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361° Astrology Presents; Astrology and the Law of Attraction (The L.O.A DEGREE)

361° Astrology Presents; Astrology and the Law of Attraction (The L.O.A DEGREE) 1


                                                                                   (The L.O.A DEGREE)

                                                                     Astrology and the Law of Attraction




As I began to grow as an astrologer and meta-physician I began to contemplate the revelation of this science and art as the mother of all sciences and religions, and how to correlate them all to astrology in a comprehensive and practical manner. Suffice to say that this task actually wasn’t hard, for everything is permeated with astrological symbols.


Our ancestors knew this, so much they built monuments all over the world that not only included this science/and art in the decorative alfresco,  but their very foundation and orientation are situated towards the astrological alignments or in short the Stars or Cosmos.


361° Astrology Presents; Astrology and the Law of Attraction (The L.O.A DEGREE) 2


Taking this into consideration I began to tie astrology, practically, to other metaphysical applications or learn how they already where. One of such endeavors is the standing on how astrology relates to the Law of Attraction.


Now the correlation between the Law of Attraction and Astrology is not as easily as one may thing to connect. During my search I came across river of information that seemed to either discourage this connection, by stating that the L.O.A. disproved the authenticity of the science/art of astrology, or vice versa.


However none that “I” found that tied them together, with the exception of a small few and those attempts were not satisfying for myself, they tended to just “mention” astrology and the L.O.A. but that is all or a few would state how they both can be used together like a pair of hands to assist beings towards their enlightenment.


Still, I found no references to how the Law of Attraction and how it correlates to Planetary Influences, Signs, etc. The lack of this information sparked me to attempt to do it myself. I thought about how I may go about doing this, and decided I would proceed by explaining the “Astrological” energy of The Law of Attraction.


361° Astrology Presents; Astrology and the Law of Attraction (The L.O.A DEGREE) 3


Here is a Video by the Astrologer Kapiel Raaj, Speaking on why he feels the LOA isn’t as successful in real life. I agree with him, because I see how there is a “missing” link to the philosophy. Just thinking or imagining one’s success, wealth, and promise is just part of the “Secret” not the whole thing.




Faith without Works is Dead, God Bless the Child that Has their Own, No Progress with Out Struggle, Challenge breeds Opportunity are all successful business and wealthy mottoes, and those sayings incorporate a very basic but needed principle in the LOA, HARD WORK. Ironically the planet of Hard Work and Success are the same; Saturn.


So the question has to be asked “where is the work” that is involved outside of “imagination” having a “positive outlook” being positive and happy?? Like the quote from G.I. Joe “Knowing is half the battle” …


The other half is the Work you put in; how you utilize this knowledge you have gain. That work depends on you, and your natural alignment with the cosmos or nature.


This is where astrology comes in, for your Natal Chart is your Divine or Cosmic signature or imprint on this reality. It illuminates the times of Abundance and Opportunity as well as how to achieve it.


Let’s address the question of the “Work” in my 361Astrology L.O.A. Degree theory.


                                                                   The MA’ATH or The WORK


                                                                   ♃ JUPITER + ♀ VENUS =


                                                                           L.O.A. DEGREE



Utilizing common astrological principle I see the law of attraction as being a “planetary influence”, one that manifest via what is called a “relationship” or “aspect” in astrology. An aspect in astrology is the relationship planets, or mathematical points share, whether they are forming a harsh, easy, opposing, accepting relationship. This relationship is measured in degrees.


The primary planetary influence I see connected to the Law of Attraction is Jupiter and Venus ♀.


Jupiter is the primary planet of Law in astrology. It represents the Higher Courts, and Judges. Venus is another planet of Law as well it represents the Lower Courts, Litigation, Mediation and contractual agreements.


Venus is the primary planet for attraction, the other being mars. Venus is charisma, presence, beauty, and in the natal chart it describes what a person is attracted to or finds beautiful, amongst other things.


In Astrology many of the planetary influences or powers are described by “key words”. Using this thought process, key words that are significant of the planetary energy signatures of the Law of Attraction, indeed, are Jupiter and Venus. Again utilizing the Keywords we can further start to build on this idea.  Jupiter + Venus = Law of Attraction.


Now let’s explore how this can be from an astrological perspective. Jupiter’s energy that of abundance, luck, fortune, expansion, growth, joy, laughter, morals, long distance travel, philosophy, foreigners, the in-laws, judges, courts, professors, college or higher education, religion, religious leaders) vehicles such as trucks, buses, SUVs, Publishing, Mass Media, Mass Communication, Mass Transit, Personal Philosophy, it is associated with the hips, thighs, sciatic nerve, blood flow, skin, and liver.


361° Astrology Presents; Astrology and the Law of Attraction (The L.O.A DEGREE) 4


In regards to how Jupiter’s energy is associated with the Law of attraction being the planet of ABUNDANCE, EXPANSION, LUCK, GROWTH, GRADITUTED, FORTUNE, JOY, LAUGHTER, HAPPINESS, GENEROSITY & PHILOSOPHY.



361° Astrology Presents; Astrology and the Law of Attraction (The L.O.A DEGREE) 5

361° Astrology Presents; Astrology and the Law of Attraction (The L.O.A DEGREE) 6



Those Jupiter key words resonate to what all the LOA experts state the Law of Attraction is.



361° Astrology Presents; Astrology and the Law of Attraction (The L.O.A DEGREE) 7


Looking at Venus the planet of material love (the Sun, Leo and the 5th House represent True Unconditional Love) , money, financial potential, values, possessions, taste buds, sense of touch and smell, sensuality, eating, food, survival, providence, substance, art, beauty, grace, commitment, companionship, best friends, close personal relationships, all types of relationships, contractual agreements, balance, harmony, social personality, social skills, mediation, in between, consideration, compromise, marriage, spouses, partnerships, attraction, charisma, business partnerships and contracts, lower courts, lawyers, litigation, cosmetics,  and sweets, it is associated with the color light blue, pastels, pink, the scales of MAAT, the signs Libra and Taurus, the 2nd and 7th House and the lower jaw, tongue, throat, neck, right ear, bladder, kidneys, urinary tract, urine, lower back and lumbar region.




With the planetary keywords of Jupiter and Venus we manifest Law of Attraction from those energies. However, let’s explore this connection a little deeper.


Jupiter deals with the philosophy of Law or Law on a overall level, Venus deals with attraction,  361° Astrology Presents; Astrology and the Law of Attraction (The L.O.A DEGREE) 8


what you are attracted to, find beautiful, and also attract to self, it is about bringing things together, relating, however how does these energy “work” together to explain and manifest L.O.A.?


Now before we go further I think it is prudent to mention that in ancient or traditional astrology that Jupiter was the ruler of Pisces and still is the co-ruler of it, this means that it also has spirituality, the subconscious mind, fantasy, glamor, psychic ability, past lives, karmic debt, dreams, sleep, compassion, sacrifice, illusion, delusion, lies, deceit, secrets, secret enemies, self undoing, weakness, fear, hope, faith, what is hidden or unseen, sea, seafood, nightlife, ferocious animals, photography, film, the film industry, dancing, feet, swimming, music, inspiration, higher creativity, Pisces, and the 12th House.


Also keep in mind that the planet Venus represents what a person attracts and is attracted to, so in other words “Like attracts like”. Sound familiar?


                                                                            THE SEVEN




361° Astrology Presents; Astrology and the Law of Attraction (The L.O.A DEGREE) 9



Let’s now explore some of the core principles of L.O.A., first we should ask where does this Law come from?


From what I can gather the Law of Attraction is a modern derivative of the seven Hermetic Laws strung together with many methodologies of “positive thinking, living and manifestation”. What are the seven Hermetic Principles?






                                                        I.THE PRINCIPLE OF MENTALISM

                                                       II. THE PRINCIPLE OF CORRESPONDENCE

                                                       III. THE PRINCIPLE OF VIBRATION

                                                       IV. THE PRINCIPLE OF POLARITY

                                                        V. THE PRINCIPLE OF RHYTHM

                                                      VI. THE PRINCIPLE OF CAUSE ND EFFECT

                                                           VII. THE PRINCIPLE OF GENDER



361° Astrology Presents; Astrology and the Law of Attraction (The L.O.A DEGREE) 10

There is a wealth of books on the seven hermetic principles just like its child the Law of Attraction. The most widely known is the Kybilion, associates with T’Huti, Thoth or Hermes Trismegistus and the Emerald Tablets.


When one describes the L.O.A. in more layman’s terms we get a plethora of self help, personal growth, positivity therapeutic philosophies which are more recognizable as quotes and experiences.


For example when one is speaking of the L.O.A. we often see “Joy, Abundance, Growth, like attract Likes, Creativity, Wealth, Dreams, Miracles, and etc.  Now those slogans and quotes we can easily refer to the planetary power of Jupiter (Law) and (of) Venus (Attraction), yet we still need to tie this to the seven hermetic laws.



First let’s recognize the power of 7 and how it represents in numerology; spirit or spirituality and it is connected to being lucky which again we coordinate to JUPITER. As well in ancient or traditional astrology the seven inner planets are used.


The Seven Hermetic Laws/ Principles

After Mentalism. All are dual


      I.            The Principle of Mentalism   (Kybalion : “The All is Mind” – “The Universe is Mental”) 

This Principle embodies the truth that “All is Mind” This principle equates to the energy of the SUN . The sun is all; it is the center of our reality both physically and spiritually. It is the giver of life and it is an empowering and magnifying power. Reality is but a though of the creator and thus this thought is the spark of life, the light of day, the all or the Sun. In esoteric knowledge the true Sun or creator is UN-identifiable, comprehensible, it manifest as the mental Sun which creates everything, and then the Physical Sun which empowers it. In Kemetic lore, Ra is the Power of the Sun, the Source of it, not the actually Sun, so think of the All is Mental principle in the way that it is the source the light, of which is projected through the SUN. From our thoughts all is created.  


II.            The Principle of Correspondence   (Kybalion : “As above, so below; as below, so above”)  

This Principle embodies the truth that there is always a Correspondence between the Laws and the Phenomena of the various planes of Being and Life. This law equates to the energy of the planet Venus which is how all things relate or correspond to one another. As the planet of balance, harmony and equalization, this planet show us this law in the constant balance of all planes of existence with one, whether it is the infrared, ultraviolet, macrobiotic, or mundane world.



III.            The Principle of Vibration   (Kybalion : “Nothing rests: everything moves; everything vibrates”)  

This Principle embodies the truth that everything is in motion, everything vibrates. (Facts which each new scientific discovery tends to verify.) This law is expressed in the energy of Mars. Now I know many would think, especially astrologist, why not Mercury? Well vibration is energy and Mars is the planet of energy. Mars is speed, quick, and forward motion or extroverted energy. Vibrations are always pulsating and pushing outwards, and Mars never rest.


IV.            The Principle of Polarity   (Kybalion : “everything is dual”)  

This Principle embodies the truth that everything is dual, everything has two poles, and everything has its pair of opposites. This law represents the energy of Mercury which is the planet of duality. Mercury rules two signs, Gemini which is represented by the twins, and Virgo the Virgin. The very nature of duality is expressed in the planet mercury.



  1.    V.            The Principle of Rhythm   (Kybalion : “everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides”)  

This Principle embodies the truth that in everything there is manifested a measure of motion, to and fro; a swing backward and forward a pendulum-like movement between the two poles which exist in accordance with the Principle of Polarity. This law is expressed in the power of Jupiter, as the ancient ruler of Pisces (These Laws are ancient)


VI.            ♄  The Principle of Cause and Effect   (Kybalion : “every cause has its effect; every effect has its cause”)  

This Principle embodies the fact that there is a Cause for every Effect; an Effect for every Cause. It explains that ” “Everything happens according to Law” that nothing ever ‘merely happens”. This law equates to Saturn, the lord of order, and karma. Cause and Effect essentially equate to Karma for Karma is a result of this Law and Saturn is the Planet of Karma. Saturn is the rules, and strict reminder that every thought, and action has a cause and effect.



VII.            The Principle of Gender   (Kybalion : “Gender is in everything”)  

This Principle embodies the truth that there is Gender manifested in everything: the Masculine and Feminine Principles ever at work. This is not only in the Physical Plane, but also in the Mental and the Spiritual Planes. This Law is associated with the Moon the luminary that is the reflection, and partner of the Sun. The Moon embodies the duality of the feminine principle for the Sun; as well it represents femininity in genders, female and males. Everything has a reflection or itself and the Moon reflects. In astrology where the Moon is at the time of conception determines the Gender of the child.


Now I know many “can” and will disagree with the way I have arranged and correlated the planets to the hermetic laws and how that all is connected to what has manifested as the “Law of Attraction” often called in popular culture the “Secret”. (Jupiter/Pisces)


I implore other astrologers to come up with their own or build more on what I have presented. In my mind since the comparison of planetary powers with the L.O.A. isn’t something that has been done, or at least to my knowledge done, or widely done, it is a preview we can build on. Knowledge of the Hermetic Principles and the Tree of Life are essential to this line of thinking and experimentation. We can argue that Venus is indeed Duality and Mercury can be Correspondence, however I will leave those debates to the astrologers willing to put the energy into what is written here.


Being a relatively unexplored territory, at least in the “frame” I am focusing on, their thoughts on the matter are certainly welcome. The importance of the Tree of Life and the Seven Hermetic Principles can’t be ignored when we are exploring the Law of Attraction for they are the “Key” to it.


361° Astrology Presents; Astrology and the Law of Attraction (The L.O.A DEGREE) 11


Let’s now explore another avenue of thought that is associated with the Law of attraction and astrology that I came up with I coined; The LOA Angle or Degree



                                                                          The L.O.A. Degree


361° Astrology Presents; Astrology and the Law of Attraction (The L.O.A DEGREE) 12



By utilizing the astrological methodology of “Midpoints” the science of finding the “middle” point between two planets or angles we can calculate what I call the Law of Attraction Degree or Angle in the Natal Chart. Midpoints are mathematical points or locations that are considered the equilibrium or balance between these energies, or the ultimate culmination point between them



Now because the zodiac is 360 degree circle there are two midpoints, one the shortest middle point the other the longest. I like to call midpoints “Remedies” because it is here that energies whether harsh or easy meet and it is here at the meeting point consolation, and cooperation between the energies begins.


Finding the mid point between Jupiter and Venus ( the equal mathematical point between two planets, locations or points In a astrological chart, exp; Venus at 10 Degrees of Libra and Mars at 10 Degrees of Sagittarius, equals 10 degrees Scorpio as the Midpoint) In one’s chart will illuminate that individuals “Law of Attraction Point or LOA Degree”


These locations in one’s chart when by progress or transit cross the angles or cardinal points, or when planets rest on these points, is when that individual can most effectively utilize the principles of the Law of Attraction for their personal benefit and growth.



361° Astrology Presents; Astrology and the Law of Attraction (The L.O.A DEGREE) 13



                                                      How the L.O.A. Degree Theory works



My theory is that during the times this LOA DEGREE crosses the Ascendant, Midheaven, Descendant and Immoli Coli that these are the most auspicious or effective times to do the meditations, activities, and affirmations and gratitude’s associated with the Law of Attraction philosophy, or pursue actions and events that pertain to your personal growth and expansion.


Since these points represent 6am, 12pm, 6pm, 12am, east, north, west, south, spring, summer, fall, winter, left, right, up and down, self, family, partnership and career or Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, we can conceive of ideas and ways of which to utilize this information.


Also if planets make contact with this angle, point or degrees the influence of those planets color and add to the circumstances, situations, actions , and ideas that can help one manifest the goals or achievements that come from successfully applying the LOA astrologically.


For example’



My LOA DEGREE is 23’10 Libra/Aries (Short Arch/Long Arch)


Today is August 7, 2012 2:43 AM EDT in Washington, D.C. 0’41 degrees of Cancer is at the Ascendant right now as I write this with Venus at 29’44 of Gemini and Jupiter 11’18 Gemini ( A conjunction by sign) (*Note I began to write this when they conducted by4 degrees during Venus retrograde on 6/26/12)  23’10 Libra rises over the ascendant at 11:56 AM today, Mars and Saturn conjunct the Ascendant in Libra by a few degrees each, so this would be an excellent time to meditate, and visualize attracting the best partner for me, especially since “Saturn” is exalted in Libra .


At 6:54 PM today 23”10 Libra is at the Midheaven with Mars and Saturn Conjunct, this provides excellent energy to direct towards manifesting one’s career, success, ambitions, and highest potential. A business meeting scheduled at this time yields via mutual cooperation, motivation and focus, success that grant personal wealth and growth (since it is the LOA Degree)


361° Astrology Presents; Astrology and the Law of Attraction (The L.O.A DEGREE) 14


If I was having issues with my close personal relationships, then at 10:56 on 8/7/2012 it would benefit me the most to initiate a serious talk or meditation with my partner or spouse to begin a mending or healing of our relationship.


Planning events associated with this goal at this time will bare the most success and fruit. So those examples where just simple ideas as to how to use and test this LOA Degree theory.



                                                             “LOA Days, Hours, & Mins Oh My!!! “


There are a few other astrological techniques to theoretically apply the L.O.A., such as planetary days and hours. We discussed Law of Attraction in astrology equals Jupiter + Venus, so on Jupiter day or ruled days and hours, and on Venus day or Venus ruled days or hours meditation or creative visualization on your dreams, hopes and desires is beneficial and great for growth and achieving or positively moving towards abundance and wealth.


Jupiter rules Thursday


Venus Rules Friday


The first Hour of Thursday is the Jupiter Hour


The first Hour of Friday is the Venus Hour


(For planetary hours, note utilizing only the traditional seven planets, the planet that rules that day also rules the first hour and approximately every two hours the next planet in succession rules that hour, continuing to the last and starting back with the ruler of that day, and progressing again)


This is where also the SUN and MOON become very important as the two most important luminaries in Astrology, for when they touch or make contact or relationship to the 361 LOA Degree this is where one can gain the most from applying their LOA meditations, affirmations, mantras, exercises, routines, events, actions and so forth. More on this later when I explain the importance of when the Sun connects with your LOA (Jupiter + Venus) days via the Persona Charts of Astrology.


Here is a  link to a site that will allow you to calculate your planetary days and hours if you are not up to the MATH:






                                                     Harmonics, Returns, and Averages???



Using Astrological Harmonics and calculating one’s harmonics and compare what those harmonics yield, if in those harmonics planets or angles fall on or near the Jupiter, Venus and or LOA DEGREE


One’s Jupiter or Venus Returns, or averaging their Jupiter and Venus cycles to days which would be their LOA days, is another way of utilizing the Law of Attraction which personalities.




                                                The Astrological Persona Charts & LOA


One can utilize the Astrological Application of the Persona Charts. This is technique to me outside my theoretic option is the most sound and available. For using the technique of the Persona Charts one finds the degree of Jupiter and Venus in their chart.


For example Jupiter is at 29 Degrees of Sagittarius in my natal chart. The first day the Sun by Transit connects to that degree, 29 Sag is my Jupiter day. That happens to be December 21st 1972, so that is my Jupiter day every year.


The Sun lights up, empowers and magnifies all that Jupiter in Sag at the Anerotic degree is in my chart as well as anything at 29 Degrees is affected and considered. This day is a day of great opportunity for me, and I can plane accordingly to take advantage of it. Same process for one’s Venus day. Great planning for events and endeavors should be planned to take advantage of.


Now the great thing about this technique is that it can be done for each planet in your chart, which means the Sun hits the planetary degrees once a year, so that includes Jupiter and Venus. As well other planets it planetary degrees in cycles.


So Mars will go over the Jupiter degree approximately every 18-22 Months, and so forth for each planetary cycle, with the moon hitting the Jupiter and Venus degrees more times then any other planet. Tracking the planetary cycles over one’s Jupiter + Venus degrees or their LOA DEGREE (Jupiter + Venus Midpoint) can definitely be utilized to manifest your Abundance, Wealth, Generosity, Creativity, Expansion and Success, your personal L.O.A. system.


I think that utilizing your Persona days in conjunction with the L.O.A. Degree or Midpoint and Planetary Days and Hours mixed system (Jeet Kune Do’ing It) is the best way to approach one’s own personal Law of Attraction system. As well I theorize that utilizing these techniques with Vedic Dasha and Bukti will yield even more powerful and positive results.



Once these sort or calculations are done, one can utilize the Natal Promise to exercise what actions to take, circumstances to prepare to take advantage of and so forth. I recommend Mediation, Ritualism, Affirmations, Mantras or Exercise and Routines that involve the energy surrounding your personal 361°Astrological L.O.A. Program. (I gave a brief example in the Chart Diagram)


Now these calculation can be done by yourself with a little study and help or by a professional, either way once you have your L.O.A. Astro Dates and Degrees you can then begin to experiment and develop your own personal and successful LOA 361°LIFESTYLE.



The importance of this theory and the proven astrological techniques that exist to be utilized with the philosophy of the Law of Attraction can’t be minimized.


If you know your Jupiter + Venus degrees, days, hours and mins it is easier to plan accordingly for them.


If you know the cycles of the planets and when they form a relationship with these degrees one can truly use the “Magic” of the “Secret” and be successful in their own personal LOA blueprint.



Saturn (Lord of Karma, Cause & Effect, Consequences, Success, Highest Potential, Life Lessons, and Solidifying)


361° Astrology Presents; Astrology and the Law of Attraction (The L.O.A DEGREE) 15



I spoke on the importance of Saturn ♄ being the planet of Harsh Life Lessons, Success, Ambition, Career, and Highest Potential. It is also the planet of restriction, karma, consequences (Law of Cause & Effect) too.



It is important not to forget that there is a “time period” from when the Sun conjuncts the Jupiter or Venus Point, and then transverse and touch the Saturn point. This is important to note for since Saturn is the Planet of “Solidifying”, Foundation, Harsh Life Lessons, Success, and Highest Potential, the time period from when the Sun touches your Jupiter Station or Venus station then travels to the Saturn point is the time you have to “shape, and mold” that L.O.A. Degree Energy.


By time the Sun gets to Saturn you will be successful or learned life lessons via the energy sparked from the Sun igniting the Jupiter or Venus or LOA Degree point.



As well to help you understand things such as “what type of meditation to do during your L.O.A. Hour, or what foods to eat, or how to plan and set up being able to max out an opportunity, etc” , it is good to create a Key Word list of the Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Venus  to start. Once your key word list is completed, you can begin to build your L.O.A. astrological blueprint or portrait. For example;


Sun= Identity, Love, Children, Creativity, Ego, Fun, Romance, Purpose, Likeness, Party


Moon= Reflection, Mother, Women, Family, Emotions, Heritage, Home, Domestic Situation, Empathy


Venus= Money, Partnership, Marriage, Best Friends, Business Associates, Social Life, Commitment, Consent, Compromise, Open Challenges, Victory, Contractual Agreement, Sensuality, Providence, Attraction


Jupiter= Abundance, Generosity, Wealth, Expansion, Honesty, Gratitude, Hope, Faith, Spirtuality, Psychic Ability, Luck, Law  , Philosophy, Religion


Sun + Jupiter = Unconditional Love


Sun + Venus = Loving Relationships


Moon + Jupiter = Greatly Accepting


Moon + Venus = Financial Opportunities via Women or the Public


Sun + Moon + Venus = Like attracts Like  



361° Astrology Presents; Astrology and the Law of Attraction (The L.O.A DEGREE) 16



If you are an astrologer utilize what I have said in this writing if you already intuitively are not to experiment and see what you can come up with. Often such projects are considered “Cook Book” astrology, however in the age of Aquarius, especially with Uranus in Aries it is imperative that we re=evaluate traditional techniques to see if they are still relevant and utilize them in new ways or develop new techniques that are relevant and progressing the science/art of astrology forward. Remember our ancestors utilized only 7 planets originally (esoteric lore speaks to it originally being One, Two, Three, then Five Planets then Seven) which evolved to the science/art utilizing successfully 10 planets.


We give our ancestors honor by recognizing the path and building towards the future. We will be the Ancestors one day.



                                                                         361° NEXT






361° Astrology Presents; Astrology and the Law of Attraction (The L.O.A DEGREE) 17


Speak your mind !