361° Astrology presents: Sun in Leo, The return of the King.


Return of the King

                                                                                   The Sun



                                                      361° Astrology presents: Sun in Leo, The return of the King. 1 



At approximately 6:00:52 AM on July 22nd the Sun moves to Leonine Point or 0’ degrees of Leo. At this point the SUN IS IN LEO and has returned home. Sun in Leo is dignified; it has come back to its home sign and therefore sitting on its THRONE as I like to say.  It is the Annual Solar Return of the King or Heart of Solar System, Beings, and Life.



             Occupying the Throne


361° Astrology presents: Sun in Leo, The return of the King. 2

The Game of Thrones Series represents the Darker Side of Royaty and the Intrique that comes with Noble Birth. This Story is a Scorpio Rising, 10th House Leo Sun Theme…Dig Dat! 361



IN LEO  the Sun is considered all powerful, in the sign of Leo. The Sun in Leo is a wonderful time of the year in my opinion (perhaps having Venus in Leo is an inkling as to why for me, lol!) Leo is the real midsummer for during its transit through this sign the Sun apparently from the earth’s viewpoint in the Northern Hemisphere reaches its highest point.


This would be the opposite in the Southern Hemisphere.  15’Degrees of Leo is the exact midpoint by whole-sign calculations and thus the sun reaches this point in the Sagittarius Decan of Leo, or as I like to say the KINGS THRONE or JUPITER’S HEIGHT or the Seat of the GOD’s SUN. It is also doing this time of the year that the angles from the rays of the Sun produce the most “Heat” apparently. So, we can see why the sign LEO is so HOT, and full of Life!



              Leo Symbology




361° Astrology presents: Sun in Leo, The return of the King. 3


The sign Leo is represented by the LION or LIONESS, it is indicative of the KING or QUEEN, or the MONARCH. The lion is an apropos symbol for this vibrant sign for we all know the Lion is considered the “King of the Beast, or King of the Jungle”.  As well the sign represents “royalty”. The association with royalty and ruler ship has long been a hallmark of the sign Leo. As well another symbol for Leo is the Heart, for Leo rules the heart and is indicative of matters of the heart such as love affairs and romance.


“Leo is fixed fire sign- an interesting paradox. Perhaps the best way to describe fixed fire is in terms of its ruler: the Sun, the constant and predictable source of light and life at the centre of the solar system, around which all the planets revolve. Leo is associated with the metal gold and with incorruptible, eternal fire. This is exactly how planets in Leo function best – when they are radiating their unique life force for the benefit of all. Leo has great warmth, an ability to shine and an immense generosity. There is something very sunny about Leo. There is also a natural dignity and nobility, an extravagance, a love of luxury and of doing things in style. Leo rules the back and the heart, and the back is to do with being vertical, isn’t it? You can often recognize a Leo from the dignified way they carry themselves, as if they had a crown on their heads. Sometimes there is something very catlike and delicate about the way they walk.”   ~Clare Martin~ http://www.astro.com/mtp/mtp92_e.htm


               Leo Rulership



Leo also rules (or represents) Love, Romance, the Heart, the Spine, the Upper Back, theater, drama, fun, the stage, parties, relaxation, hobbies, speculation or gambling, games, and sports to name a few. Leo is ruled by the Sun and there fore is the sign associated with gold, the ego (Negative or Positive) or divine self, the true or inner self or inner child. Leo is the 5th sign of the Zodiac and thus the natural occupier of the 5th Cusp or 5th House of affairs of the Heart, Children, Creativity, Fun, Romance and etc.



So, the 5th House in an Astrological Chart carries a “Leo” like energy no matter the sign or planets in that house.  Where the sign Leo falls in one’s natal chart will show how Leo “Colors” the life matter or “House” that it rest in.



                                                              Leo in the Houses of the Zodiac


For example, Leo in the 1st House of the Self, Personality and Physique will “color” the person’s personality. So they would be Leo-like even if their Sun sign isn’t Leo. They would be flamboyant, bossy, affectionate, enthusiastic, a leader, romantic, temperamental, dramatic, warmhearted, creative, pompous, loyal, a show-off, outgoing, generous, egocentric, stubborn, self-center, a party animal, playful or immature, or possess a child like innocence about them, “regardless” if the sun was in Leo or not,  but the sign being the Ascendant or Rising Sign.


Another example would be Leo in the 2nd House of Money, Values, Providence, Appetites, and Survive, will “Influence” the way the person spends or earns money, gives or values gifts, the moral codes they value vs. learned, how they survive, their taste buds, and the possessions they gather and convent. The person would love to spend money, or earn it, they utilize it to provide for their children, or lovers, they are gracious romantics and love buying their beau gifts to honor them as well as receive such tokens of esteem. Their self identity is tied up in their financial worth.


Leo in the 3rd House of place would influence the way a person speaks or communicate, their thought processes or how they experience their relatives and neighbors or it would describe them. So people with Leo in the 3rd may be writers of children’s book or romance novels, or their siblings or relatives may be very dramatic or fun loving.  Those with this signature think highly of themselves and their children especially the 1st born.


Leo in the 4th House would describe a person whom comes from a warm-hearted or ego-centric family life. They “feel” (4th House is indicative of Cancer, the Moon and thus Feelings) that they are the KING, or QUEEN of their HOME, the Bed Room, or the Family.  The domesticated Parent or Nurturing parent maybe dramatically or very playful, spry or fun-loving, with Leo in the 4h Place of the Home, Family, Domestic Situation, Women, Nurturing and Parenting.


Leo in the 5th will show how a person loves to play games, loves hobbies and possess a great creative ability or artistic talent that they love, and are very enthusiastic about. Speaking on enthusiasm, which Leo is the sign of; Leo in the 5th Place is highly enthusiastic towards having children, being romantic, and relaxing.


Leo in the 6th House of Work, Health, Hygiene, Service, Routines, and favors we can apply Leo’s exuberant energy to those key words. Leo in the sixth Loves to work out and be healthy as well they often seek job opportunities that revolve around their creative expression or the entertainment business. As well to note the 6th House is the house that describes illness that comes about due to the neglect of health, hygiene, and working out, so with Leo here it represents back and spinal issues as well as heart and self esteem issues due to the lack of a healthy diet or exercise or positive routines in a person’s life.


Leo in the 7th Place is the “Loving Partner” signature, for people (Aquarius Risings and Suns) with Leo in the 7th Place Love to be married, to be in a partnership and love their close personal relationships, such as best friends, to death.  Commitment makes their hearts sign, and loyal and true commitment even to higher heights. With Aquarius opposing this Leo in the 7th it is no wonder that when these relationships end they are EXPLOSIVE!!! Leo in the 7th is loyal and committed to any contractual agreement they enter and expect the same. Those with this signature tend to try to be the Boss in their relationships, and need to find harmony and balance in a relationship in order to function healthy in it. Leo in the 8th place is the death by Leo like issues, such as heart attack, heart disease, or spinal disease or chronic back issues.


 Leo in the 8th is those that evolve from the experiences and lessons of love and love affairs, and from having children. Those with this signature can experience the death of their children or lovers, and as well may find themselves in debt due to romances, and lovers. Often this can mean that one shares resources with a romantic partner as well they receive an inheritance or legacy from their fathers or via their children. This signature (Capricorn Risings and Suns) needs to watch its eagerness to utilize credit and get tied up in loans. Often they go in debt because of their children as well. Leo in the 8th are those transformed by love or by their lover or transform their lovers or children, they are also Lions of Sex and have a hearty, healthy and very vivacious sexual appetite. They tend to be very playful and dramatic lovers.


Leo in the 9th Place influences how a person views those they consider foreigners, or foreign culture or life or philosophy, it produces a great love and fondness of long distance travel, vacationing in foreign lands, and dealing with them on any level. This is often a signature for those that tend to find love in distant lands or with those whom may have been raised in a different culture, nation, land, city, state, religion, or philosophy. Those with this configuration (Sagittarius Risings and Suns) are e lovers of philosophy or religion, as well often have great rapport with their in-laws.


Leo in the 10th Place can be a very powerful placement, these individuals have a lion’s appetite for power and governing. This placement can illuminate a loving father figure or disciplinary parent as well as a father that has power, influence or position in life, or a love for those that do. Leo in the 10th Represents a powerful reputation and status, those with this configuration (Scorpio Risings and Suns) often are known or famous in their careers, as well many are great actors or thespians, and as well they tend to have a reputation as great lovers.



Leo in the 11th place influences a person’s friends, associations, organizations they tend to gravitate towards, their goals and wishes, as well as their relationship or description of their father’s side of the family or older honorable acquaintances. Leo in the 11th are people that pursue their goals and dreams like a lion, they love their friends and are the truest friends. They tend to associate with organizations that help children, and as well often date or become involved romantically with their friends. Leo in the 12th influences how one expresses their ego, here the ego is hidden, or reserved.


Leo in the 12th also reflects a person whom can become undone by their ego or when acting egotistically in a negative way. These individuals have powerful imaginations and are very good a being the administrator or power behind the scene or throne. They have a gift for acting or theater as well as art, dance, music and water sports. Often with Leo in the 12th these individuals have psychic connection to their children, or a creative psychic ability expressed wherever the sun is in their natal chart. Those that have Leo in the 12th (Virgo Rising and Suns) often are late bloomers or it takes time for them to show or act out their true selves because the Sun in the 12th is obfuscated, and thus they tend to have struggle or difficulty in their teenage to young adult life with finding their purpose or expressing it without negative self esteem issues.


Now of course Planets in Leo add to that colorization and where ever the sun is in the chart will express and add on to this too, as well as the “exact” aspects to the Sun in the chart as well.


For example, a Sag Rising has Leo in the 9th Place of Abundance, Luck and Mental Expansion, if the Sun is in , say Capricorn, this makes the person a 2nd House Sun,  and thus they will have heavy consideration towards providing a legacy or concerns with debt and credit because their SUN (True Self, Identity, Ego, Divine Self, Purpose, Enthusiasm) is in the House of Money, Values and Survival, yet issues concerning money and how one saves it for a rainy day, for their legacy how they borrow and repay it are a central theme in this person’s life for the Sun in the 2nd house is the Ruler of the 8th House where Leo is and therefore expresses Leo and the 8th Place via the 2nd House and it’s life matters. Thus Sag Risings are dead serious about their children’s wellbeing and making sure they leave something for them behind.


                      Leo = Children or the First Conception /First Born Child



“Leo is about the Kids” ….                                   361° Astrology presents: Sun in Leo, The return of the King. 4


Children and the First Born/Conception; Leo is the sign of children universally; however it describes the first conception, whether born or not, the conditions surrounding it as well. Leo describes the first born child. It is no wonder that there is a lot of concentration on the idea of the “FIRST BORN” whom is generally associated with the one whom inherits the family legacy, or takes over as the Head of the Family, or the most loved or honored. Normally the first born child is such a joy to experience, they are indeed the first children of their own that people experience. The bond of love and connectivity to the first born child is a significant matter in culture and is universally acknowledged on earth. Thus being the sign of children it is also the sign of youthfulness and is associated with fun and creativity. Children are a universal symbol of fun and creativity as well. Where Leo is in the chart will show where you can be like a child for better or worst.  Childhood itself is representative of a time of learning and creativity, of wonder and amazement of unconditional love, and this is what Leo represents. Leo also represents other things and activities associated with children, like games, playing and toys.



       Leo = Romance, True Love, Lovers, and Love Affairs


361° Astrology presents: Sun in Leo, The return of the King. 5


Love and Romance (Leo is the sign of TRUE LOVE or UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, not Material love, or Love of things, possessions, or valuables, which is Libra/Taurus i.e. Venus) Leo is very promiscuous, and also the Sign of Casual Sex and One Night Stands! LOLOL…So planets in this sign can really define one’s perspective on those matters. Leo is unconditional Love and describes how romances and love affairs start. It is of no coincidence it is symbolized by the Heart, which is the universal symbol of love. Now in the matters o f dating and love affairs, when it comes to first impressions Leo’s like to be surprised, they are attracted to what is “different” from the norm, as well when it come to generally dating the Leo  actually appreciate being “over the top” and loves to go out on PLENTY of dates., as well as “out there” as they may seem they keep their sexuality under wraps and save it for the bed room, of which you will get to really see a Lion Roar.



        Leo = the Ego, Inner Child, True Self, Divine Person


361° Astrology presents: Sun in Leo, The return of the King. 6361° Astrology presents: Sun in Leo, The return of the King. 7


Ego and Divine Self (Leo is indicative of the Ego. Not the negative connotation associated with the ego but all of it, the good bad and ugly of it. It represents one’s identifying traits or how they identify themselves. It represents the unfiltered or true self. Thus unfiltered, it is the Divine Self, that part of a person which loves unconditionally, and is full of life, and purpose.  Where Leo is will also describe how one uses that life matter for their purpose in life. Ego is such a powerful word and represents some powerful images, many negative, however it is widely known in esoteric circles that the Ego is connected to the Divine Being or the Higher self, that part of us which is our truest direction,  or idea of being. So for purposes here in this writing, know, that LEO means the divine being or Divine Spark in all of humanity.  As a child we are unfiltered, and raw and full of bursting energy, that part of us which is perpetually happy, forever young is the energy of Leo and the house or life matter and planets in Leo will show how we express just that, a youthful, spry, fun, and warm loving energy of our true self and divine spark.


      Leo = Fun, Relaxation, Creativity, Risk and Play


361° Astrology presents: Sun in Leo, The return of the King. 8




361° Astrology presents: Sun in Leo, The return of the King. 9


Leo is Fun and Creativity, it is Games and Playing and Play time. Leo represents the essences of what being a kid or creative is all about. Thus why recreation and hobbies are inactive of Leo for they are avenues of easy expression of our true self and creativity. When at play we often are our unfiltered UN blocked true selves. So toys, Games, Playing, and simply pure fun are all Leo. As well because of the fiery extrovert power of Leo we tend to take risk when at play because we are so “free” during these Leonine activates, and thus with risk comes the possibility of gain or injury (Taurus or Scorpio Midpoints of Leo and Aquarius)


                                                                        Leo = the Sun


361° Astrology presents: Sun in Leo, The return of the King. 10


Now Leo is ruled by the SUN, let’s talk about that!



The SUN is the center of our galaxy, the producer, and giver of life as we know it. It is the single most important thing in our existence. I don’t have to go into why that is here, for I know that every “creature” living knows this.


The Sun represents universally Life, Light, Love, and Divinity; it is represented in symbolism by a circle with a dot in the middle. The circle is “spirit”, and the dot in the middle is the “individual or the one”. This is also represented by the Ego, or the I AM, or the I.D.


The Sun is rules the Heart, Spine and Upper Back and thus all the functions and organs of the Heart, Spine and Upper Back. Issues with those organs are often associated with the aspects to the sun, natal, progressed or via transits.


For more information on the Sun in Astrology check these out;





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Leo personality traits can be explained by breaking down Leo holistically in the astrological viewpoint. Leo’s are affectionate because they have Sagittarius the sign of Abundance and Extraordinary in Leo’s 5th Place of Love. Leo’s are known to be powerful leaders because not only is Leo in the 1st but because the sign of Power is in the House of Status in Leo and that is Scorpio. Leo’s




     The Heart of Fire


361° Astrology presents: Sun in Leo, The return of the King. 11


Leo is a fire sign and the 2nd in the Fire Sign Trine or Triangle. It is the LOVE of Aries for it is Aries 5th Place.


The Mid-Point of the Fire Signs (Fire Love Affair and Ego Expression) Leo is the 2nd of the Fire Signs after Aries. It is the Middle point between Aries and Sagittarius, there for since all the things it represents can be and often is the midpoint or balancing point between Arianian and Sagittarian themes. Love or the divine self is the balance of the physical self (Aries) and the philosophical self (Sagittarius.) As a fire sign Leo is very extrovert, energizing. Leo “easily” can blend with the energy of the other fire signs , Aries and Sagittarius, therefore, although, not the sign of War, Leo’s benefit from such endeavors because War or ARIES is the 9th Place or Expansion or Benefit or Fortune of Leo, and as well not “the” Sign of war but “A” sign of War.


Why do I say that? All fire signs are signs that deal with War, but only Aries is the Sign of War. Aries is the Natural Born Leader, however Leo is the Divine Leader, the Loved Leader, the Fatherly Leader, the Heroic-leader, the administrator or dictator, one whom commands force of character, of self will. Sagittarius is the Philosophical Leader, the Experienced Leader, one that commands by knowledge and experience. Aries is the Leader, the first, the head, the one, or one whom commands by force or order. So, when looking to see what type of Leadership sign Leo is, we look to where Aries is in the Leo Chart, which is the 9th Place. (Fortune, Luck, Long Distance Travel, Foreigners, Mental Expansion, Religion, Philosophy, Personal Philosophy, Higher Courts, Judges, Law, College, Professors, Adult or Higher Education, the In-laws, Abundance, Expansion, Large, Upper Legs, Thighs, Hips, Sciatic Nerve, Liver, Skin, publishing, mass communication, mass media, broadcasting, and horses)


Let’s look at the motif that a lot of our great leaders have been depicted in history as being on Horses, or having a symbol or emblem of the Lion or Sun. That the Golden Haired Sun god or Hero or Warrior as a symbol of the  Leader we all Love ( Aries = Leader, the 5th Place of Aries is Leo = Love, or the Loved Leader when you put Leo to the ascendant or the focus of the subject matter. )


Leo’s love Sagittarius! You didn’t know? Sagittarius is the 5th Place of True Unconditional Love for Leo. This means that Leo’s love their children a whole lot, and some could say too much, if there is such a thing when pertaining to one’s children. They desire a lot of children normally. Leo’s, especially the Risings are very open and often do have children with foreigners or in foreign lands or during their years in late high school to   college. I know at least 4 Leo Risings that have giving birth to their 1st born in college, either in class, on campus or in their dorms. Dig Dat! 361


                                                                     The Psychology of the Lion (Leo)


Speaking on how Leo’s love Sag let’s explore the whole psychology of the Lion.

We know the personality of Leo is exuberant and dramatic. We know they can be very bossy, prideful, egotistical, loving, creative, all the things that Leo is, even to the physique of looking and acting regal or pompous or dressing flamboyantly.


When it comes to money the 2nd Place of Leo, we look to Virgo to describe the energy Leo expresses in the life matters  of finances, self worth, values, possessions, survival, appetites, taste buds, providence and the morals one come to value. In other words when it comes to those things Leo’s (Especially the Risings) tend to be a Virgo in this area of life or Virgo like. They will be conservative about their finances, acknowledging or cataloging or listing where every penny is. Leo’s are picky eaters and persnickety shoppers. Hard to be sold, they absolutely know how to find a deal. Leo’s have a very congenial style of communication.


They are balanced thinkers, and are some of the best romantic writers around with Libra in the 3re Place. They are fair-minded when it comes to their relatives, siblings and neighbors and are very likely to date someone from their neighborhood or in association with her neighbors or relatives. Their motto is “Nothing but the Best” or “Only the Best for me”


Leo’s are very possessive of their family, and are normally the ones that initiate massive change or transformation in the family. Leo’s are likely to die in their sleep and in their home or home town, peacefully, as well Leo’s are invested with the heritage of the family they are often the heart of the family and thus the spiritual leader of the family.


Leo’s love traveling the world and sampling different cultures, with Sagittarius in the 5th Place. They love philosophy, and have a natural talent for broadcast, religious leadership, and comedy. Leo’s are Capricorns when it comes to work or its own 6th Place. They are hard working, responsible employees, and need order and structure to function to their benefit in a work environment. Many Leo’s meet mentors or teachers of life lessons in the work place and or gym the place of working out. As well many Leo’s find ease working in a corporate or government environment. This also show why Leo’s love to play or play games alot.


Leo’s like to have freedom in their relationships, as well want to know the loops holes to any contract. Leo’s may be open to unorthodox relationships with Aquarius in the 7th. Eloping, Marring suddenly, Love at first sight, weird relationships all describe the personal, close partnerships of Leo.


The death of Leo is blindness, or in other words Pisces. Leo have Pisces in the 8th House of Death, Resurrection, Recuperation, Injury by Piercing, Assault, Surgery, Re-Occurring Ailments, Natural Ailment, Shared Resources, Partner’s Resources and Values, Regeneration, Sex, Sexuality, the Reproductive Organs and system, Reproduction, Recycling, Massive Change, Evolution, Transformation, Occult, Murder, Rape) Leo’s are very inclined to addiction and must beware of abuse of drugs. Leo’s may develop the psychic ability to contact or commune with spirits. They find comfort in sex. Meditation and Spirituality is a trans-formative catalyst for Leos, they thrive best in the occult fields dealing with contact with the spiritual world or healing.


Leo’s are fierce about their education and learning to expand their minds, and are likely the first to jump in to try or experience a new foreign fad, or philosophy or religion, as well often are the ones that volunteer to fight in foreign wars.  Leo’s benefit from taking action, they are motivated by fortune, and travel, they are great leaders or warriors with Aries in the 9th Place. This also means they are great competitors in sports and in learning or expanding their mind, as well as with other leaders motivate them to expand.


Leo’s are known for their appetites, what they own or have, the career they got, or to be very dependable or loyal or reliable because Taurus is in the 10th Place of status, reputation, career, ambition, success and highest potential. Hence why Leo’s, especially the risings make some of the best Bankers or Accountants around.


The Friends of Leo can be described by the energy of Gemini. Leo’s normally have a variety of set of friends, their siblings, relatives or neighbors are normally the group of friends they surround themselves with, especially the younger ones.


The undoing of Leo is Cancer, or their emotions, or the lack or in ability to control their emotions or instincts. For Leo Men this can really be women, or their own femininity or mother or emotions or family. For a lot of Leo women this explains why so many of your friends eventually turn to secret enemies, especially the women. LOL! Leo is natural empathy, and has a psychic ability to heal via the emotions. Their family is sacred and their psychic abilities extend greatly to their family member, especial the female ones.


Ok, we explored the psychology of Leo, lets take a look a two of my favorite delineations of it and break them down, the King/Queen and the Heroine/Hero!!!


   Leo the King/Queen



361° Astrology presents: Sun in Leo, The return of the King. 12


Leo is the King, and the 1st House of the King describes why kings have been known to be the Divine representative of God in reality.


Kings leave their financial matters to their Servants and the worth of their kingdom resides in the servants whom serve them, this is Virgo in the 2nd House of Kings. Kings have to constantly balance the affairs of the law and be fair-minded in regards to the community.


A King is married to the Law, and ironically with Libra in the 3rd Place of Kings, often marries their siblings, relatives, or neighbors to cement commitments, and harmony.


A King’s Castle is his Power Base, as described by Scorpio in the 4th Place of Kings. This is also why all enemies of the king know to wipe out the King’s family or heritage to destroy him, for the death of a King’s spirit and legacy is in destroying his home or family.


The Power to every King is a Queen or his Mother. All Kings know that their Kingdom expands from having children, through the first born or First born Sun/Son. This is Sagittarius in the 5th Place of Leo. King’s benefited from children, and is historically overly optimistic and enthusiastic about their first born, especially the Suns/Sons. Ironically to me, it is no wonder King’s have children by foreigner so much, it is something they intrinsically love to do…LOL. Kings benefit from expanding their kingdoms and from elevating to emperors.


The structure and order of any Kingdom comes from the King’s servants. It is those that serve that bring stability to a King’s rule. Often King’s have been known to be cruel to their Servants, and in history have routinely governed over others.  Many a King has had plenty of wives and partners, this is Aquarius in the 7th place of Kings, whom want to be able to have a group of wives or partnerships but their partners being exclusive with them, expressing the fixed nature of Aquarius and it’s ancient ruler Saturn. King’s married for National Interest and almost never has a traditional marriage. King’s are free to break contracts when ever they desire.


The Death of a King has in history always been via treachery, deceit or glamoritized.  Addiction, Intrigue, Deceit, Illusion, Delusion, Seclusion, Mental Illness, Illness, are all motifs in the death of kings. As well they get in debt due to their addictions.


King’s are the Leaders of their Armies, they are the initiator or those that commands other s to war. King’s love to fight foreign wars and to conquer foreigner and to spread their Religions by force, this is Aries in the 9th Place of Kings, this is how they become rich and fortunate via the spoils of war or mental expansion. The most powerful Kings have been Warrior Kings, Religious Kings, Spiritual or Philosophical Kings or those Kings that implement and expand new educational, religious and philosophical programs.


361° Astrology presents: Sun in Leo, The return of the King. 13

This is the Heradry of Richard the Lion Heart. Often in history the Lion is the Standard Icon for Kings, Queens and Royalty all around the world.


King’s are known for their wealth and their riches determine their status. King’s maybe known to be greedy but also the are generally suppose to be loyal to their people or power as I say since Taurus the 10th Place of Leo opposes Scorpio the 4th Place and Squares Leo at the Ascendant…LOL *Evil Fixed T Square* They are known to be dependable and reliable hence why if one has an issue they go to the KING. The reason why the KING’s court is full of writers, magicians, poets, critiques, etc, is because Gemini is the 11th Place of the KING and thus he has a variety of relatives, ambassadors, and Gemini types as companions. A King’s adviser is the Magi, Magician, the Sage, and the Thinker and therefore describes Gemini again in the 11th. Often enough it is the King’s friends that can speak freely. The downfall or undoing of any King is his emotions, his past, his family, his woman or his mother. Too many examples of this exist to go deeply into it. A King needs to guard his family, woman, feelings and past against his enemies.


361° Astrology presents: Sun in Leo, The return of the King. 14

The Age of Leo is the Age in which the Sphinx was built and the institution of Monarchy spread around the world


Leo being the sign of the Sun and thus tied inevitable to the Solar Mythos, there is a plethora of Sun gods and goddess , Solar Kings, Queen, Heroes, and myths, stories, songs, and romances about them as well celebrations and rituals surrounding them. As well Leo represents the Hero’s Journey and how it manifests in our life. So in efforts to connect with the Higher self or the Inner child one should look to where Leo rest in their chart to look to see what their journey is about, and to the Sun to know where and how to start it.  The Sun’s Journey through each of the Zodiac signs is a story of the Journey of the True Self in the Universe with each sign and house and aspect representing the different energy signatures that will manifest and be experienced and even created. With Leo and the Sun tied together planets in Leo add to the Drama of your Life’s or Hero’s Journey.



                                                                   Leo the HERO / HEROINE


361° Astrology presents: Sun in Leo, The return of the King. 15



The Hero always gets the girl in the movies because Cancer is in the 12th House (of Hollywood, Cinema or Movie Industry) of the Hero.


The Hero is loved above and beyond all else because Sagittarius is in the 5th


The Hero is always killed by deceit or never truly dies because Pisces is in the 8th Place of the Hero or the 8th Place or death is described by the Hero’s 12th House or Sorrows, Undoing, Secret Enemies and Weakness. In the case of the Hero or Heroine, it is generally the Family, a Woman, their Emotions, and other Cancerian, Moon, 4th House applications.


The Hero doesn’t have Slaves or like slavery because Capricorn is in the 6th Place of the Hero as well the Hero is a hard working servant for the people.


All Hero’s are known to be reliable and dependable for Taurus is the 10th Place of the Hero and known for the ability to “Survive”


All Hero’s weakness is their Family, or Mother or Woman for Cancer is the 12th House of Heroes.


Ok, so we broke down the 361 astro-psychology of Leo per the sign as the King and Hero. Let’s look at Planets in Leo.

Planets in Leo


The Sun in Leo is self explanatory and what most of this writi9ng has been about. When the Sun is in Leo there is a strong desire to accomplish great things. The Sun in Leo express a powerful, flamboyant, jubilant attitude and purpose, and the house this falls in will show in what life matter this manifest.



361° Astrology presents: Sun in Leo, The return of the King. 16

President Obama is a Leo Sun (Gemini Rising in the U.S.) as well Leo is the 2nd House of the U.S. Solar Chart and the 3rd House of the U.S. Natal Chart.


The Moon in Leo: Great Love for Family, Home and Children. Special Connection to the first born, loves courage’s and warm hearted women. A noble family, heritage or mother, as well a public leader, or well loved by the public.  The mother or prominent women in one’s life are proud, fierness, loving, and protective and powerful. They have a commanding presence in the life of one with this configuration. For men, this is a good sign of a Loving Wife or Mother or Upbringing, as well as men with this signature show special favor towards their daughters. They love or attract dramatic women and become dramatic over women or their family.



Leo Ascendant; Courageous, Heroic, Pompous and Arrogance. Dramatic, Flamboyant, Creative and Loving. Playful, lazy, enthusiastic, purposeful, regal and noble.  Those with Leo at the ascendant may have a thick head of hear or a main or have light eyes or big ears or deep creases or television lines in their forehead without having to wriggle their brow, the males often bald in the middle of the head and not on the side and hair recedes early in life. The are dramatic or flamboyant dressers and can act immature, pompous, overbearing and promiscuous.  They are lovers and demanders of attention and must be the center of it.


Mercury in Leo: A mind for administration, having two-loves or twins. Those that lead via communication, they have an exuberant way of speaking or gesturing, they are flamboyant talkers or love gossip or to gossip. Lower Digestive System Key to Heart, Spine or Back Issues. Creative Writing Ability, especially for Romance, Drama and or Adventure. Pompous Minded or speaker. Childlike Speech or ability for sports that focus on hand eye coordination, gross motor skills and or accuracy or depending on the hands. Any work out regiment or routine that stimulates and strengthens the Heart, Back, Spine, Arms, Wrist, Hands, Fingers, Shoulders, Collar Bone, Breathing, lungs or Nervous System.   Working with Children, or in Childcare and Children’s Health. Child Nutritionist, or a great energy signature for Coaches, especially Children’s Sports and Children’s Sports Health and Medicine. As well as Teaching Pre School to High School. A love for mechanics, organization, hygiene, health, diet, working out, work or the work place. Often find lovers at work or school. Have gone to school with Lovers, or Neighbors have been lovers.


Venus in Leo; Sweet Hearts! These folks love candy, sweet smells, the summer, romance and theater. As well they love Money or to make or posses it. They love their possessions and items and love t go shopping. Their values are very balance and honorable generally, and they fall deep and unconditionally in love. These people often marry their childhood sweet heart, or their true love. They have a Lion’s sensuality and are very playful lovers and partners. They honor their promises and commitments and love their friends. Often Venus in Leo folks have a love for government, sports and or games, and are some of the best showman of the sports arena.  They also make great Lawyers, especially for business law or divorce law.  Gain via young people, social standing, judicious investment, inheritance, and or by occupation connected with pleasure, or food.  These people benefit from their bosses as well.  They love to eat and thus spend plenty on food and dining and vacationing or relaxing. One also possess the ability to “balance the heart chakra” a Love for the Law, Balance, Harmony, Fairness, Commitment and Peace. Childcare, Children, Entertainment industries are lucrative for this configuration. Those with this aspect as well spend a lot of money on their hobbies and games or fun and vacation and relaxation.


Mars in Leo Passionate Lovers, Strong Willed, Bold, Arrogant, the 1st Born.  Injury to the Spine, Upper Back and or Heart. These people where their heart on their sleeves, they are very hot headed but loving. A love for men, or quick to fall in love or headfirst into romance. Flamboyant, dramatic facial expressions. Violence towards or over lovers or children. A leader of children or a leader by courage, nobility, honor, or love.  War Gods. Driven and or motivated by Love or Children, or Creativity. Toy Maker. Competes for Love and Attention. Attracted to younger people. Gifted Machinist or Mechanic. Those with this configuration can be head strong, and reckless. This is an excellent configuration for “Sportsmen” and military personnel for it are the markings of a driven and motivated leader.  Those with Mars in Leo often have conflict with or because of their love affairs and or children. These individuals must be care for they can end up competing with their kids or lovers over their kids. These individuals believe in fighting for love; however the embers of love can die out quickly with Mars in Leo, so they often change lovers every spring (LOL)



Jupiter in Leo The Great Lover,                                    361° Astrology presents: Sun in Leo, The return of the King. 17


Big Hearted, a Love for Philosophy, Religion, Higher Education and Foreign Travel. Jupiter in Leo people Travel for Love. They can be great comedians as well as teachers of children or young minds.  They are Big Kids, with a tremendous love for fun, relaxing, sports, games, speculation, and higher spirituality and justice. This aspect is great for Judges, College Professors, Lawyers, Broadcast Personalities, and Leaders. Often people with this configuration fall in love with a foreigner or a foreign place or feel they are connected to another culture, religion or philosophy they grew up in. They have a tendency to Love too much, or over indulge in fun. They know how to have a lot of fun, and have a potential for a lot of kids. A benevolent Leader, Boss or administrators this is a great configuration for political, religious and judicial leadership and authority. I recommend individuals with this configuration and no serious detriment to it “is” the types of individual’s society should look towards for political office and judicial office. Seriously.


Pluto in Leo Death of the Child or the First born. Death from Heart Issues or Spinal or Upper Back Muscle disease, as well as heart, spine and back surgery or injury. Pluto in Leo marks for excellent recovery and healing abilities. These people are transformed and evolve from love affairs, and romances. This is a good signature for those that love to delve into the deeper psychology of death, such as morticians. They are powerfully motivated to achieve power, for they come to love it. Those with this signature may become extreme in nature when it comes to their children, lovers, having fun or competing in sports and gambling. Individuals with this configuration do go at being children’s lawyer or handling the estates of children.  As well these individuals are naturally talented investigators and researchers. This is a serious and special configuration to consider, it marks the potential for some of the most violent, powerful and extreme criminals (a crime boss configuration), dictators, murders, rapist and assassins around. When this configuration is in detriment in any chart please pay special attention. This also deems powerful potential in the Occult sciences and arts.  As well this configuration is great for  Physicians that special lize in terminal illness or heart, spine surgery or disease so when considering a surgery or near-death procedure with loved one’s I would advise family to “consider” this aspect in the natal of their Surgeon or Doctor. These are the doctors that can miraculously save lives; they bring people back from the dead, for they are experts at resuscitation. Also a Strong Promiscuous Appetite exists here so again this is a matter of special attention. Some of the best porn stars have this configuration. This is also a configuration for those that die or suffer near death experience in sports.


Bob Mark the Astrologers says -> this configuration also ->


“Marked a generation (1939 to 1956, and some in 1957 and 1958) that was obsessed with self-expression. These are the War babies and the baby boomers, and “Do your own thing” was (and still is) their motto. This was the generation that was never going to grow old. As they age, they become fanatic about trying to stay young, hence the proliferation of health clubs. Before 1960, marketing experts could tell estimate from a person’s income, what kind of car they would probably drive, how expensive their house was, etc. The Pluto in Leo people turned that topsy-turvy because they would splurge on the things most important to them and skimp on everything else. You would get people who would live in a small house but drive a big car and take expensive vacations, or someone who would live in a big house and drive a beetle. And of course, this generation made all those riots on the campus. Pluto in Leo will always defy authority, unless, of course, THEY are the authority.”


Saturn in Leo those with this configuration suffer the loss of Love or true love is somehow restricted from them or can only be achieved by long-term investment and structure. They tend to have long love affairs or courting stages before commitment and tend to have more mature or older lovers. The first born is very mature, and an old spirit. They must have order and structure in their life to facilitate their creative juices, and tend to be very serious and calculative even when planning vacation, or fun. Saturn in Leo folks plan every inch of the itinerary for vacation or every move to a night out having fun, even their dates. They take love seriously and do not date frivously. Saturn in Leo is a separation from the Father as a young person, or the neglect of love, especially from the father. Some are cold, or distant from their children, or may be stern with children. Cold Lovers some can be described with this signature, but they are long lasting lovers and it takes a while for them to warm up but once they do they are in it for the long haul, for they are dependable  and ambitious lovers. Those with this configuration tend to date those of status or position.  A creative skill for mathematics and calculations, these individuals often become the boss.  The Need to be in charge and the boss is intrinsically deep in individuals with this configuration. They will find some way to position themselves as the authority or center of authority. Often those with this configuration have a hard time with break ups and can become cold hearted over failed lover affairs, or towards the children that come out of failed romances. Respect is what they love and demand it from all. Few, but still some don’t respect children, or like them, and take pride in disciplining them. A principal with this configuration can be a blessing for parent and curse for the kids J these individuals also use their lovers and children or use love to get what they desire.  Attention, Respect and Admiration are some of their main concerns and principles.


Uranus in Leo Love at first Sight, Sudden Insights and motivations of creativity, weird and unusual lover and romances. With Uranus in Leo these individuals lover their freedom and individualism, they lover their friends and loyally support them, and often have friends whom are dramatic, warmhearted, and fun loving. They associate with groups and organizations that benefit Children, and tend to meet their lovers via networking and networking events.  They have a soft spot for Humanity and make very powerful revolutionary leaders. The need to rebel is an intrinsic part of their nature and often their lovers are rebellious individuals. Lovers of Science, and Change, these individuals express their true self in their radicalism. They have children under strange and unorthodox circumstances and the first born may be a genius, and metaphysical inclined. Uranus in Leo is a love for the metaphysics and a unique or uncanny creative ability.  Love means freedom to this individuals and they always love to party with their friends as well they are advent concert goes for they love and are comfortable with large crowds. Humanitarian work for children or the love for it describes this signature as well. People with this signature are inventors of technology focused on children, fun or romance. A person with this signature makes an excellent technical person on movie and theater sets. Many with this also love science, metaphysics, aerospace, and technology and often go into scientific fields. These individuals love to use shock as a way to gain attention. Carl Jung is a Uranus in Leo individual. His revolutionary view of the spirit or divine spark of man or humanity turned the field of psychology upside down with his controversial theory of the “collective unconscious”. As weel many a Video Game Progidy have this aspect.                           361° Astrology presents: Sun in Leo, The return of the King. 18



Neptune in Leo the ultimate romantic lover, with glamorous Neptune in Romantic Leo. Neptune in Leo indicates great musical or dancing talent. A lover of the sea and swimming or seafood, Neptune in Leo indicates a mysterious lover, or a shy lover. Secret Love affairs are a hallmark of this distinction, as well as one’s secret enemies are often created from their love affairs or lover and even children.  This may also be indicative of those that have childhood imaginary friends. These individuals like to keep secrets about their love life. A natural strong psychic connection to children, especially the first born and lovers. Their creative ability or talents are deeply connected to their spirituality. This is a love for spirituality and deep psychology. Individuals with Neptune in Leo love to sleep in the sun thus the Love beaches and water parks. A musician’s are artist’s heart. Neptune in Leo is also those that suffer because of their lovers or children, they may even have mentally ill children. Scandal from unethical behavior (such as child pornography etc) needs to be watch out for hear and as well as powerful addictions. As well people whom have these signature love affairs are circumstance to repay karmic debt or earn it. Their lovers and children are often past-life relationships.  Some of the Best Musicians, Dancers, Actors and Artist in the world have this configuration.  Individuals with this configuration tend to but their romances, lovers, children on a pedestal or be very delusional or refuse to see the flaws in them, or very well may seek to hide or keep secret from them. They are inspired by romance and love and thus are very gifted in the matter, often the are some of the best love story, love song writers, love poets around. This is a wonderful configuration for an artist; however this also marks one whom may not be very trustworthy, or honest. Those whom are talented in not portraying themselves and very good at taking on the mask of others. Great actors have this as well. This configuration at the Ascendant to me spells out the very best spies and entertainers around. This placement of Neptune produces a generation that fights for dreams and ideals, literally. Neptune was in Leo the last time during the “Roaring” Twenties. The previous time was a few years before the American Revolution. Many of those born with this Neptune placement fought in the War of Independence and World War II. Remember, Neptune stays in a sign for about 14 years, so it influences an entire generation.


North Node in Leo Born to be a Hero, to lead and to follow a path of honor, these individuals enjoy a long a vital life. Individuals with this signature “need” Love in their life, and should seek to strive to be a great and honorable lover, father, or honor children.  Striving to be creative, vital, fun-loving, romantic, and talented is the goal of this signature. Life should be enjoyed to the fullest and with the least a bit of calamity. They are to lead by example.  It is their destiny to Command and be a leader.



South Node in Leo Naturally those with this configuration tend to fall back on their creativity, or their romantic wiles or ability to force command. Those with this configuration are naturally charming and often use it to their own end, they have to learn the appropriate time and strive towards being more open and inventive. Arrogance, a Dictaroal attitude, overbearing pomposity, dominance, gullibility, and promiscuity are all things a person with this configuration should strive to overcome and control.



Descendant in Leo; those with this configuration see marriage and partnership as honorable pursuits and institutions. They take pride in their relationships and are extremely over protective of their mates. Honorable to a fault those with this configuration need to focus on the fine print, for if a contractual agreement isn’t to their benefit they will still honor it likely. These individuals crave a stable, warm, loving and secure relationship; it is a must for them. Also they tend to be over protective or over bearing lovers or parents.



Midheaven in Leo the path to one’s success, career and ambition is set in Leo, and thus industry dealing with children, romance, theater, and the dramatic arts are all way to achieve one’s success and prominence in life. Being fierce, uncompromising, daring and courage’s as well as learning when to exerts one’s authority or commanding presence is the essence of the configuration.


IC in Leo; the power of Love, Command, and Creativity are gifts from the ancestors. These are their natural born abilities, and thus they are instinctual when it comes to the matters of family and children.


                                                         The Leo Sensitive degrees


 0’ Degrees of Leo= The Lioine Point or the Sensative Dergree of Leo and it is here at this point marks the begining of the Summer crescendo and the rise of the power of the Hear charkra and the hottest part of the year. This accumulates at the Leo Midpoint of 15 Degrees of Leo (See Heart of the Fire in this blog for more info)  


29’ Degrees of Leo = The Anoretic Degree of Leo and thus it is a very powerful degree in the Aries Decan of Leo for it is at this point that all of the energy of Leo explodes or has a last ditch effort at. Planets at this degree or angle are invested with explosive power.



     Prominent Aspectual Relationships with Leo


Leo Trines Aries and Sagittarius the Fire Energy Easily flow between one another they have a love affair, as explained earlier. Often they can take on each other’s traits to a great extent. Hence why it is easy for a Leo to be selfish because they have Aries in the 9th or Lazy because they have Sagittarius in the 5th House. As well this is why Leo’s especially the Risings tend to be Great Leaders (Aries in the 9th) and Great Comedians ( Sagittarius in the 5th ) to note “easy flow” isn’t always positive, for this means the negative traits of the fire signs are easily toggled between them. This is a Lover’s or true Love Aspect, as well as a Great Benefic Aspect as well. Planets in these signs work extraordinarily well together.


Leo Sextile Gemini; a Sextile is an opportunity and between Leo and Gemini there is nothing but opportunity. This aspect or relationship represents when effort or work is put in between one’s mindset, communication, relatives or neighbors that their truest desires can be achieved, as well speech, the hands or a way a person communicates can and does reveal a portion of their true person, and with proper work and effort can be a beneficial thing. Gemini and Leo have Cancer as a midpoint or between them so “Family”, family ties or family upbringing or heritage and Emotions are the prime ingredient for healthy or UN healthy relationship with siblings and relatives or neighbors.  So Emotions and Nurturing are key to communicating from the heart


Sextile Libra which presents via effort, work and concentration a congenial or applicable bridge between matters of the hearts and relationships. The Middle point of Leo and Libra is Virgo, so Service, Favors and routine work on balancing and commitment is what makes love and relationships work. Basically the key to a healthy love life with one’s partner is “work”.


Leo Opposes Aquarius and this opposition shows the struggle between one’s divine self and the divine humanity, basically the self consciousness and the collective consciousness, which is remedy via Taurus and Scorpio, in other words via transformation of morals do we balance love and freedom.

Squares Scorpio which shows a challenge between who we truly are and what we must become, that struggle is illustrated I this square and rectified via organization and balance. Love and Sex although highly compatible and comparable is a struggle to achieve and maintain for it is know that the one you love may not be the one that satisfies you sexually or sparks evolution in your person.


Squares Taurus , which shows how Love and what one’s purpose is or what one is enthusiastic about is challenge by their values or their financial situation, as well it demonstrates the “Practical” challenges one must fact to project their creativity


Quincunx Capricorn means a redirection or adjustment to a more structure form of how one expresses them or conducts love affairs or deal with children. I find those with this angle seem to have issues disciplining their children “correctly”


Quincunx Pisces this aspect is fatal to me, for one must learn to re-orientate their interest, ideals and perspective on life, and addiction is a serious challenge here for “change” Is hard when many of the options are indeed illusionary.

Leo and the Fixed Cross


                                                            The Tail of Leo (In Closing)



361° Astrology presents: Sun in Leo, The return of the King. 19

The Tail of the Lion is the Rise and Fall of the Spirit of Man in Form the Circle at the beginning or bottom represents spirit to me and the loop that rises and curves at the to is the rise and path to excellence or highest potential and the loop downwards is the journey to the after life, all in all this symbol of the Lion’s Tail reminds me of the Tail of the Sphinx…Think on it! 361 Leo represent where you are heroic, the heroine in you, it shows where in life you are likely to expressly your true self and through what avenues and circumstance that are more beneficial to be who you truly are. The Tail of Leo is the current Astrological Symbol for Leo the Zodiac Sign it represents the Growth of the Sprit on earth, how we rise out of the unknown into a fully acknowledge being and Leo expresses that fully grown and fully vibrant and energized person, as with the riddle of the Sphinx which states “what crawls on fours in the morning, two at mid day and three in the evening? Why MAN or the Spirit of God which crawls or is liken to an infant crawling on fours at the beginning stages of life (a Cub) standing upright on two’s as an fully powerful adult ( the Lion with a Mane standing on two with it’s paws outstretch ) and three’s the elderly Lion sitting licking a paw. Dig Dat. Leo represents Heroes, Adventure, Fun, the Sun, Day Light, Relaxation, Vitality, Exuberance, Purpose, the childhood perspective of the father, romance, love affairs, true love, the true self, inner child, divine spark and life, and I hope that this writing has some how sparked the LEO in you to ROAR!!!! 361NEXT ~EvR~

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