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Scorpio in Tarot


The DEATH card is Scorpio and according to most interpretations of this card it is all about

      Ending of a cycle——Loss——Conclusion——Sadness

      Transition into a new state——Psychological transformation

      Finishing up——Regeneration——Elimination of old patterns

      Being caught in the inescapable——Good-byes——Deep change

According to many on the subject, it is unlikely that this card actually represents a physical death. Typically it implies an end, possibly of a relationship or interest. Therefore implies an increased sense of self-awareness—not to be confused with self-consciousness or any kind of self-diminishment.

Scorpio and the 8th place

Scorpio is the natural ruler of the 8th Place so no matter the Sign that falls on the cusp of the 8th Place it still carries a SCORPIONIC energy and signature, thus for example Libra in the 8th bring the energy of Scorpio a Libra Lens so Sex with a Partner or Death or Metamorphosis of partnerships is a recurring motif with this position.

Planets in the 8th or the Sign Scorpio take on“Scorpion-ic Energy” too

Scorpio being the sign of transformation, evolution, death, rebirth and massive change undergoes reoccurring deep psychological and emotional changes throughout life. These cyclic or “little” deaths often reveal the continuing ascending or descending spiral of those that are born under the Sun in this sign or the parts of the day when this sign rises and thus takes prominence.

When we examine this with our third eyes we see that this “occurrence” is directly connected to Scorpio’s nature of being Water and Fixed Sign. This in itself seems to be oxymoronic. Plus add the fact that it is co-ruled by a fiery action oriented planet like Mars.

Fire and Water don’t mix  “naturally” and thus there is a natural turmoil or challenge in the very nature of Scorpio, which is better explained under the examination of first the two other signs that trine it or share a bond of love and easy sympathy with it; Cancer and Pisces.

Pisces is the 1st of the Water Signs after Scorpio and is directly responsible for Scorpios power over the veil, mystery, mysticism, the unknown, the spirit realm, psychic abilities, magic, secrets and karmic debt and relationships. The Fish is why Scorpio loves so deeply.  And why often Scorpios can “seem” or actually be very addictive when it comes to love. Pisces is also why a Scorpio has natural talent and ability in the areas of dance, aquatics sports, music, visual art, and within the fashion and movie industry.

Scorpio stealth

 It is also why too they are natural spies and assassins for the command the power of stealth, obfuscation, invisibility, manipulation and misdirection, abilities needed to be successful at the art of espionage, corruption and intrigue. Pisces in the 5th Place or the Heart of Scorpio is an indication to Scorpios natural and powerful psychic abilities as well and it is via this sign. They often have powerful premonitions in their dreams and sleep because of this placement. Next we look at Cancer in the 9th Place of Scorpio which further increases Scorpios great emotional power and sensitivity. It speaks to why Scorpios are great protectors and go to extremes when dealing with their mother or mothering archetypes as well as family.

 It is because of this position that “I” believe that in the last age of Scorpio that the world religion was Matriarchal as in all the Water Ages. Cancer in the 9th speaks to Scorpios tremendous empathically ability and sensitivity to the emotions of others around them. It takes a special sign to be able to handle the constant influx of all that emotional stimuli on a daily basis. As well this placement speaks to the great wisdom Scorpios have naturally and eventually evolve to when they have overcome their life experiences. Scorpio is the 3rd of the Fixed Sign and sits on the Western Descendant of the Fixed Cross.

This position gives serious indication of their Stubbornness but also their ability to maintain the power they accumulate and achieve, also adds to their ability to handle such power. It is the sign before the Light descends or ascends into below the horizon or back into the unseen or known part of that Fixed Cross, so it represents the one’s desire, to maintain their dominance, power and materialism, and the inability or the tenacity ors struggle keep it and not let go.


Once Scorpio lets go of material power they find great wisdom and enlightenment. Which ironically ..Sagittarius is one of the signs of associated with wisdom. The sign mental expansion comes after it in the zodiac. As as well Aquarius the sign of enlightenment and truth come after it in the Fixed Cross.

Scorpio representations deserve special notice, unlike most zodiac signs which definitely have apparent dualities. Scorpio overtly displays a triplicity nature. Its so called lower or earthly vibration the Scorpion, the it’s higher mental vibration the Eagle. And then it’s highest or spiritual vibration the Bennu or Phoenix.

The scorpion’s poisons sting that delivers paralysis and death is indicative of its lowers more earthly nature, and hence traits of resentment, jealousy, lust, vindictiveness, vengeance, stubbornness, ruthlessness, murderous and extreme temperament is apparent. This base nature corresponds to the part of Scorpio identified with taboo and thus the negative side of the occult and sexuality.

When Scorpio is represented from a mental level it takes on the soar of the Eagle. It begins to rise above the mundane and materialism that it wrestles with internally when anchored or fixed to its lowest vibrations. As the Eagle Scorpio is a sharp and able mind capable of becoming a home for genius and innovation. Thus tapping into its natural heritage as a spiritual sign. (HA and Scorpio has Aquarius in its 4th)



Scorpio’s ultimate symbol however is the mythical Bennu or the Phoenix. This fire bird represents the pinnacle of Scorpios energy and that is immortality and thus the power of resurrections and reincarnation. This knowledge is old and kept hidden, for it is the path of rebirth and is always designated to those willing to sacrifice themselves and eliminate their own individuality and become one with the collective. This evolution I equate to Assur lord of the Perfect Black, i.e. Osiris the Resurrected and too place in Keter in the Tree of Life, for Scorpio is being Divine or God on Earth or in Life, echoing Leo (God/Divinity) in the 10th again. Those attaining this level of Scorpio can remember all their collective lives, and continue to advance on the divine evolutionary level. As with its other symbol the Snake it can shed its skin cyclic and as with the Phoenix every 500yrs or 1000yrs (depending on your source) it engulfs itself in flames, and is resurrected or born again and thus the ultimate symbol for Scorpio is indeed IMMORTALITY.


Ok. Now we shall briefly look at the Planets in Scorpio and a few Key “conceptual archetypes”  for them, but remember these are simple for the sake of expediency and know there are plenty more, indeed add on yourself;

Sun in Scorpio = Divine Resurrection

Moon in Scorpio= Extremely Emotional

Mercury in Scorpio = Vital Information

Venus in Scorpio = Desire for Money

Mars in Scorpio= Killing Self

Jupiter in Scorpio = Tremendous Power

Saturn in Scorpio = Calculative Manipulator

Neptune in Scorpio = Unseen Killer (Assassin)

Uranus in Scorpio = Genius Alchemist

Pluto in Scorpio = Ultimate Power

Chiron in Scorpio = Powerful Psyche

I want to give a demonstration of Conceptual Astrology with Scorpio. Then peel back the lotus petals of this sign via a mythical comparison. I will give two brief demonstrations; The Greek God of the Dead Hades, and Ausar or Osiris of the Egyptian Ennead; both “Scorpio Archetypes”


Scorpio in the 1st =  Experience a “Little Death” at birth by being devoured by Chronos, the Kig of the Titans and his father. Very Resentful and Vengeful, often described as a brooder and malicious visage.

Sag in the 2nd = The Richest of the Gods as well was Eaten by his Father a titan (sag) , The “All Receiver”, Received gifts from the Cyclops, Cyclops made his artifacts and jewelry.

Cap in the 3rd = Spoke in cold harsh commanding tones as well communicated via chthonic

Aqua in the 4th = His abode was a cold place, and his family all lived in the sky or heavens, as well Hades rebelled against his father.

Pisces in the 5th = He had power over the spirit realm, was involved in a sorrowful lover affair, plus he drew the “third lot” (gambled) and received dominion over the underworld. He is the God (5th) who makes invisible (Pisces) or has the Power (5th ) of Invisibility (Pisces) –Shape change.

Aries in the 6th of Hades = Employed fire breathing dog called Cerberus, and had a athletic physique

Taurus in the 7th = His wife was an Earth and Vegetation Goddess and his open enemy was Demeter another Goddess of the earth.

Gemini in the 8th = Decided the fates of other to Tartarus or Elysium, also he was experience a “rebirth” when his “brother” (Gemini) tricked his father to disgorge him. Sacrifice was a Male and Female Goat.

Cancer in the 9th = Also communicated via the oracles and family is the Olympians. Could Ascend to Olympus for it was shared in common by the three brothers.

Leo in the 10th = The King of the Underworld known for his arrogance and ego and his loss as being the king of the gods, known as the “the Lord of Riches.” Ruled over a Divide Kingdom. “Homer” ->, Zeus, Poseidon, and Plouton [Haides] divided the sovereignty amongst them when they took it over from their father [Kronos].”

Virgo in the 11th = Made Slaves of Humanity

Libra in the 12th = He kidnapped his wife, and was often excluded from the heavenly assembly.



in the 1st Magnetic, God of the Dead, Power over the Dead

♐in the 2nd Destine to be king of the gods/.  Green *2nd* Skinned *Sag*

in the 3rd Wrote the laws, Carried a Sheperds crook in his hand.

in the 4th His mother is the sky  (Nut)  Domesticated Humanity

in the 5th His first born Son was illegitimate or begotten via trickery, Was worshiped by Kings. God of the Nile Flooding. Visited his son Heru in the spirit

♈ in the 6th

♉ in the 7th Married the most beautiful of the Goddess, Auset or Isis

in the 8th Was killed twice and resurrected twice. Ausar was murdered by his brother Set and Resurrected by his sister Isis or Auset as well Seduced by his twin sister. Dismembered, and various parts resurrected via magic

in the 9th Via the goddess of his pantheon becomes the king of the Gods, his mother is a Sky Goddess, Nut. “Was born to bring Joy to the Land”

♌in the 10th Is the King of the Ancients and has divine authority from the most ancient, and his son becomes the King of the gods. Ausar was also sometimes called “king of the living“, since the Ancient Egyptians considered the blessed dead “the living ones“. His ancestor is RA

in the 11th Is a servant to the Universal or Collective Innovator of Grain and Wheat

in the 12th Judges the Balance of Souls as well Osiris was also invoked in royal decrees to pursue the living when wrongdoing was observed, but kept secret and not reported

Uranus is exalted in Scorpio at …..A degree which is a hermetic degree called the Alchemist degree.

Lastly, the Physical Appearance of a Scorpio is “best” manifested in the RISING or ASCENDANT sign of Scorpio. Scorpio risings have very sharp and straight nose, with no humps in the bridge. Known by their trademark scowl or sexy smoldering visage, they often have a dimple in their cheek and chin, as well as a cleft chin or under the tip of the nose. Their face is chiseled and squares at the cheeks to the jawbone. They often have a chiseled physique and a high metabolism. Here are a few Scorpio Rising Famous Faces



Scorpio is a powerful “Energy” of Transformation and Metamorphosis. It is a deeply psychological power that dwells in each and everyone of us. Depending on where it is positions in one’s horoscope. Our evolution is directly tied into the Energy Signature of this Sign . It plays a definitive part in the advancement of Humanity as a whole through the development of the Spirit and Soul. When Scorpio comes calling it is time to clean out all the old, heavy , and polluting “junk” and “corruption” in one’s life and make room for the NEW. Again and Again this cycle comes to us in life, constantly pushing us to improve ourselves or be destroyed trying. This is the path to Divinity in the Physical, the way of Ausar, and it is by achieving Ausar-Ship in life can one truly realize the potential of the sign of the Bennu/Phoenix, aka. Scorpio!


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