361°Conceptual Astrology Presents; Virgo & the Biblical Story of Job


When one thinks of Virgo we often conjure the concept of the Holy Virgin, a reserve, conservative, stoic , pious, modest and mentally conscientious female iconography that is akin to the Judeo-Christian Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus the Christ, or the Kemetian Auset better known as the Egyptian Isis, mother of Heru.


Some of the more modern archetypes is that of the “business women” or the “modest mom” or “June Cleavers” of the world. However I bet most don’t think of the “male” counter-part to that Virgo energy expressed that seems to nominally be expressed in female archetypes? If you don’t well the Holy Bible’s JOB is one of the Male versions or manifestation of that energy.

The book of JOB starts off: ~There was a man in the land of Uz, whose name was Job; and that man was perfect and upright, and one that feared God, and eschewed evil.~

Using Conceptual Astrology we begin to open up the subtle, revealing energy of synchronicity hidden, yet enlightening within this story, a trait of the ruler of Virgo; Mercury. The first passage of Job translated to astrological-conceptualism, equals the zodiac sign Virgo at the ascendant or in the 1st house or place.

Thus giving it “precedence” or the opportunity of being “first” and thus it shines being a conduit for the 5th Place, the place of the Spiritual Man. (The 5th is also the Home of the Sun and the Natural place of Leo and thus indicative of the Heart or the Divine Spark)

Virgo at the ascendant or in the 1st translated conceptually to writing can and does describe” In the land of Uz (A foreign Land or Great Land =Sag in the 4th House of the Home or Homeland and Heritage, in the chart of Virgo the Perfect) live Job, the Perfect Man (Virgo) whom feared GOD and shunned evil or eschewed evil; all Leo in the 12th House of Virgo the Perfect.

Ironically as of this writing the natural cosmic-energy in the transits of the Sun, Mercury, and the Moon in Virgo represents the first passage of JOB in Detail.

If your familiar with astrological keywords then I know you are building a blueprint already that is revealing this Virgo-esque Picasso in your mind. If not, look up astrological key words for the Virgo, Mercury, the Sun and the Moon, as well look up Those planets in that sign descriptions to help you visualize more easier with conceptual astrology.

Here is a brief example; The Sun, Mercury and the Moon in Virgo = A story that reveals the masculine side of Virgo which is routinely presented as a female virgin iconology, as well as it too means In the Land of Uz live a man name Job a (Sag Sun/Virgo Rising) the man was blameless, upright or perfect. This portion of the passage is a Virgo description or energy.

Mercury in Virgo via Conceptual Astrology reveals the Biblical Story of Job. Virgo alone can tell the story of Job or of anyone like this character. Virgo loves hard-work and the success, status and authority that comes along with it, for it has Capricorn the sign that rules such things in its house of talent, abilities, creativity, unconditional love, happiness, fun, a.k.a. the 5th Place. One could also liken Job (Ironically the character’s name is spelled in English; J.O.B. and that too is indicative of work or Virgo) in one word; WORK, which describes Virgo, but not all of it, for the ruler of Virgo, the planet Mercury too adds to the sign, especially since it rules it by Night, and Gemini it’s brother sign by day.

To understand the biblical story of Job from the perspective of Conceptual Astrology will allow us to look deeper into the story of Job and it’s profound connection and revelation thought the sign Virgo and it’s ruler Mercury. Mercury in Virgo is “Dignified” in astrology, for the planet is located in a sign it rules and therefore is “home” or on its “throne”, and therefore “operates” in a much more powerful presence and manifestation, the planet effectively is super-charged in the sign it rules.
The Biblical Job is a patriarch from the bible, Genesis Chapter. Job is a hardworking, honest, devoted man, and is a favorite of the “Lord” of the Judeo-Christian religion. He comes to the attention of Satan the Tempter via an example for God as a shining example of humanity. The devil challenges God and the story of Job and his great tribulation, faith and reward unfolds.

Before we explore the biblical story of Job, let us first go over some astrological key-words to invoke and examine the energy of Virgo and thus we can later properly sync with it and watch with “fresh” eyes the story of Job/Virgo.

Virgo is the natural 6th sign of the Zodiac. It is the sign of work , work mates, the work environment and one’s personal work mentality. It is also the sign of diet, health, fitness, nutrition and hygiene. Virgo corresponds anatomically to the lower digestive tract i.e. the small and large intestines, the appendix, the colon, the rectum and the anus as well as the waste which is excreted there-from. Virgo also indicates the lower abdomen, the navel and all muscles in the abdominal area. It is the sign of daily routines, day to day activities and contact thus people you see, but may not know on a daily basis. Such as those whom ride the bus daily to work but do not know one another. Virgo is the sign of favors rendered, and what one attempts to master for it is the sign of perfectionism, as well as the sign of scrutiny, analyzing, worries, pestering, complaining as well as cleaning, upkeep, business, and unfortunately slavery. Virgo’s have the power of calculation, organization and find authority in positions of management. They love their reputation, for they have the sign of these things, Capricorn, in the fifth place of Love. It is the sign of modesty, details, particulars; it is persnickety, exact, discerning and discrimination. Wheat, Barley, Grains, Ground Nuts, Virgo’s symbol in astrology is the Virgin and this plays into its image as a reserve or conservative sign. Virgo’s are known for their Word with Gemini in the 10th.

Ok, I think you got enough of the idea of Virgo, so let’s see how the biblical story of Job is liken to this sign as so many of those keywords and concepts I just explained earlier.

Let’s go a little further shall we? Virgo is the 6th sigh of the zodiac and naturally occupies the 6th House cusp or 6th House. Irony again rears it’s cosmic face and it’s beauty is revealed again in numeratic synchronicity as the 6th passage starts out with a celestial court, or group gathering, Aquarius the 6th Place of Virgo. Aquarius also conceptually represents the Higher Heavens, or the Angelic Host, those that “Fly”, above the firment, The Enlightened Ones, the celestial community.

So dig how on the 6th Verse or Vibe of Virgo is Aquarius and this passage starts off with the Angels gathering for council with God. Satan (“Lower Vibration” Aquarius aka the Devil / Scorpio in the 10th) was among them and God asked “where have you come from” and the Satan explains “about his work” in some versions which is Aquarius (Satan) in the 6th Place of Virgo, or it states “roaming from here, there , up and down in the earth” which Sag is the 11th Place of Aquarius opposing Gemini in the 5th and thus God questions or ask a report and the answer is Sag in the 11th of Aquarius (Satan) roaming to and fro throughout humanity. Ya dig?

The story of Job continues when the balance of his morality and comfort in his personal relationship with the Lord, is upset. This is Libra in the 2nd House of Virgo opposing Aries in the 8th House of Virgo. The Balance (Libra) of his Moral Stability and Values (2nd House/Place) opposes and thus becomes at odds with the values of his personal relationship with God (Aries in the 8th Place of Virgo) , he knows this disharmony can bring death to those others close to him home he loves and values. Also Libra the succeeding sign after Virgo and thus the “Next Chapter of our Virgo Story of Job” is the sign of “Open Challenge” and Satan is openly challenged or openly challenges and he is a known open enemy of God or the God Head (Aries in the 8th is a vibrating energy to this description)

{♎+ 2nd☍♈ + 8th}

So here we also saw a second conceptual “wheel” or “portrait” begin to emerge and infuse itself via the story of Virgo via its 6th Place occupant; Aquarius, which on a lower vibration is equated to the devil conceptually. I will build on that Concept in a separate writing called Conceptual Astrology; Angels & Demons.

So The Devil descends in curses and death as given permission by God. The energy of the next portion the story of job ; the conversation (3rd House) where God gives the Devil power to curse but not kill Job (Scorpio in the 3rd House of Virgo the Story of Job) Satan curses and brings death to Job’s community, and temps him to curse God. Yet Job overcomes and prays and praises to god to save his family, he remembers all his benefits and fortunes of his past.

This reflects the energy of Sagittarius in the 4th Place of the Home, the Past. However, still misfortune and lost as his children are Doomed, which is the energy reflection of Capricorn in the 5th House of Virgo. He must separate his love of his children from his master the Lord. Aquarius in the 6th is Job’s routine adherement to his higher self and service, as well as the increase catastrophes thrown at him by Satan. Pisces in the 7th Place of Virgo is Job Tiring and even a bit of doubt creeping into his subconscious and the doubt and sorrow of his wife.

Job here has to let go of the illusion of his relationships and humble himself even deeper than he ever has, spiritually. This story continues with Aries in the 8th where he is Faced with Death and is Resurrected and transformed, spiritually renewed by God. Taurus in the 9th is a great benefit and moral lesson comes out of God’s philosophical and deific display of his power as the creator and sustainer of the universe.

Job benefits from his perseverance, his providence and survivor in his trust in the lord. Gemini in the 10th Job succeeds via the words of the lord, his human consciousness. He is a man of his word and respected by his siblings, and community. Job is said by the Lord (Gemini in the 10th) to be the “Best” or Highest” example of humanity.

Hence he is highly regarded and loved in his home land, is highly sought after for counsel in his homeland, this is Cancer in the 11th house of Virgo. His fear of God, and his spiritual connection to God expresses his Leo in the 12th house of Virgo the Story of Job.

I guess that’s why the saying “Perfection isn’t Pious” represents that Virgo-Pisces axis?

So we have seen the Biblical Story of Job starts in the 1book of Genesis Chapter 6. Immediately the “synchronicity” is apparent in sequence in which this story manifests in the Holy Bible. It does so as the 6th Place, of the Story, Lesson, Song, or Mystery of Work, Reservation, Perseverance, Faith, Spirituality; Virgo/Pisces is being revealed.

In a “BUILD” with my Queen about this matter she stated, the Lesson of Job is about reward for those that know their place, who did what they where suppose to do, and stay true to God by obeying and loving him as Master.

Job’s special talent is “Perseverance”, he has exceptionally Endurance, and is unmoved as a rock all allegories pertaining to Capricorn in the 5th House of Virgo. Well think about this from a Conceptual Astrology View “Virgo is the sign of those that know their place” because “the Sign of Knowledge is in the House or place of Exactness, i.e. Aquarius in the 6th House of Virgo.

So what is the Lesson of Job or Virgo?

Well there are several ways to conceptualize this train of thought in astrology. One could utilize the Lesson Wheel which is based off following the cycle of 10th House Placements or Energy. For example Virgo’s 10th is Gemini thus it’s life lessons are archetypic-ally Gemini and in Job’s case his lessons was listening and understanding the word of God, Gemini in the 10th of Virgo, which in itself is a lesson of Pisces or spirituality which is the 10th of Gemini, and God, i.e. Sag the 10th of Pisces.

One could simply utilize dipositorship and follow the story of their life lessons and challenges that will bring about their success, authority and highest potential, and look to the planet that is the ruler of the 10th and it’s placement in the horoscope or natal chart.

Job persevered in face of tremendous adversity, he defeated Lucifer with his own humanity and humility. Simply put he knew his place, and God loved him for that. This sentiment of the Virgo vibration is often perpetuated to Christians whom ask why does bad things happen to good people.


The story of Job is the answer and reveals that one can receive divine reward for hard work perseverance endurance and long standing, and benefit with providence, mana or milk of heaven, All the earth Trine in effect, for Capricorn is the 5th of Virgo and Taurus it’s 9th Place.
As well one can simply “read” the Story of Virgo and find that in the 5th Place of it’s “purpose” it’s matters of the heart, Capricorn blankets the cusp and Job’s talent or unbreakable and unmovable spirit and love for the Lord resonates together. Job solves the problem of suffering with his fortitude of faith and discipline.

Job is a perfect masculine reflection of Virgo as the Virgin Mary is the female version, and the lesson of Job’s trials and tribulations are indeed the story of Virgo and all the zodiac succeeding it in turn.
Job the Perfect (Virgo in the 1st)

Celestial Court and Open Challenge about his Morality (Libra in the 2nd)

Devil is given power to curse Job (Scorpio in the 3rd)

Fortunes of his Family are affected (Sagittarius in the 4th)

Job remains a rock in spite of loss of his children and steadfastly clings to the Lord (Capricorn in the 5th)

Sudden and Grotesque disease plaques Job (Aquarius in the 6th)

His Wife seeks to convince him to curse god (Pisces in the 7th)

He is told the fire god fell from the sky bring death to his sherperds (Aries in the 8th)

Job praises God and blames himself (Taurus in the 9th)

The words of God fasten his resolve (Gemini in the 10th)

His friends visit to sway him emotionally (Cancer in the 11th)

He curses his own birth wishing to make it undone and never have happen (Leo in the 12th)

We can go deep how this Job/Virgo Story Wheel spins and spins all around the zodiac continually to the end of the story. Job’s story show how even the “Blessed” can be tested, how their fortunes can be whisked away from them, how their loved ones and health can be endangered, yet through all of it, one has to “persevere, be stead fast, have endurance and have humility” have humility, observant, clean intent, be stead fast, disciplined, and calculative, as well be moralistic, dependable and valuable, all the power of the Virgonean triplicity Virgo-Capricorn-Taurus….

I am sure there are astrological-analogies in the story of Job you can conceive yourself, and as well relate and understand the story of Job on many levels whether it is as a example of Steadfast Obedience to the Lord, or a lesson for those “considered” commoners, work-a-bees or the average Joe/Jane to know their place, or any others you can conceive from the story of Virgo/Job

Peace & 361



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