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361° Astrology Presents; SEXUAL ASTROLOGY Part I. The Dirty Dirty!!!

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361° Astrology Presents; SEXUAL ASTROLOGY Part I. The Dirty Dirty!!! 1

Sex and Astrology, are a sizzling, exciting, and orgasmic subject matter. Since I ever had an interest in astrology or metaphysics as a whole, sex was one of the first purgatives I had. That’s Truth. I wanted to know how via astrology I can identify those candidates that would easily partner in an exciting sexual liaison with me.


I wanted to know whom, and how I could seduce, and how to satisfy my partners sexually, completely and beyond. Well suffice to say, that I accomplished exactly what I sought for it is via this application of astrology, sexually, that I became a highly proficient astrologer, especially when it came to profiling, and understanding patterns and trends.


Sex has been a major part of Astrology since any astrologer-historian can remember. As with Humanity as a whole, sex is a serious pre-occupation of ours, which can be used as tool good, bad, right or wrong.


All over the world and in all cultures we find “sexual traditions and taboos” from crass sexually fantasies of Porno to karmic and spiritual sexual enlightenment of the Sutras. In this blog we will explore sexuality, sexual compatibility, and sexual pleasure and fulfillment via astrology, as well as the affects of sexuality in your lives astrologically. We will try to hit the gamut of the whole Sex and Astrology motif.


However I have to WARN YOU this blog is not PG it is rated R at least. Understanding the mediums I will present this blog in I don’t get to dirty and vulgar with it, however one should be 18 or older reading this blog. No controversial pictures will be added however some will convey the ideals of sexuality and some of the content and language used may offend some people. This blog isn’t for those types of people. If you are a person with strict and traditional moral values when it comes to sex, DON”T READ THIS. If you read any further it is at your own risk. You have been warned!!!


Through out the history of Astrology, Sex has been a major component and never left out. It has its own focus and subject matter in astrology with a whole host of techniques, perspectives, and philosophies. Sexual Synergy and Compatibility are of major importance in Astrology and life period. In Astrology there are planets of sex, Signs of Sex and Sexual Houses and Aspects, that all correspond to our sexual appetites and desires. Sexual Astrology is also a major component of Sex Magic, and can be utilize to optimize one’s sexual experience, from how to achieve the greatest orgasm, find the right sexual partner, forewarning of sexual disease or malpractice as well as sexual satisfaction.



One of the points I wanted to hit early in this reading is Sexual Morality in Astrology. It is big bad Elephant in the Room in many families and to individuals across the world. Many cultures have different perspectives on sex and thus many sexual ideas, goals, fantasies, etc are indeed different from culture to culture and in many cases from house hold to house hold. In this reading I will try to touch on some but they are too many to focus on.  Let’s speak on the 2nd House of Sex, which is the Moral position or location of individual’s sexuality.


In Astrology, archetypical; the Ascendant or 1st House is the Subject Matter or the Point. So Signs, House, and Planets that “RISE” to the Ascendant or Point, become the Subject Matter or Main Idea.


When speaking of sexuality in the astro-chart we are speaking of the 8th Place, or House. When we make the 8th Place the Subject Matter we are essentially moving it to the 1st House, and thus the sign and planets in that house are there too.From this point the 9th Place becomes the 2nd Place and there fore the Values and Morals of ones Sexuality (8th Place now the 1st or at the AC) this simple formula for the Astro-Wheel called Derivative Houses allows us to see the moral character of individual’s sexuality, what they desire or seek to acquire via their sexual experience.


I feel this is an important aspect of sexual astrology to pursue for I have experience that the Ruler of the 9th, essentially the ruler of the 2nd place or values of your Sexuality the 8th Place, and its house and sign location will show what one values about sex, will do to achieve it, how they benefit from it, and in what way it is overindulgence or irresponsible as well it illuminates their spiritual connection and understanding of sexuality.  Very interesting things comes from this sort of study, and there in lays keys to how sex and our sexuality can expand our horizons or bring great misfortune


Sex Not Relationship ; Often, when we think of sex, we think of our “partners” and in many parts of the world and cultures that means our spouse, or the person we have married  or committed to, however this is not entirely true.


For many of us, sex is simply fun, recreational, relaxing and a stress reliever, especially those whom may be 1st and 5th House Suns (The 1st House of Likes and Dislikes, of Actions and Initiation TRINE or is in great relationship or aspect to the 5th House of Casual Sex, Romance, Creativity, Fun and Children), or whom possess the ruler of the 5th house of Fun in the 8th House of Sex.


Although, we must be aware it also can be an obsession. What I am attempting to convey in this blog is the astrological mechanics of sex and sexuality, not the deep “connections” per say, such as soul mates, twin flames, relationship-wise either…


Sexual Signs (Scorpio, Aries, Taurus, Libra, and Leo)


361° Astrology Presents; SEXUAL ASTROLOGY Part I. The Dirty Dirty!!! 2

 Every Sign of the Zodiac has its own SEXUALALITY. However, there are certain signs of the Zodiac that are naturally considered SEXUAL SIGNS.  The Sex Signs are psychological and thus color or influence sexual affairs or affairs sexually.


These signs are Scorpio the  Premiere sign of Sex, Sexuality and Orgasms, Aries the sign of the Sex Drive, Excitement, Energy, Taurus the sign of Sensuality, One’s sense of Touch, Taste, Smell and how and where they like to be touch or are the most sensual, and Libra which of course is the sign of Relationships, Commitments, Partnership and MarriageLeo is the sign of sex for recreational and relaxation purpose, but one must be alert for it is the sign of Children, Romance, Dating and True Love.


Sexual Houses (1st, 5th, 8th,)


  As there are signs of Sex and Sexuality which are the psychological make up, there are the sexual HOUSES or the Sexual Stages where all the SEX for better or ill takes place. The Sexual Houses describe the circumstances, environments and sexual actions taken.


  The8th House is the House of Sexuality  naturally attuned to Scorpio and its energy; this is the House that illuminates your style, type, and sexual preference. This house also is the House of Procreation-al Sex, the circumstance, environment, positions or actions of which results in procreation or orgasm and sexually evolution and power.


The 5th House is the House of Recreational or Casual Sex, and it describes the circumstances, environment and actions that bring about this type of sexual experience whether consciously (i.e. Astrology) or unconsciously (The Norm). This house will show the environment and circumstances that casual sex is likely to be initiated for this person, and more importantly the type of sex they find most fun and enjoying.



The 1st House is the house of your Sexual Drive and Arousal, your general likes and dislikes pertaining to your sexuality and has a lot to do with your favorite sexual positions, styles, attitudes, as well as the area’s of the body to focus on to motivate sexual activity and more importantly it describes the circumstances or environment or psychological influences needed to get the PARTY STARTED, sexually of course.

*Astro-Sex-Note* (One of the best ways to understand, houses, planets, signs and aspects “SEXUALLY” is to build a SEXUAL ASTROLOGICAL THESAURUS. Research and find out all the “connotations and correspondences to astrology and identify those that best fit the sex genre to help you build a comprehensive standing and or strategy on connecting the dots with sex and astrology.)



Sexual Planets ; Mars, Pluto, Venus, Sun and sometimes Moon


Mars   is the planet of Sex Drive, Sexual Motivation, Sexual Energy and Sexual Initiation. In a males chart it illuminates how he utilizes his “masculinity” or “energy” to initiate sexual circumstances and encounters, in very vulgar from it describes the actions that AROUSE HIM. In a female’s chart it describes the type of “INDIVIDUAL” or the actions needed to be taken to make her HORNY. So for man it is what he does to achieve or initiate sex, and for women what energy needed to get her ready for it, or to desire it.


Pluto is the planet of Sex  and as the Lord of Sexuality where this planet is located in one’s natal chart, or progress chart , or transit will illuminate one’s sexual power, style and as well how, why, and with whom they can achieve an orgasm. Pluto will show how sex can empower or dominate an individual, where they choose to utilize it in life and use it to empower themselves and others as well as be a victim to theirs or others sexual power.  It also describes one’s procreation power, and the best when, where, who, and time to utilize it or not.


Now I have to give you special notice about this planet, for it on a “low” vibration is the planet or Rape, and Murder and these two themes unfortunately have gone hand in hand with sexuality. When this planet is in a bad or unfortunate or difficult and challenging relationship or aspect should pay close attention for it can spell misfortune sexually.


As well this planet at detriment to other planetary positions can spell dissatisfaction in the sexual arena, and thus it can illuminate the types of sexual challenges one will face and must overcome to achieve sexual satisfaction.


Venus  is the planet of Sensuality and Desire, it rules over our sense of touch, and smell, and taste and the; who, what, and how we like to be touch or what makes or stimulates us sensually. In a Man’s chart it also describes the type of Partner he want to commit to, or finds Beautiful, and in a woman’s chart it describes where she likes to be touch, her erotic zones or “Hot Spots” or “Pleasure Points” . Venus in a bad aspect will illuminate the challenges to one’s sensuality and desires.  



 The Sun is the planet of Casual Sex or Recreational Sex and it will illuminate how you like to date, frolic and the circumstances and situations that lead to casual sexual affairs, romance and pleasure. At a difficult aspect it will highlight the challenges of romance and difficulty of circumstances surrounding casual unions.


The Moon ☽ deserves special note, for it is the planet of FEELINGS, EMOTIONS, INSTINCTS, and ATTACHMENTS. Where the moon is in one’s chart compared to their sexual planets, houses, signs and angles will reveal if a person’s emotional state precluding, during and after sex. Do they get attached, and etc?


Aspects and Sex




Aspects or the Relationships that Planets, Signs and Houses make to one another are very important.  They will describe the path of how these planets interact and the results of their interaction. In the case of the sexual planets, signs and houses this will illuminate the Ease or Difficulty, the Challenges and Benefits of one’s sexual energy. Conjunctions and Trines to the Sexual Planets reveal the “EASE” to manifest the energy of those planets, and the Squares and Oppositions show the difficulties and disappointments surrounding them


For example Mars Conjunct Pluto Trine Jupiter can equal for a male a person with a large “member” however, orgasms quick, fast or prematurely.  As well that same configuration in square or opposition can spell one whom has a large member but only stays erect for a quick finite amount of time. There are many combinations of which one must experiment and do the study to come to grips with all the vastness they offer.


Or Jupiter’s conj Pluto but squares Mars or Saturn in a man’s chart grants a sizable sex member but not the hardness to perform to satisfaction

Pluto and Saturn squares are tuff, because they are key and instrumental to sexual ineptness or inactivity.


Try learning the sexual connotation to the planets and apply the aspect meanings to them to assist you with your sex-astrology blueprint. There are many and I encourage you to look at them all, as well when doing sexual compatibility with a partner look how the aspect are made between those charts to get a good idea of sexual compatibility astrologically.


The Full Monty (Sex with the other signs and planets)


As I explained before each sign and planets has its own sexuality so let’s briefly explore them.


Aries’  ♈ 8th Place of sexuality is Scorpio, and thus Aries especially the Rising Sign have a deep powerful sexual drive and appetite; however they also seem to have a higher average of incidents involving their sexual organs, such as surgeries, injuries, malfunctions and disease.  Aries 5th Place of Casual or Recreational Sex is Leo and thus we see they handle romance in a very playful and fun manner and they LOVE to have RECREATIONAL or CASUAL SEX.  Aries tend to enjoy aggressive and extremely passionate sex, and facial and sexual member stimulation is a must. So expect head grabbing and hair pulling a lot


Taurus’s ♉  place of Sexuality is Sagittarius, which bring to mind BIG SEXUALITY.  Suffice to say no matter how slow moving Taurus is, when it comes to sex they like to do it A LOT and do it BIG… Taurus 5th Place of Sex for Fun is Virgo so that means that they like to have a “regular or routine” partner even if it’s all no strings attached. You got to meet some “particulars” to get a Taurus to agree to a one night stand.  Taurus are so sensual, and love to kiss or be kissed especially in the neck area.  If you can maintain kissing and licking and sucking your whole intercourse Taurus will love you. They love a steady flow. Also with a Taurus fallacio and cungalingis are KEY, they like it sensual and stimulating-like and pride themselves and lovers on these skills. Riding is a specialty of Taurus, so if you want to impress them get your Cowgirl/Boy and Doggie Skills up!


 Gemini’s ♊  place of Sex is Capricorn; now don’t let that fool your, doesn’t mean there are boring at sex, hell no, not versatile and curious Gemini, however it does mean they many Gemini’s especially the RISING SIGN often seek Mature Sex Partners, and have Serious Sexual Stamina, these are the Sex Marathon runners of the Zodiac.  As well they are very verbal and open about what they will and will not do when it comes to sex. Gemini house of Sexual Romances is Libra, and thus when it comes to casual sex they want their partners to be open and honest about their intentions. If it is just sex, say so, A Gemini is down as long as they know the deal. Note if a Gemini thinks sex wouldn’t be fun with you, you can forget about it, so make sure you give them ample encouragement.  That’s fair to them. You want to get a Gemini out of their cloths? CHARM is the key to getting Gemini all riled up. Sex with a Gemini is all Mental, Conversation and Hands. A Gemini wants to be Mind-BONED first, their mental juices stimulated and running and they want their partner to talk dirty, and use their hands to explore their bodies and love to use their own hands and let their fingers do the talking. Versatility and Varity are hallmarks of this sign’s sexuality. Gemini’s are most likely then most signs to explore sex with foreigners and folks of different cultures, and ethnic backgrounds, as well likely to maintain two lovers.


Cancer’s ♋ place of sexuality is Aquarius, which infers an explosive, weird, quirky and or kinky style of sexuality. Now I have to take special note of Cancer for with Aquarius in the 8th I know many astrologers will assume this demotes Homosexual activity,

well it does, however I would “follow” the MOON (Despositorship) to follow up on that train of thought.  For that delineation can mean unorthodox sexual style, a person whom feels awkward sexually, or who enjoys GROUP SEX, are all illuminations of Aquarius in the 8th… Cancer Casual Sex is Scorpio so you know they gets down, and expect a powerful sexual experience even if it is casual. They take their sex serious like a sport, and are a powerfully creative sexual force.  During sexual activities, the breast, pecks and stomach should be the target of their partners…Don’t think because Cancer is represented by the Crab in the zodiac that they like to be on their back and just take it. Oh No, Cancer’s love positions which require them or their partner to be on their stomach or in positions allowing them to hold, touch or stroke their partner’s breast, chest or stomach. Cancer’s like to start of slow and end hard, so you’re in for a roller-coaster ride with them in the bedroom.  Ok, it is true, Cancer’s like to get bizzy in WATER…So the bathroom, bathtub, shower, Jacuzzi, waterfalls, lakes, oceans and etc are all their natural playgrounds, and last but not least Cancer’s is the sign of being WET…N’uff Said.


 Leo’s ♌  sexuality lies with Pisces, and this doesn’t denote a quite lover, instead it denotes a very deeply spiritual and imaginative lover. Sex Fantasy comes to mind with this trend. You want someone to play dress up and make-believe? Well a LEO is what you want, for they love to give you your fantasy with Pisces in the 8th House, from Maids, Police Officers well armed, Construction Workers with hard pipe to lay, Naughty Teachers and many more. Leo’s loves to target the feet during intercourse, and positions that have their partners on their back with feet in their hands or mouth are some of their favorites. Please have nice toes for our Leo’s for they are the Foot Fetish Sign, LOL!!! Music and Sex go hand in hand with Leo, as well Leo’s love to dance while having sex.  What? Yup, they dance while having sex; they move and gyrate their body to whatever music they are jamming during their sex-a-pades. So if you feel them begin to pump or gyrate to the beat don’t be surprise, just relax and enjoy the show.  Leo Casual Sexuality is with Sagittarius and that means a lot of one-night stands for the Lions.


Virgo’s ♍ sexuality is Aries, they want aggressive, and competitive sex.  Start a conversation off like “This is going to be the best sex you ever had” and a Virgo the Skeptic will be like “Bring it on” with the mind of out-sexing you to boot.  Virgo’s like directness when it comes to sex, so once you are in that position with them, you can kind of let go of the extended foreplay and dive right into the match. Virgo Casual Sexuality is with Capricorn and in many cases this means NOOOOT!!! Virgo’s and casual sex aren’t friends, and if they become acquainted it is after much calculation, comparisons, and checks and balances. Virgo’s plot out their “FREAKY NIGHTS” thus they already know before leaving the house what they are ready for.  Oh one thing, with Capricorn in the 5th they will stop you in the middle if it is not pleasurable. When Virgo’s are active sexually, and casually believe me it is with a person they have known or wanted for a long time, or someone they feel are very mature. Virgo rules the anal passage, stimulation (NOT necessarily Penetration) of this area is something you may want to explore with a Virgo, or just asking the particulars about their sexuality will do nicely too. Ok, this is one of the signs I encounter many homosexuals, especially the RISING SIGN with. Aries in the 8th is Sex with Men; however I would definitely review the position of Mars and its relationship with the other sexual planets to confirm such delineation.  In females charts I find many “BUTCH” Lesbians with this as well, for they tend to take on the MALE ROLE or the AGGRESSORS ROLE in sex.


 Libra’s ♎ place of sex is Taurus, so it is suffice to say Libras want dependable and steady sex partners, and enjoy sensual sex. With Taurus in the 8th Libra definitely gets down with the “TONGUE” game, so positions such as 69 and other positions where there is mutual reciprocation going on is a must for Libra.  Kissing is a great start for sex with Libras, and thus you have to know what you’re during or you will turn them off.  A turned off Libra is a truly lack luster sight, and thing is they won’t get up, no they will go through with sex with hopes that it will improve during the course or they can eek some sort of sexual glee or satisfaction out of it…Libra place of Sexual Frolic is Aquarius, so it isn’t “surprising” they can be complete freaks when it comes to their casual frolic-tivity! Out of all the signs Libra especially the RISING SIGN, loves a one night stand or an orgy, and can be prone to exploring more unorthodox sexual experience via their partner. Libra’s best positions are doggie style and Riding, for both these positions gives best opportunity for mutual thrusting and grinding and performance during sex  that stimulate the lower lumber region and Libra’s love giving while they are getting.


Scorpio’s ♏ place of sexuality is Gemini, they love multiple partners and at the same time too if they can have it…LOL!!! Scorpio’s love good sex talk, and so bragging about your sexual exploits is a plus, but you better be able to back it up, because Scorpio aims to find out the truth of the matter, it isn’t the sign of getting to the core for nothing. Many Scorpio’s play out a sexual escapade in their minds before hand anyway, so the act is to see if you match up to what they have imagined. Scorpio’s are curios and are like a cat playing with its food when it comes to sex, and can be aggressive. They seek to achieve the ultimate orgasm in every endeavor.  Scorpio’s often are Bi-Curious especially the Females I find this rising in. Scorpio and Recreational Sex is Pisces so beaches, cruises, and in secret are the best time to get a one-nighters or casual experience with them. As well dancing and music arouses them so if you are a great dancer or artist this will definitely get Scorpio’s attention. I would not be overstating by saying that the entertainer T-Pane definitely was speaking about Scorpio Rising when he made the song, I’m In Love with a Stripper!! You will definitely find a large amount of Scorpio’s especially the Rising in strip clubs, night clubs, or secret sexual meetings like swing parties, etc.  Any position that requires DEEP PENETRATION is the position for Scorpio…Period


Sagittarius’s ♐ place of sexuality is Cancer and thus their “Mood” is highly important to their sexuality. As well I find in female’s chart this is a significant indicator of Lesbian Sex.  Many female Sag, especially the Rising Sign, love to have sex with other women. Even in heterosexual women this can mean sex with their partner and another woman at the same time, Ménage à trois  is a very common trend in this rising. Water is a common them for this Rising/Sun Sign as well and they definitely love to explore and pay attention to the breast, chest and stomach and their to be a focus during intercourse too.  As well this Rising is known in the occult world for their talent with Sexual Magic and Rituals. Sagittarius place of Sexual Frolic is Aries and thus when it comes to sex and fun, Sagittarius likes it fast, hot, and competitive. Warning if you are bragging about your sexual escapades with Sag, don’t be surprise if they seek a rondevu of their own with that person for themselves, for they definitely think they can do a better job!!! LOLOLOL!!!


 Capricorn’s ♑ place of Sex is Leo, and therefore they love to show off their sexuality to their partners, and like to be sexually entertained  as well Capricorn’s tend to like youthful or younger lovers. With Leo in the 8th, Capricorns love positions that exposes the backs of their partners to them or where they can readily see, touch, kiss, lick or such on the upper back and spine. Sex Games are definitely up Capricorn’s alley, so investing in sex dice, board games and the like for a sex night is definitely the way to go with this sign. Capricorn  Casual Sexual Affairs is Taurus and thus a Cap is likely to pay for it or want some sort of compensation for it, they will think, exactly what am I getting out of this, before venturing into the casual sex arena. As well this sign loves to RECEIVE “JOBS” then give them, so be prepared…As well a good dinner night is a sure way ringing in a Capricorn for a fun night of sex as well.


Aquarius’s  ♒  8th place of sexuality is Virgo…Ok we all know that Aquarius is the sign of Homosexuality, and Groups, and we know what that means in the sexual world. With Virgo in the 8th house this spells out Astro-Sexually; Anal Sex, and many Aquarius especially the Rising enjoy this sort of sex or encounters it a lot, men and women. Now this doesn’t always mean penetration although with Virgo being in the 8th house of Penetration, it commonly does. Look to see Uranus relationship with the persons’ other sexual planets for more details.  In my research I have found this Sign Aquarius with Virgo, Leo, Sagittarius, Aries, Libra and Cancer Risings as the leading rising signs for Homosexuality on a broad spectrum.  However to note with Virgo in the 8th these folks are very particular about what they like and don’t like and tend to go exclusively for those partnerships that fit that mold. As well for Aquarius sex is a routine, and thus they want it daily…Aquarius Place of Casual Sex is Gemini and they require a lot of variety when having sex for fun or relaxation. Two sex partners is better then one most definitely. Aquarius tends to love weird positions that involve entanglement or utilization of the legs, for example may love to have sex while on their heads, or in unorthodox positions.  This is another sign that can be enticed by gossip of sexual powers, so if you are there partner definitely big up your sexual prowess, they will definitely find the details curious to explore.

Pisces’ ♓  Place of procreation Sex is Libra, so that’s right, Pisces likes having sex with their spouse, or committed partner but have no qualms about doing so for a business deal.  Pisces want an open and honest slate when it comes to sex, they want to know they are getting as much as you are, they want it to be fare, and thus this is one of the signs that will likely discuss your sexual arrangement over a cup of tea.  Sex brings out some of the best in Pisces, and thus this is why they prefer a partner that they have some sort of bond and connection too.  Pisces are charming lovers and seek sexual encounters that perpetuate a charming, and elegant environment or experience, Ambiance is everything. Pisces place of Casual Sex is Cancer and thus a one night stand or casual experience is all about how they are feeling at that moment. Pisces love when their partners pay attention to their feet and thus try kissing, caressing and sucking the toes during intercourse with them, they will go bananas.


Also let’s explore sex with the other Planets.


The Moon ☾ has a deep connection to our sexuality for it describes our sexuality of our past, from our family perspective and how we FEEL about sex and how it makes us feel.  It will also describe the emotional attachments we have to sex, so the sign the Moon is in shows us some of our underlying emotional needs that may express themselves as sexual fantasies and needs.


Mercury☿  in aspect to sexual planets will show the type of sexual communication one has, or initiates, it will speak on how we think about sex and affects our mind state.


 Jupiter ♃ in aspect to your sexual planets or in the sexual signs or houses will highlight the benefits of your sexual prowess, and experiences and how you can mentally expand from it and your sexual philosophy or how it fits in your religious views. Jupiter coupled with sexual planets normally denotes large, big, or Exaggerated sexual appetites, situations and members.  In a female’s chart Jupiter will describe the type of man she will look up to, respect and admire. The type of man she will learn from and expand her horizons, a man she would run away with.


Saturn ♄ will definitely speak on sexual restrictions, penalty, success and maturity. Mixed with astro-sexuality (sexual planets, house, signs and etc) it will describe how a person utilizes discipline or lack there of, with their sexuality.  It will also build a clear picture on the consequences of sexual irresponsibility.



Uranus ♅ is of special note for this planet rules Groups, Associations, Friends, and Wishes, as well as it is the planet of unorthodoxy, trends, rebellion, and of Homosexuality. This planet’s relationship to your sexual planets and points will describe likes and dislikes, challenges and easy of sexuality and sexual activity and desire with groups, friends, associates, or one’s un-traditional, or weird sexual predilections. Consequently it is the planet of Perversion and thus Perverts…LOL…As well being the Planet of Groups, when coupled with one’s astro-sexuality we often get concepts like this; ORGY, POLYGAMY, POLYANDRY, GANG BANG, MENASE TWA, etc.  Of very interesting note is to observe this planet in the sexuality of a natal chart, there are some very interesting things that can be unearthed.  Uranus being the plane of unorthodoxy, kinkiness, and weirdness, this planet plays heavy into the FETISH or TABOO realms of sexuality.



Neptune ♆ too is of special note because it is the planet of Fantasy, Imagination, Secrets and Undoing, so in combination with your sexual planets one can see how this planet is of special consideration. In a male’s chart Neptune will describe the type woman he fantasies about, in a female chart it will describe her secret fantasy self. With the sexual planets it describes one sexual fantasies and secrets for both genders. Neptune is the planet of the Fashion and Film Industry and coupled with the astro-sexuality enters into the realm of “Porn”…When Neptune is trine or conjunct or sextile in astro-sexuality (sex planets, house, aspects, etc), we are talking fantasies and film and or pictures, ya dig…Many Porn Stars have Neptune in good aspect to Sexual Planets or in Sexual Houses…Better yet when your wife, spouse, partner, girlfriend, boyfriend has these configurations cause that means you can experience the FANTASY for SELF!!! N’uff Said.


As well I should also say that PLANETS IN SEXUAL HOUSES or SIGNS also take on those sexual overtones, such as Jupiter in Scorpio or the 8th House very likely = A Large Sex Member, especially if no bad aspects are to it.



Saturn + Scorpio or 8th House likely means SEXUAL STAMINA or LONGIVITY in an astro-sexual sense.


 Mars in Aries is a person whom is easily excitable or gets aroused quick or from aggressive tactics or utilizes assertive tactics to initiate sex or motivated sexually by them.


Neptune in Scorpio or Pluto in Pisces can define a person whom may be sexually photogenic or enjoys filming sexually or sex films or have potential in the Porno Industry.


I do not want to go through each individual planet in the sexual signs or houses, I feel we have plenty of information on that via the net, and books and a great and easy way of doing it for yourself is to simply Find out the sexual Signs, Houses, and Planets, write down the Key Sexual Words associated with that energy (you can research it on the net ; Sexual Astrology, Sexual Planets in Astrology, Sexual Houses of Astrology) and make notes of them and put them together for your self.


For example if a person has The Sun, Pluto and Uranus in Libra in the 2nd, Mars in Virgo in the 1st, and Venus in Leo in the 12th, and the Moon in Aries in the 8th, and North Node in Capricorn in the 5th, they can write down the key correspondences to these astrological matters and formulate their own, tailored



Such a person just from our example may enjoy Group Sex, May like Anal Sex, and forms Emotional Attachment from Sexual Experiences…Dig Dat!!

We already build an Astrological Sexual Portfolio!!


 Now let’s explore the main and most popular Sexual planets Pluto in the zodiac, we will touch briefly on Mars and Venus for there is plenty of available resources that delineate those two popular sexual planets in astrology.


Pluto (Planet of the ORGASM)

361° Astrology Presents; SEXUAL ASTROLOGY Part I. The Dirty Dirty!!! 3


  Pluto in the 1st or in Aries is a person whom looking into their partner’s eyes and face, seeing their facial expressions, or a hot or athletic physique can bring passionate orgasm. Thus, such individuals seek partners with attractive facial features and physique or whom are aggressive, bold, athletes, military, exciting, strong, and competitive. Often this can lead to quick and hot disputes and confrontation with lovers. Such individuals like to initiate sex, and thus tend to take command of their sexual experiences. Rough Sex is definitely an option and such persons tend to want their sexual experience to be intensely fast or passionate or brutal, for Pluto in the first House or in Aries denotes an intense sex drive and sexuality, it is a hallmark aspect for S & M, as well for people whom liked to, or be smacked or hit in the face or body during sex.  Now I have to note that this is one of the PREMATURE EJACULATION aspects for men and for women this can mean quick climax as well.  Pluto in the 1st is also those whom have some of the greatest “Sexual Expressions and Climax Faces” around.


Pluto in the 2nd or Taurus love to kiss during an orgasm as well a good kisser in the mix of sexual frolic can easily bring them to orgasm, for kissing is the ultimate sensuality to them. These are also folks whom sensual spot is the neck and throat and thus sucking and licking in that area brings orgasm or the energy for it.  Now it also has to be said that people with this configuration have the mutant power of the Orgasmic Tongue, they are extremely valued for their Cunnilingus and or Falacio Power, (Ever heard of DEEP THROAT???  )


as well these individuals value these Prowers in others, they will go as far as to pay for it. Paying for sex is also providence of Pluto in the 2nd or Taurus or Conjunct, Trine, Sextile Venus) Many sex philosophers such as Pimps state that everyone pays for sex in one form or another, that every person sells it, and has a price for it. They claim that men spend tremendous amounts of resources just to have sex with a woman and that were not talking relationships at all. Many also point to our histories and how sex was sacred, and etc. Either way Pluto in the 2nd, especially with no harsh relationships, angles or aspects is a person whom will pay for sex or sell sex. Now it must be said on a HIGHER NOTE that one with this configuration values their sexuality, and has sexual morals, as well is transformed by sex or desires sexual security and can only achieve it via those partners whom can give them an orgasm or extremely values their sex or sexuality.


Pluto in the 3rd or in Gemini is one whom loves to talk, scream, and shout obscenities during sex or when having an orgasm. They want their partner to talk to them, especially nasty-like. This is the person whom loves to be called a “Bitch, Asshole, Hoe” or any other derogatory or degrading label, remark, etc. Sex is always on their mind and they play out sexual encounters in their mind. Often they can be hard to please for their how they see their sexuality or sex encounters in their mind can often not meet the powerfully and orgasmic ideas of sex. These individual will also tell you how to give them and orgasm and gossip about their sexual encounters.  They tend lose their breath for long choking moments and this is one of the orgasm from affixation aspects.  Some say those with this configuration love to masturbate and become proficient with giving orgasms with their massages, hands and or communication style. Pluto in the 3rd is SEX TALK all day.



Pluto in the 4th or Cancer; Pay attention to those especially females that have this combination, for Orgasm depends on their emotional state and comfort.  As well, they tend to be more sexual or at their sexual best at home, in the bedroom or with partners that are very nurturing, caring and catering.  Also to note is those females whom have this combination may enjoy sex with women more then males, for they are naturally and deeply attuned to women and femininity. I had a client whose wife had this aspect and it was in serious trine to her Sun, but fortunately his Sun, Venus and Mars too, so the remedy was exploring the option of including another woman in their sexual play. They finally did so, via astrological guidance and they found a missing part of their sexual activities for by doing this the Male learned from the other female partners how to best please his wife…Crazy right? I know, but it works…Now if a man has this in his chart this can mean that he may have an extreme attraction to BREAST and STOMACH often on a psychological perspective they get off on having sex with BREAST or like to ejaculate on breast or the stomach. As well this aspect in male’s charts often can form the Oedipus complex.  They may also come from a very sexually active household or family.


Pluto or Scorpio in the 5th House of Love, Children, Romance, Love Affairs, Dating, Casual Sex, Relaxation, Fun and Creativity…Wow, let’s Build!! People with this configuration LOVE SEX. These are the natural TRUE SEX STARS of the Zodiac. Although other configurations, combinations and aspects can mimic the same vibration, none as natural and powerful as Pluto or Scorpio in the 5th House of Fun and Love Affair and Casual Sex. Sex becomes an extremely divine creative force in this placement, and I always advise those that have it to seek to take their sexuality and creativity together to a new level with exploring TANTRA, especially if this configuration is in good aspect to Mercury, Neptune, Sun, Moon or Jupiter. Now sex is a serious sport to these folk and they proceed in full with this in mind, those with this configuration can become obsessed with sex, so that is something that should be noted especially if in bad aspect to other planets especially Neptune, Jupiter, the Sun or Moon.  Pluto in the 5th or Scorpio in the 5th are those that tend want and desire DEEP PENETRATION in their sexual experiences, and they form deep connections with those whom they can experience the ultimate or fullest climaxes with. Females with this configuration normally must have deep and hard penetration to climax, and thus probably prefer it to clitoral stimulation.  Those with this aspect consider sex as fun and relaxing, it is recreational. Casual sex and one night stands are not frowned upon normally unless this aspect is in bad relations to moral planets or aspects.  OK…FERTILITY ALERT, those with this aspect can be very FERTILE, or experience the lower aspects of PLUTO or Scorpio in the 5th in one form or another in their life time. Take the time to study this deeper.  Individuals with this aspect make some of the sexiest people around or sexually accomplished and thus this aspect has great power and therefore great responsibility.  Many artists that have this aspect must have great sex to be inspired and to manifest, and unleash their creative power.  People with this aspect have great sexual power and can easily use it for good or ill.


Pluto in the 6th or Virgo; is an Anal Sex Configuration.  Okay, My, Well, what can I say, it is what it is…LOL!!!  Climax via anal penetration is a hallmark of this station.  It is my firmest belief from astrological chart observation that this generation took the GREEK WAY to new plateaus. Pluto in this position speaks on those whom sexuality is a routine part of their day or life some how. One can argue that is the case for everyone, however with PLUTO being the planet of extremes and willpower it manifest powerfully in the individual natal experience. Pluto in Virgo or the 6th House is someone whom has sex on a routine basis or often with workmates or work circumstances and environment. They have a very particular path towards orgasm, sort of like having OCD but in regards to sex.  In spike Lee’s Joint SHE’s GOT TO HAVE IT, on of the sex mates to the heroine in the story has to always fold up all his cloths down to his socks and underwear neatly before intercourse. NOW THAT”S PLUTO in the 6TH / SEXUAL OCD ALL Day!!! LOL!!!  Plus, I know a gal with this configuration and since it is square his Saturn, and Sun, she can’t have an orgasm or doesn’t fill up to it if she has worked that day. Those with this configuration also can see sex as a service and thus any services they may render they would love to be paid back in sexual favors.  Now the sixth place in Traditional Astrology is the place of servants or slaves, and those with this configuration form a generation since Pluto moves so slow through the zodiac, so it is my own embellishment that those with this configuration somehow become a slave to sex in some form or another. I said before how sex is a ROUTINE  in their life some how…I have found this to be most likely in the form of masturbation or those whom work in a sexual industry, such as prostitutes, pimps, madams and the hired help in those organizations or environments such as cleaning people, cooks, bartenders, accountants, managers, etc.  Speaking again on “particulars” ever met a woman whom told you to kiss me here, rub me here, touch me here, when you’re stroking long say this and do that??? Well check to see if she got Pluto or Scorpio in the sixth…LOL!!


Pluto in the 7th this is a simple one. Those with this configuration are all about ORGASMIC RESIRPROSITY or JOINT CLIMAXES. These individuals prefer sex with a commitment or at least want the boundaries or logistics of their sexual encounters to be laid out and mutually agreed upon.  They will let you know if they want NO STRINGS ATTACHED or COMMITMENT SEX.  Highly flirtatious in public, those with this aspect also love to show off their sexiest with their mate. Now a very rare gem is this; those with this aspect tend to orgasm from what is called DOGGIE STYLE or COWGIRL or RIDING STYLE, for Pluto in this place stimulates the Lower Back, Lumber Region and Buttock area, of which both of those popular positions can immediately stimulate.  Those with this aspect seek balance and fairness in their sexual experiences and hence sex with them comes with acknowledgement of agreements, i.e. Sexual Contracts.  More people with this configuration then they like to admit marry or enter long term relationships because of this aspect. As well this is the sex with business partners or via a business partnership.  Lastly for this aspect these are those whom climax when their partner does, and thus they love to bring their partner to climax so that the sensation will trigger their own orgasm.


 Pluto in the 8th La petite mort has always manifested mostly from my experience as SEXUAL EXTREMIST or TRANCENDAL SEX, or SEX MAGIC or OCCULT SEX RITUALS. These are folks whom the Little Death or Orgasm takes on a massively and deeply Transformative and Evolutionary psychology for them. Sex with these individuals is at the least INTENSE and MAGNIFYING.  They definitely require penetration, the deeper the better. Penetration is a main key to organism with these folks and no amount of fallacio or cungillingus will bring them to climax, they need the high hard style to get them to their La Petite Mort!!!  Thus positions that require deep thrusting and stabbing motions that penetrate and hit the G-Spot are what is needed here with Pluto in the 8th whether they are receiving or giving.  Plenty with this combination are fascinated with death and sex, and may like to play out certain styles of sexual play that involve invoking a death like circumstance during sex, such as affixation and etc.  Orgasm is sooo important with this trend and often an obsession with trying to achieve the exalted stasis can manifest.



Pluto in the 9h the BIG MEMBER or DEEP HOLE and Sex GURU!! LOL!!! Oookay! Yes Pluto in the 9th can and does on many occasions spell out a big BLANK or Deep BLANK. As well this combination however can too spell out a person that exaggerates their sexual ability or escapades, so watch out. Often enough too big isn’t good, and especially if Big doesn’t equate to HARD, ya dig!!! The Buttock is ruled by Sag, and Pluto in the 9th is all about Doggie Style or hitting it from the Back, so with this combination Orgasm can definitely be achieved via those positions. Many like their backsides to be smacked or pounded to bring them to climax and during it. Sex with Foreigners is another configuration of this trend; those with it definitely enjoy sex with others not of the same ethnicity, religion or national background.  As well I have to note that several cases have shown me that females that have this configuration find it easy achieve “squirting climaxes”….



 Pluto in the 10th equals Sexual Longevity. A nice aspect if ya ask me. This configuration is like the energizer bunny, they keep going and going and going…Now doesn’t get too excited, this configuration can mean also that it is hard to have an orgasm and takes a long time to do so. So this may have its ups and downs pending on who the partner is. As well this configuration is known for its sexual inept-tivity. VIAGRA anyone? Also this can denote vitality in old age, or the Electra complex, which is Sex with the Father. This also can mean that these individuals want to have sex with father figures or older and more mature folks. Pluto in the 10th is also one whom is known for or has a reputation for Sex or makes a Career out of it. Individuals with this can be highly successful and giving orgasms too




Pluto in the 11th Orgies, Gangbangs and Manige Trios, OH MY!!!  People with this configuration get off in a good orgy style sexual encounter. They may indeed enjoy group sex and often when I see this configuration in charts these individuals if have not participated in a group sexual affair, desire or are curious about such endeavors. Many swingers have this configuration as a Mid Point. They enjoy sudden, electrifying orgasms. Many with this trend have sexual affairs with their friends, or friends of friends. Yeah Pluto in the 11th can get around…LOL!!!



Pluto in the 12th PORNO STAR Now I know many will be like why Porn Star? Well the 12th House rules the Fashion, Glam, Film, Nightlife industries and is the place of Taboo, with Pluto in the 12th, this makes for an excellent position for the Porno Industry and I have found it consistently in many charts of Porno Stars or those simply in the Porno Industry. This also shows up in the charts of those whom love to “Fake Sleep” and get accosted by their partner or those that like to accost their partners in their sleep. There is a whole porno genre dedicated to this actually, and one such Porno producer that does this has Pluto in the 12th along with Jupiter.  Now beware this is a FAKE ORGASM syndrome as well…LOL Also I would like to add that those with this trend tend to have good rapport and ability with Tantric Sex or Sexual Meditation and Yoga



Now we went in deep on the planet of sex, Pluto…However, we will only touch the other sexual planets briefly…


Venus the Planet of Sensuality

 Simply put, in astrology; Venus is our sense of touch. It describes how we like to be touched and where and by whom and under what circumstances. Venus is the planet of our sense of smell, and will illuminate the types of smells you find sensual and comforting. Venus is also our sense of taste, our taste buds, and will show what is to the liking of a person’s taste, what they prefer. Venus is the planet of beauty, attraction, artwork, partnership, and what one agrees to. The sign Venus is in shows us some of the important “trappings” and foreplay that helps us get in the mood for sex. Putting this picture into play wrapped in SENSUALITY which is also under the preview of Venus, we can imagine intimately how this planet tantalizingly plays the chords of our sexuality. In a male’s chart it will represent what he finds beautiful, attractive, what he wishes to posses, or buy, or pay for, or commit to. In sexually parley it will show how his sensuality manifests to the fullest and to what advantage. It describes such things as how he Kisses, or touches when he is sensual.  In a females chart it will describe the type of partner she attracts, and values, as well how she attracts her partners and when, where, how she is sensual with them. Venus placement in a female’s chart will show her “SENSUAL SPOT”. Not to be confused with the Erroneous spot or Hot Spot, but the position, part of the body, style of sensuality, places to be touch or kissed that take the sexual experience to new levels.  For the purposes of Sex and Sexual experiences Venus in the Houses and Signs equates simply to the part of the body a person likes to be touched or kissed. It describes the types of energy, circumstance or situation as well as persons an individual finds attractive, beautiful or attracts.


Venus in the 1st The KISSERS of the zodiac.  Kissing means everything to these folks. If your partner has this, then being a proficient kisser is in your best interest, and if you don’t like kissing you got a problem. Also, try stroking and kissing your lovers face and forehead during foreplay or intercourse if they or you have this configuration.


Venus in the 2nd Licking, Kissing and Sucking on the neck is the best for these folks and this is the spot they are attracted to the most.  If your partner has this configuration try sucking, licking and kissing their neck or kissing them intimately and sensually during climax. Food becomes a partner in your sensuality; try to add it to your foreplay or intercourse.


Venus in the 3d Finds mental stimulation and conversation sensual. If your lover has this, try reading a romance or sex novel to them while stroking and kissing their fingers from time to time.


Venus in the 4th Beautiful Boobies is what comes to mind here. If you a male and your female partner has this configuration, Congratulations! Women whom have this aspect may not only have beautiful gorgeous breast, but they are the focus of their sensuality. So BOOBIE Play is a MUST!!!  Man I got to swear every woman I met with this configuration wares the best and most sexiest bras…Ok…I digress…Venus in the 4th or Cancer can denote one whom feels their most sensual at home, or in their partners home. They love dinner in house, a movie, and dessert as foreplay to a sensual evening.  If you have a roommate and your partner has this combination please got a Hotel. LOL!! I warned you…


Venus in the 5th Upper back messages caresses and kisses are the heart of this combination. Taking your lover to a massage parlor or giving them one with nice scented oils and incense is a nice way to get the sensual juices of those with this combination going. Simply a fun time out on a date is all that is needed for this configuration to get poppin.  A Great Dinner Date or a night out to see the Arts…As well these folks value their sensuality and pay to be satisfied in it.


Venus in the 6th If your partner has this combo tries kissing, caressing, sucking and licking the abdominal area, and solar plexus.


Venus in the 7th Kissing the lower back, lumbar region is key here


Venus in the 8th Sex for Money, Fallacio or Cungalinus is needed in order to reach orgasm


Venus in the 9th Overly Sensual as well the Buttocks are the sensual area.


Venus in the 1oth finds games of control and authority in sexual encounters sensual


Venus in 11th Likes to Share their Partners or their Partners like to share them with their friends or associates, i.e. a SWINGERS COMBO!!


Venus in the 12th SOFT PORN STARS and the feet are a pleasure zone.


Mars the SEX DRIVE


  Mars is the planet of the Sex Drive, of Sexual Initiation and intention. The sign Mars is in shows us the style in which we express our sexual nature. Mars is hot, fire, red, and aggressive and all of that and some are the ingredients to the gumbo that is the sex drive. Mars is your sexual motivation; it comes from the part of you that wants immediate gratification. It is swift, fast, powerful and quick. Mars is the male principle; it is force and weapons or tools.  Mars is akin to your body, or face, your personality, self. It is how you start things. In the sexual realm, Mars is the planet of HORNINESS!!! In a males chart it is what makes his member rise, and in a female what she is attracted to in a partner.  In Sex Astrology Mars, Ares and the 1st House are indicative of what makes a person aroused, their immediate sexual likes and dislikes, the parts of the body that spark sexual energy, such as the HOT SPOT or erogenous or erotic zones…Where Mars is or what’s in the 1st House will show the part of the body that is the Hot-Spot, this is the quick and surest way to arouse a person. This is the sex activation points. Ya Dig.


Mars in the 1st Attention to the face, or direct sex member such as the penis head or vagina clitoris is all that is needed to spark any sexual advancement with this individual. They are also especially noted to love receiving cungalingus or fallacio, as oppose to giving it, although they generally do have go servicing skills.


Mars in the 2nd The Neck is the Hot Spot.


Mars in the 3rd loves aggressive talk. The Hands, fingers and arms are the hot spots.


Mars in the 4th Is a key “Lesbian Aspect” in female’s charts; as well men whom have this tend to want to “BANG” masculine women, or mother figures.


Mars in the 5th The Hot Spot is the spine, and upper back. Women whom have this like to be thrust while on their backs, or men whom have this become more aggressive in positions where the back of their partner is to them.  This is also one of the Athletes Groupie Aspects.


Mars in the 6th is aroused by anal stimulation or “particulars” get them aroused.


Mars in the 7th watch out these types get a hard one going after other people’s partners.  Doggie Style or Reverse Cowgirl recommended with this aspect.


Mars in the 8th Quick Orgasm! Digs Gothic Sex, and definitely a propensity for Doggie Style


Mars in the 9th The thigh is the hotspot


Mars in the 10th Aroused by Power and Status or Fame, Major Groupie Configuration, or can take a long time to get aroused…


Mars in 11th Aroused by the Weird, Unorthodox, or Different


Mars in 12th Those with this configuration love to give the feet attention or have their feet get attention during intercourse, as well women with this configuration like to where their heels or have their men in his work boots.  Those with this aspect can utilize sexual kundalini as a source of activating their psychic gifts.



What’s new in Sexual Astrology??? Eros


 The sign position of the Asteroid, Eros, it is claimed to be able to reveal some of our erotic turn-ons, as well as the level of our erotic nature… Check out where Eros is in your chart and couple that with what I have revealed here and start your engines!!! Eros is new to me, and as a person interested in sex and astrology I have begin to look into it’s effectiveness in Natal Charts. Here is a link to discover you own Eros and I encourage you to build with me on it. Here is a link to find your Eros and begin your research




Sexual Magic and Astrology


Sex Magic and Astrology sitting in the tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G.!!! Sex and magic have been joined in matrimony since the beginning; in fact MAGIC is a major conduit for sex and astrology allows one to navigate the challenges of sex, sexuality, sexual experience with ease and power. From sexual potions, rituals, spells, incantations and charms, astrology empowers sexuality and vice versa.


The Planets all have physical chemical correspondences as well as psychological and thus the Sexual Planets can describe the types of ingredients, methods, procedures, timing and cycles that are sexual, can be sexually enhanced or powered. So you’re Sexual planets will highlight the best days to have sex, circumstances and actions to take and thus they can be ritualized to invoke the mystical or magical aspect of sexual experience for better or worst.


For example; a person that has the Moon in Aries in the 8th , Mondays the day of the Moon is a great day to cast or participate in sexual magic, and utilizing fresh water, baths, peals, silver, in the ritual or fetish will enhance sexual experience especially orgasms. Ya Dig!!!


Putting it all together


 Now if you’re not an astrologer a lot of what has been said here may completely be over your head, so how would you put it all together to build an Astro-Sex-Blueprint that works for you??? Easy learn astrology! LOL! As well learn how to do Synergy, and Midpoint compatibility charts and learn the sexuality of each sign, or planet, and house or angle.


In Climax, or Closing

It is not simple to interpret and determine the sexual nature of a person in astrology, sexuality itself is complex and not simple at all. So there is no simple straightforward formula or technique. There are many.My hope is to attempt to highlight some of them and mainly some of the most popular ones such as Mars, which forms an aspect or relationship with other planets in the natal chart and thus gives us clearer insight into a one’s personal sexual style, and Venus which plays a heavy role in our pleasure.All in all, I want others to keep in mind that when speaking on sexuality from an astrological point of view you has to keep the individuals being examined, whole chart in mind, for there may be other elements that come into play and factor into a larger role then others.




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  2. Would this info still count for a composite chart?

    For example if me and a girl have composite Pluto in the 3rd would our sex life have the themes you’ve written about here?




  4. Aquarius sun and moon with Cancer rising: I’ve read Aquarians are into polyamory and different ways of relationships, and if applicable for me, Cancers love the belly. I happen to love pregnant women and I would love to have a strong hot friend-type of relationship with one, most likely she has a man anyway and I want to explore her maternal body figure while her male lover sits by her agrees with me she’s a beautiful, natural-looking and sexy woman. This is a double Aquarian-Cancer thing to have to admire and adore the look of pregnancy, and this is true for the moon ruled by Cancer next to my sun in the sexy 8th house. +

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