return) Martian energy trend taught me some important lessons about my anger, frustration, and irritation and how to constructively and particularly direct it. The two prior Mar’s returns I had were disastrous, this year armed with the knowledge of “Cozmophyzix/Astrology” I was able to not only weather this Mars return but get some positivity out of it and new direction and standing. It took at least 3 of those “situations” to re-occur for me to “get it”.

Good thing I got it before the actual Mars Return, so that when Mars came knocking at my front door I was able to capitalize on it, instead of being a victim to it. So here we can see how this power although “apparently” suppose to be weak, gives the person or the situation a triple dose, and those we can see how “re-occurring” themes, motifs, actions and events dealing with the “Retrograde Situation” are in reality more “powerful” and possible “beneficial” then one may normally think given it’s normal astrological connotations. That’s 361!!!

Remember, outside the negative connotation given to Planetary Retrogrades, know, that a retrograde period is a “Do Over” energy trend. It allows for you “extra” times to utilize the energy for your benefit. If one takes their time during this period they can get a good grip on the energy and use it for their benefit.

Venus retro in the Natal chart may indicate a person that has re-occurring themes (positive or negative pending on aspects and position in chart) about commitments, fairness, and open conflicts in their life.

As well aspects made to the retro grade planet gives ideas on how to handle it. If at detriment to other planets then one may consider using it subtly in those matters where those planets rest (house/Sign) or May get and idea on how this energy is used to their advantage (Beneficial Aspects) so one with Venus retro may actually take their time with their relationships and in the long run always ends up manifesting the positive aspects dealing with Venus.

When “Direct” the planetary energies flow outward “manifesting the energy trends of” the various the planets. But with retrograde planets, the idea is that the energies are turned back inward on the person & no longer is the fulfillment of this planetary manifestation to be found extrovertively “out there” or outside of one’s self, but within ourselves, contrary to what we may observe in others having the same planets direct.

With retrograde planets you have a great opportunity to gain a better understanding of the areas the retrograde happens in. 1st House = Personality, 2nd House = Finances and Values, 3rd House the way you Communicate and Think.

The retrograde effects usually manifest on the plane of activity that is represented by the element that contains the retrograde planet, if it’s an earth sign, the physical plane, if in an Air sign, intelligence, mental activity or if in a Water sign, emotions and if in a Fire sign, passion, ideals & motivation hold sway.

Also very important: When the retrograde planet is angular, or in the same sign as the sun, or if the retrograde planet is already in high focus or the ruler of the chart: It can dominate the personality and many of life’s situation for a person because normally the retrograde energy is by natal promise and therefore a “Power” in the chart.

The retrograde appear very noticeably in the life matter or the house containing the retrograde planet. It will also have an effect on the house it rules & on the houses containing planets that aspect the retrograde planet.

While retrograde planets do not deny, they do delay or elongate events in our lives. People with many retrograde planets in their chart have to “go the long way” or what is often thought of as a hidden or not so normal way, to find their path. It is said people with no retrograde planets tend to be the ones who decide what they are going to “be” in childhood, and actually do it.

Planetary Retrogrades; Inner & Outer

Retrograde with the Inner Planets represents a delay, covering, slowing down, or more subtle animation of that Retro-Planet’s power. It also is a repetitive cycle that allows extra time to utilize these powers, as well represents slow build up or simmering of these planetary powers. With these energies being more introverted during Retrograde, more introverted ways are paramount to accessing and utilizing the retrograde energy properly. Inner Planet Retrogrades affect the person and one’s immediate environment in the areas of life that the retrograde planet rest in. (House, Sign, etc) They deal with issues that have been simmering under the surface but are ripe and prime for exploding to the fore. Often they have a “oppositional aspect” feel to them because the normally extroverted expressed inner planets now must be utilize from an internal perspective delicately with care, perseverance and due diligence. It may be more complicated or challenging trying to utilize energies one is use to handling in a more extroverted manner and that seems to be more suited to such endeavors and approaches.

Retrograde Outer Planets represent subtle ripples in all humanity. The outer planets affect Humanity and Generations, they are already “introverted” in a sense and when retro in the natal chart can be the cause for some very unique, different, and strange expressions of these planets in society. These planets effect trends all over societies and cultures and thus have a very slow building and revealing manifestation in one’s chart, for it will deal with generational point of view. When it comes to the person, the outer planets represent our deeper connection with the cosmos. These Retrograde planets are Too Deep some would say.

Retrograde Mercury: through osmosis rather than careful, deliberate study, these people absorb thoughts & ideals. They communication is subtlety influence by the sign and house Mercury is in. Many skeptics have this aspect for Mercury retro in the chart tends to lean towards skepticism; these people don’t just take anything as gospel. These individuals have a deeper standing and connection in dealing with, understanding, and expressing abstract thoughts and ideas. Difficulties with Mercury retrograde really depend on how comfortable you are with letting your intuitive, right brain take over for a while or whether it touches a sensitive spot in your chart. An afflicted planet or angle being hit three times is apt to rub one raw if you are not prepared.

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*Note -> MERCURY is by FAR the most Popular Retrograde Planet. There are ton’s myths, gossip, information and understandings of this popular phenomena. From broken and lost cell phones to computer and technological mishaps, the stories of Merc – Retro – Mishaps is immense.

Retrograde Venus: Are those that have a subtle or sublime beauty or see such ethereal beauty in others or seek it. Venus Retrograde can demonstrate a person’s hesitation with relationships, and thus many are slow to love may fall in love for some unique reason or under strange circumstances. People with Venus retro, less concern for the social amenities. Can lead to some form of antisocial behavior. They may seek unconventional partnerships.

Retrograde Mars: These people tend to have passive/aggression issues, or can’t seem to muster up the drive or motivation in the area or location where mars rest. They may only get motivated or driven particularly under the circumstances dealing with the Retro in their chart. Thus Mars retro in Leo may only become romantic via subtle advances not forward ones. Mars Retro is less competitive than usual Mars energy, as well unwise or unconscious use of mars may bring about the negative connotation of mars retrograde more prominently.

The Outer planets are often found retrograde in a birth chart, because they go retrograde roughly five months of the year.

Retrograde Jupiter: These people are capable of taking advantage of opportunities that others ignore or pass by. They prefer to “take another crack” at things others have tried & failed. Their ethical code, religion & philosophy are their own or self developed and not taught. They seek answers from within rather than subscribing to the standard dogma. They seek abundance in new, untried & unproved areas. Often this may be a signature for “bad luck” in the areas where Retro-Jupiter rest.

Retrograde Saturn: I “think” this is probably the most difficult retrograde. These people nearly always grave doubts in the matters where retro-Saturn rest. They can have a really “Woe is me” attitude. Those with Saturn-Rx Can often display, very negative and restrictive in behavior, and fearful of taking chances. There is usually a subconscious fear of rejection & of loss. Their limitations & responsibilities are self-imposed.

Retrograde Uranus: Here is a natural born rebel or the real rebel without a cause. Uranus-Retro gives way to Strong Humanitarian. These folks have a strong inner need & desire to persistently test their personal abilities against those of others. They must constantly prove themselves to themselves. In seeking greater freedom for themselves, they may limit the freedom of others and can become lost in the idea of nilism or some other form or radical ideology that allows them to constantly go against the grain.

Retrograde Neptune: Often these folks in my experience of chart reading are “cruising for a bruising” They simply don’t get enough of Abuse, Ridicule, Resentment, or mistreatment. They are almost sadomasochist for pain, sorrow, suffering and abuse. These people are frequently confused inwardly as to whether they are “virtuous” or not. Persistently seek to help others, whether their help is wanted or not. They are more susceptible & more easily taken in by others. Neptune retrograde is also associated with those whom may have latent psychic abilities and do not know how to control them, are overwhelmed by their abilities, or come into their psychic abilities later in life or via more practical education them via blossoming internally. People with this configuration often find it difficult to lie or for some reason are always reviewed when attempting to lie or deceive.

Retrograde Pluto: Nearly half the world’s population has this retrograde. Its effect is hard to determine except to say that these people generally have a harder time integrating themselves into the mainstream of society. Many people with this configuration are sexually repressed or have deep issues with personal power and power struggles. Their personal power and ability to transform and evolve needs some extra “ummf” and often is not triggered until an exact aspect is made to Retro Pluto. I have found as well people with this energy often die alone, or quietly or un-noticed. Often when other planets make contact with this Retro-Pluto are the circumstance and situations where these people will and do go to the extremes. When Pluto is very strong, these people find themselves doing things without understanding why.

Retrograde ruler of the ASC-> rising sign: These people doubt their personal worth as individuals & are very concerned with their self-image. They can be late bloomers or people whom actual need “extra” help developing themselves or may not always assert themselves when they should or properly. They may not reveal their true personality all the time or have a very weak or unnoticeable presence.

Summer Retrograde Groove

(Uranus and Mercury Summer Retro in Personal and U.S. National Chart)

Jul 13

4:49 AM

Uranus Retrograde

8° 32’Rx

Jul 14

9:16 PM

Mercury Retrograde

12° 33’Rx

On the 15th July Mercury stations retrograde at 12º Leo. This retrograde period has Mercury moving between 1º – 12º Leo, being Stationary at 1 º and at 12 º for almost 48hrs each. (Wow figure this; if you have planets or cusps or points at 9 º-15 º any where in the chart, they aspect this “Stationary” period of the Retrograde. Baking, anything at those degrees and things aspecting them, in the Mercury Rx flame. )

Mercury goes retrograde, three or even four times a year. It has now become part of the myths and red herrings of pop-astrology…

You have to take the whole of the 8 weeks Mercury retrograde cycle into account, plus the point that, Mercury goes retro tree to four times a year, so this energy is re-occurring pretty much half the year. (Are you going to run and bury your head in the sand for half a year? LOL)

Mercury is a planet of Versatility and thus during the retrograde period we have an opportunity to slow down and re-adjust. The best way to use Mercury’s retrograde period is to review research and reevaluate. Mercury’s retrograde period is really a period of opportunity to re-think, re-construct and re-define ideas, projects, themes and direction in life.

With Mercury in Leo the need to express one’s true self via the medium of romance, dating, relaxation, vacationing, having fun, artistic creativity, play and children.

Affairs of the Heart need to be communicated, and normally is done so via some creative vehicle, like poetry or just a letter truly expressing your deepest thoughts and considerations pertaining to your relationship and partner.

When Mercury goes retro in Leo taking a DEEP BREATH and slowing down and thinking twice and more deeply about matters of the heart, issues with your children, or maybe it is time to tone down the SUMMER FUN, or that Hot new Romance needs to have some “break work” applied.

I find it a great “Energy Trend” for Romance Writers (Romantic Comedy/Adventure, etc) whom can take this Mercury retrograde period and re-edit their material.

This retro requires a steady acknowledgement of hidden thoughts and feelings for a certain “secret beau”. If you’re in a romance your lover may take a back seat, or calm down, or become distant or overwhelmed by you.

This Retro lights up Leo and any planets or major points in it, where ever it is in your natal and progressed charts, as well lights up any energy associated or in the Fixed and or Fire Signs.

So this retro is just in time for the Sun’s transverse from the House of the Great Mother (Cancer/Moon) to its dignified position on its own Throne in the sign Leo.

The Sun will be at its highest degrees and empowering a Retro Mercury, so here we will definitely see hidden things come to light, or to the fore, the simmering pot boiling over, and in this case it has everything to do with things said, written, and what hasn’t been communicated or what has but not properly. With a Retrograde period one will have multiple opportunities to address the issues of Mercury Retrograde and utilize the energy for their own personal benefit.

During this retrograde one’s identity or idea of one’s self comes into perspective. Deep contemplation on one’s purpose and direction in life as well a period of conscious refection on the ego.

This retrograde also brings to light matters dealing with one’s relatives or neighbors, especially their younger siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles. With the Sun and Moon at some point being in Leo during this retrograde this will put to light family issues that have been suppressed or ignored.

As well during this retrograde period Mercury is Trine Uranus (which will be Rx when Mercury goes stationary then Rx) so we will have for a period two Rx planets directly Trine one another. Mercury in Leo and Uranus in Aries (A 1st/Self, 5th/Creativity, and 9th Mental Expansion /House Connotation)

Truly taking the time to broaden one’s ideas of life, family, raising children and romance are in great consideration here, as well as a time for personal change. Taking the time out to really consider one’s direction and purpose in this part of their life and plotting and planning to make moves in that direction is what this energy is about as well.

For my artist and musicians this is a grand time, to begin new projects, for the work began during this period , although delayed or slow in some regards, will definitely allow you to tap into your inner-self and express your creativity and provide a medium for not only mental growth but for fortune and abundance via publishing that work.

Now Mercury is the Co-Ruler of the U.S. Gemini Rising Natal Chart, and the ruler of the U.S. 1st House and 3rd House.

In the astrology of Nations the 1st House is the country and its inhabitants as a whole; its general condition of prosperity and health or the reverse and the 3rd House is all means of inland transit, locomotion, or communication, such as railways, road and river traffic, cars, etc. All means of disseminating news and information, such as the Post Office, communication networks, internet, telephones, faxes, newspapers, magazines, ephemeral publications and periodicals. It also rules neighboring nations.

During the 26 Day Mercury Retrograde from 12 to 0 degrees of Leo Retrograde Mercury will;

Trine Uranus in Aries (U.S./11th House of Allies) Sextile Jupiter in Gemini (U.S. /1st House of Public Welfare and Consciousness) Conjunct the Sun and Moon in Leo (U.S. / 3rd House Media and Transportation Services) Sextile Saturn and Mars in Libra (U.S. / 5th House of Entertainment, Birth Rate, and Sports) Quincunx Neptune in Pisces (U.S. / 10th House of the president, the government, people in authority, famous persons) Quincunx Pluto in Capricorn (U.S. 8th House of Public mortality, death-rate, financial relations with foreign countries, such as debts or credit)

Now let’s take the planets involved in this Mercury Retrograde Groove and put them together and design a portrait for upcoming events and circumstances dealing with the U.S. during this 26 Day Mercury Retrograde; but first let’s list the Mercury Retrograde Time Line and as well I will give the “delineation” a shot!

7/13/12-> Mercury becomes Stationary for 2 days at 12 Degrees of Leo, while it is in Trine with Uranus at 8 degrees of Aries, and Sextile Jupiter at 6 degrees of Gemini and an even tighter or more exact sextile of Venus at 12 degrees of Gemini.

Mercury ☿ /S + Leo ♌+ U.S. 3rd House Sextiling Uranus + Aries (U.S. 11th House) + Jupiter + Venus + Gemini (U.S. 1st House) =

A change in the U.S. Publics opinion of U.S. Allies, especially the one’s that is undergoing Revolution such as Syria. As well this marks the beginning in my opinion of the U.S. public starting question if other nations can have free health care, education and low banking interest rates then why can’t they have it as well, they are suppose to be the “greatest nation in the world”.

Here are the Key Words associated with this particular Energy Configuration from a Mundane Astrological view;

Mercury ☿ , 3rd House and Gemini ->Communications, roads, school system, transportation system

Leo & Sun☉ -> Entertainment, Fun, Children, Creativity and Sports

Jupiter ♃-> Judicial System, Religion, Law, Publishing, Overseas Travel, Higher Education

Venus ♀ -> the Arts, Finances, Values

Uranus-> Change, Technology, the Internet, Revolution, Rebellions, Air Force, Bombs & Missiles.

Moon -☽ > the common citizens, women in particular, mood of the people

Ok, now utilize these key words to draw pictures or construct sentences that convey the astrological portrait of what will be going on with the U.S.A. as a Nation. Below is a Mercury Rx time Line, you can also utilize it to help you.

7/15/12- Mercury goes Retro (Rx) in Leo, and Trine Jupiter and Venus in Gemini ♊

7/18/12- Mercury Rx Leo Sextile (opportunities via effort) Mars in Libra ♎

7/19/12= Mercury Rx Leo Conjuncts the Moon in Leo

7/21/12- Mercury Rx Leo quincunx Pluto in Capricorn

7/24/12- Mercury Rx Leo Mars and Moon in Libra

7/26/15- Mercury Rx Leo Conjuncts the Sun in Leo

7/25/12- Mercury Rx Leo Quincunx Neptune in Pisces

8/7/12- Mercury Rx Leo goes Stationary while in tight quincunx with Neptune in Pisces. Stays stationary for 2 Days

8/8/12- Mercury Rx Leo goes “Direct”

All over the world it seems as the fervor of Revolution and Rebellion has caught on like wildfire, especially in dictatorial regimes. Great new changes are happening in many nations and their governing bodies all over the world, and this energy is only about to get more explosive.

World-shattering Uranus is going retrograde on Friday, July 13, 2012

and you can take advantage of this, especially since it falls in the sign of the Self and the Physique; Aries ♈ . Uranus in Aries is knowledge of self, personal-enlightenment, a change towards a new direction in life, and connecting world-consciousness to self-understanding.

In Astrology every planet has its own “expression or personality, Uranus is the radical of the bunch – A Rebel with or without a cause, the one who likes to astonish or shock. When Uranus “goes retrograde,” meaning that from our point-of-view on Earth, it appears to move backward, this changes the planet’s power.

As the planet of revolutions and rebelliousness, Uranus shakes things up already however when it goes retro, and being in Aries the sign of the Self and Personality, this energy, will affect people especially on a personal level. “Change” becomes “Personal Change” and with this configuration, it’s been time, however going retro gives you the “space” to internalize this energy, connect with it and find your place in it.

Uranus will continue to blast us out of our personal comfort zones for the next five months, until it goes direct again on December 13. Since the Retrograde will internalize the energy of Uranus in Aries and work on a more subtle, often slightly tweaked vibration, it will need to be handled with care and delicacy to be utilized properly.

Humanity will feel this as a whole, both as individuals and a global scale. Uranus Retrograde provokes, inspires and creates change from the inside out. Uranus Retrograde in Aries is about coming face to face with a New Direction in life and being forced to decision, you literally will become the change one way or another. It is best to be aware of the energy so one can seek to “guide” or utilize it for their benefit. Gandhi once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world,” and this is exactly what Uranus Retrograde will push you to do!

But Uranus Retrograde in Aries also forces us to confront our own fears and personal roadblocks about change and new direction, it can reveal the tension between one’s fixed sensibilities and needed change. We can all expect a few personal epiphanies and Zen snafus during this period.

This is a time for us to consider what the concept of “Enlightenment, Truth, Unity, Humanity, Sovereignty, Revolution, the Future, and Freedom” means to us, and what we need to fix or change in our lives to get it.

Uranus is tough love, for it also forces us to get real about who we are and what we want, your personal reasons for not changing, not seeking a new direction in life, and not going against the mundane design you have been living so far, will all come to the fore.

This configuration opens up doors and opportunities to re-orient your life, so if you’re in the wrong relationship, the wrong career, and etc, this will all be reveal during this Uranus Retrograde Period. While Uranus usually forces the changes that need to happen, over the next five months while in retrograde, it will quiet down and simply make you feel deeply and internally what needs an overhaul. Yet Uranus can be surprisingly volatile , and in retrograde that sums up some mean explosive internal issues with one’s Choices in life and the freedom they seek. This is a very delicate time and one should take their time during this period with important decisions that will bring about a life-style change.

Special Notes-> Uranus and Mercury will be Trine one another and Retro together for a small period of time (approx. 26 days) , of which some active concentration and thoughts on a new direction in life is very pivotal and valid in this phase of life. This is the time to take action and express your desire for a new life or purpose. Writing down your goals and practical ways of attaining them, as well organizing a new health regiment will all assist you with transitioning (Mercury) Purposefully (Leo) and Easily (Trine) into a New Personal Paradigm for your individual growth and freedom- (Uranus in Aries).

Literally you can prepare now so that from 7/15/12 – 8/9/12 you can already be in the mix of designing your new personal mission statement, and new direction or course in life. This is especially important for those going through their Saturn Returns, Saturn Quincunx, Saturn Opposition, Saturn Squares during this period

Saturn in Libra trine’s Uranus in Aries and Sextile Mercury in Leo, although not be tight orb or exact degrees it trines by sign, and thus is still significant and worthy of mentioning.

When it comes to Nations; Saturn = Big businesses, conservatism, authorities, order, consolidation

We see how this is a direct opposition to Uranus in Aries, and when Uranus goes retro we will see some serious laws affecting personal and public freedoms, especially dealing with the internet, medical technology, and personal protection rights. This also falls in the U.S. House of Allies, so I really think the United Kingdom will be announcing or displaying some new sort of technological advancement, wonder, invention or social movement.

On a personal note Sudden Changes in Purpose and Direction for individuals in long term relationships is likely to end in separation of the relationship or a joint cementing of purpose and direction as a couple can come about, it is definitely up to how you utilize this energy. With Uranus in retrograde, the energy speaks for individuals to not give up their individuality for the group, however make changes that will allow individualism and freedom in your relationships.

This concludes my remarks and building on the concept, idea and knowledge of Planets in Retrograde Motion in Astrology. I hope all that read this can learn from it, test and experiment with it , utilize it for their benefit and as well I hope that some may add on to what I didn’t cover or elaborate in their way on what I have. Remember this Uranus and Mercury Retrograde period is for reflecting on Changing Directions in Your life to bring about Self Growth, Mental Expansion, and Positive Personal Change!!!

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