361° Astrology Presents; SEXUAL ASTROLOGY Part I. The Dirty Dirty!!!


Sex and Astrology, are a Sizzling, exciting, and orgasmic subject matter. Since I ever had an interest in astrology or metaphysics as a whole, sex was one of the first purgatives I had. That’s Truth. I wanted to know how via astrology I can identify those candidates that would easily partner in an exciting sexual liaison with me.


I wanted to know whom, and how I could seduce, and how to satisfy my partners sexually, completely and beyond. Well suffice to say, that I accomplished exactly what I sought for it is via this application of astrology, sexually, that I became a highly proficient astrologer, especially when it came to profiling, and understanding patterns and trends.


Sex has been a major part of Astrology since any astrologer-historian can remember. As with Humanity as a whole, sex is a serious pre-occupation of ours, which can be used as tool good, bad, right or wrong.


All over the world and in all cultures we find “sexual traditions and taboos” from crass sexually fantasies of Porno to karmic and spiritual sexual enlightenment of the Sutras. In this blog we will explore sexuality, sexual compatibility, and sexual pleasure and fulfillment via astrology, as well as the affects of sexuality in your lives astrologically. We will try to hit the gamut of the whole Sex and Astrology motif.


However I have to WARN YOU this blog is not PG it is rated R at least. Understanding the mediums I will present this blog in I don’t get to dirty and vulgar with it, however one should be 18 or older reading this blog. No controversial pictures will be added however some will convey the ideals of sexuality and some of the content and language used may offend some people. This blog isn’t for those types of people. If you are a person with strict and traditional moral values when it comes to sex, DON”T READ THIS. If you read any further it is at your own risk. You have been warned!!!


Through out the history of Astrology, Sex has been a major component and never left out. It has its own focus and subject matter in astrology with a whole host of techniques, perspectives, and philosophies. Sexual Synergy and Compatibility are of major importance in Astrology and life period. In Astrology there are planets of sex, Signs of Sex and Sexual Houses and Aspects, that all correspond to our sexual appetites and desires. Sexual Astrology is also a major component of Sex Magic, and can be utilize to optimize one’s sexual experience, from how to achieve the greatest orgasm, find the right sexual partner, forewarning of sexual disease or malpractice as well as sexual satisfaction.



One of the points I wanted to hit early in this reading is Sexual Morality in Astrology. It is big bad Elephant in the Room in many families and to individuals across the world. Many cultures have different perspectives on sex and thus many sexual ideas, goals, fantasies, etc are indeed different from culture to culture and in many cases from house hold to house hold. In this reading I will try to touch on some but they are too many to focus on.  Let’s speak on the 2nd House of Sex, which is the Moral position or location of individual’s sexuality.


In Astrology, archetypical; the Ascendant or 1st House is the Subject Matter or the Point. So Signs, House, and Planets that “RISE” to the Ascendant or Point, become the Subject Matter or Main Idea.


When speaking of sexuality in the astro-chart we are speaking of the 8th Place, or House. When we make the 8th Place the Subject Matter we are essentially moving it to the 1st House, and thus the sign and planets in that house are there too.From this point the 9th Place becomes the 2nd Place and there fore the Values and Morals of ones Sexuality (8th Place now the 1st or at the AC) this simple formula for the Astro-Wheel called Derivative Houses allows us to see the moral character of individual’s sexuality, what they desire or seek to acquire via their sexual experience.


I feel this is an important aspect of sexual astrology to pursue for I have experience that the Ruler of the 9th, essentially the ruler of the 2nd place or values of your Sexuality the 8th Place, and its house and sign location will show what one values about sex, will do to achieve it, how they benefit from it, and in what way it is overindulgence or irresponsible as well it illuminates their spiritual connection and understanding of sexuality.  Very interesting things comes from this sort of study, and there in lays keys to how sex and our sexuality can expand our horizons or bring great misfortune


Sex Not Relationship ; Often, when we think of sex, we think of our “partners” and in many parts of the world and cultures that means our spouse, or the person we have married  or committed to, however this is not entirely true.


For many of us, sex is simply fun, recreational, relaxing and a stress reliever, especially those whom may be 1st and 5th House Suns (The 1st House of Likes and Dislikes, of Actions and Initiation TRINE or is in great relationship or aspect to the 5th House of Casual Sex, Romance, Creativity, Fun and Children), or whom possess the ruler of the 5th house of Fun in the 8th House of Sex.


Although, we must be aware it also can be an obsession. What I am attempting to convey in this blog is the astrological mechanics of sex and sexuality, not the deep “connections” per say, such as soul mates, twin flames, relationship-wise either…


Sexual Signs (Scorpio, Aries, Taurus, Libra, and Leo)


 Every Sign of the Zodiac has its own SEXUALALITY. However, there are certain signs of the Zodiac that are naturally considered SEXUAL SIGNS.  The Sex Signs are psychological and thus color or influence sexual affairs or affairs sexually.


These signs are Scorpio the  Premiere sign of Sex, Sexuality and Orgasms, Aries the sign of the Sex Drive, Excitement, Energy, Taurus the sign of Sensuality, One’s sense of Touch, Taste, Smell and how and where they like to be touch or are the most sensual, and Libra which of course is the sign of Relationships, Commitments, Partnership and MarriageLeo is the sign of sex for recreational and relaxation purpose, but one must be alert for it is the sign of Children, Romance, Dating and True Love.


Sexual Houses (1st, 5th, 8th,)


  As there are signs of Sex and Sexuality which are the psychological make up, there are the sexual HOUSES or the Sexual Stages where all the SEX for better or ill takes place. The Sexual Houses describe the circumstances, environments and sexual actions taken.


  The8th House is the House of Sexuality  naturally attuned to Scorpio and its energy; this is the House that illuminates your style, type, and sexual preference. This house also is the House of Procreation-al Sex, the circumstance, environment, positions or actions of which results in procreation or orgasm and sexually evolution and power.


The 5th House is the House of Recreational or Casual Sex, and it describes the circumstances, environment and actions that bring about this type of sexual experience whether consciously (i.e. Astrology) or unconsciously (The Norm). This house will show the environment and circumstances that casual sex is likely to be initiated for this person, and more importantly the type of sex they find most fun and enjoying.



The 1st House is the house of your Sexual Drive and Arousal, your general likes and dislikes pertaining to your sexuality and has a lot to do with your favorite sexual positions, styles, attitudes, as well as the area’s of the body to focus on to motivate sexual activity and more importantly it describes the circumstances or environment or psychological influences needed to get the PARTY STARTED, sexually of course.

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  2. Would this info still count for a composite chart?

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