361Lifestyle Astrology Presents; Sun in Libra Transit 2014


361°Lifestyle Astrology Presents; Sun☉ in Libra ♎Transit 2014


The Sun ☉ and Venus ♀ in Libra ♎is a powerful configuration. The Sun ☉ gives life; it shines and brings things to light and life, thus its focusing rays are lighting up everything that is indicative of the energy of the zodiac sign Libra ♎.

Let’s look at Libra ♎ energy Key Words and build a Portrait for this energy so that we may begin to see how this energy prevails in the world today during it’s TIME IN THE SUN.

Libra ♎ is the sign of Relationships, Relating, Consideration, Commitment, Consenting, Contractual Agreements, Open Opposition or Conflict, Equality, Equilibrium, Team Sports, We, Us, Them, Altruism, Partnerships of all kinds, Marriage, Harmony, Balance, Social Aptitude, Your Public Persona, Spouses, Significant Others, How the Public Views you, The Challenges that bring out the Best in you, Best Friends, Close Acquaintances, Nemesis or Adversary, Open Warfare, Mediation, Negotiation, Lawyers, the Lower Courts, Litigation, Diplomacy, Advocates, Aesthetic Beauty, Social Events, Unions, Kidneys, Bladder, Fallopian Tubes, Urethra, Urinary Tract, Lower Back and all muscles located in that part of the body, Ovaries and the Fallopian Tubes, Neutrality or the Middle Ground or Road, Indecisiveness, Grace, Cooperation, West, Descendant, Known Enemies, Justice, MAAT, Modesty, Refinement, Fall Equinox, 6pm, Fairness, Government and Decorum.

Here is a link to a Detailed LIBRA ♎ dissertation that you may like;

Posted by Ever Reese on Saturday, September 22, 2012

Now that we have built our Key Word Portrait of Libra ♎ look to your own Natal/Birth Chart and see where this sign falls in your chart. The location of Libra ♎ in your Natal and any planetary energy in that sign will give you a concrete idea of the area of life dominated by Libra influence in your life.

Now that the Sun ☉ is Magnifying the energy of Libra ♎, it is in the area of Life or House that Libra ♎ is located in your chart that is “now” being highlighted in life.

As well the Natal relationships or aspects to LIBRA and its ruler VENUS ♀play apart in the DRAMA of Libra unfolding in your life currently. Where the ruler of Libra resides in your natal charts shows how you “express” and “utilize” Libra energy.

Whew…Now; The TRANSITING Energy of the Sun ☉ magnifies these subject matters, as well the current relationships in the sky to the Sun in Libra also intertwine with your Natal Energy to manifest “current” and slightly different manifestations of the energy in your life, now.

Thus, Venus the ruler of Libra conjuncts or forms a very close relationship, with the Sun in Libra ♎currently. Venus ♀ in Libra ♎is on its own THRONE, reason being Venus ♀ is the natural ruler of Libra, it rules Libra ♎ by DAY according to some astrological information and is DIGNIFIED or expressed easiest and most powerfully. Thus the adage “sitting on its Throne”

So with the Sun ☉ “magnifying and shinning light to Libra ♎, Venus ♀ is bolstered by being in its home sign and doubly so because of the Sun’s magnification.

So your relationships, your sense of fairness, balance and harmony, and open conflicts and challenges run abound in your life focused on the areas of life where Libra and Venus is in your Natal chart.

For example, I have Libra ♎ in my 2nd House of Moral, Finances, and Providence. I have the Sun ☉, Pluto ♇ , Mercury☿ and Uranus ♅in Libra ♎. Venus is the 12th House in Leo ♌, thus the current transiting Sun is blowing up that energy in my chart and thus I have had open conflicts with people online about my sense of fairness and justice dealing with the murders of innocence by the police.

Libra ♎ opposes Aries ♈ the sign of the Police naturally and with the Sun ☉ transiting this sign in my 2nd House my sense of outrage(Pluto ♇ ) at the lack of justice (Libra ♎ ) vs the police is enhanced and magnified in the extreme (Pluto ♇ ) and I am attempting to speak out (Mercury ☿ ) about this injustice via the online community (Uranus ♅ ) exposing the Police ♈and their detached disregard for Civil Liberties and Rights of people (Uranus ♅ in Aries♈ Opposition to Libra Stellium in my Chart and Current Sun Venus ♀ in Libra Transit) and the Racism (Aries ♈)Since I have the Moon ☽ in Aries ♈ and Chiron in the 8th House these situations have hit close to home for me and become personal.

With Venus ♀ which rules Libra in my natal 12th Place of sorrow, undoing, secret enemies and fears, I fear this will happen to myself and more so to one of my children or the children of my loved ones. As well I have argued with close associates about these events because many take a blaze attitude about it which to me continues to add fuel to the misfortune energy right now exuding from the Uranus ♅in Aries ♈configuration.

This is just a small example going on in my life personally; one of many Libra Energy Manifestations; however this may affect you differently. Find Libra ♎ in your chart, take your Libra Key Word Portrait and utilize it to build a Cozmo-Blueprint to how this energy is affecting you now, and how it “will” manifest in your life.

Being the sign of marriage and relationships and having an opposition to Aries the sign of the self or selfishness with the planet Uranus in Aries the planet of Freedom, the motif of FREEDOM, RIGHTS and LIBERTIES in RELATIONSHIPS is paramount now.

Normally I would talk about all the harmonious unions’ ♎ going on but with this opposition we will find many bringing their relationships to a close, or separation i.e. for some divorce. These divorces or break ups will not be harmonious at all, but very volatile, reckless, selfish and ♅sudden.

Don’t be surprised if you mate ♎ suddenly wants to have “that talk” or if you are surprised and come home to a note or empty home or find your partner have chosen another to replace you. This is a time where you may view your current partnership from a personal perspective of how is it beneficial to “you” or you may begin to contemplate how your partner benefits more and the fairness and equality in your relationships will be challenged internally at first but will manifest outwardly as the Sun and Venus progress to positions directly opposing Uranus ♅in Aries ♈.


In Libra ♎ the Sun ☉ and Venus ♀ ignites the righteous opposition t ☍: o Uranus ♅ in Aries ♈ Energy; We can see how this energy is manifesting in the world and particularly the U.S. Nation, via the Racism, Police Brutality, Lack of Justice and Due Process from our Government, World Wide Rebellion against current government corruption, change in martial laws and insurance, and public outcry and outrage at the shifty and violent social climate.

Now in Cozmophyzix/Astrology “Aspects” are how exact, tight and close energies are to one another, as the Sun and Venus come into exact 180 degrees aspect to Uranus ♅ in Aries ♈ we will see a lot of these issues come to a head and the fore powerfully.

10/7-11/14 will be very days powerfully influence by this combative opposition so brace yourself in your personal life against outright conflict with partners, or other groups because of blatant selfishness, aloofness, racism and violence as well in the greater world community.

Libra ♎ is also a WAR sign, being the sign of Open Conflict, Open Enemies, Open Warfare, and Righteous Opposition ☍ watch to see what’s going on in the world during this time; you WILL see Nations form Alliances to wage WAR against Rebel Forces that threaten the interest of these Nations.

As well you have to consider the other Cosmic Configurations going on such as the Grand Fire Trine of Uranus in Aries forming an opposition to the Sun ☉ and Venus ♀ in Libra, Jupiter ♃ in Leo ♌ forming a Sextile ✶ to the Libra Energy and Mars ♂ in Sagittarius ♐ forming another Sextile ✶ to the energy of and in Libra all forming what is called in astrology a KITE by 10/7/2014 not to exclude the that a grand T-Square (Pluto♇ in Capricorn♑ /Uranus ♅ in Aries ♈ ) and the Quincunx ⊼ to Neptune ♆ and Chiron in Pisces ♓ , all presenting a Challenging energy to the GREAT PROMISE of the Grand Fire Trine △.

Look up Grand Trines, T-Squares, Kites and Yods!!!

So let’s take a look briefly at key words evolving the challenging energies to Libra;

♅Uranus in Aries ♈ = Violent Revolution, Violation of Rights, Liberties and Freedoms of the People or Masses, Weapons Of Mass Destruction, Air Bombing and Drone Attacks on Civilians, Police Brutality on the People and Racist People utilizing “Freedom, Liberty and the Right” to be Racist to advance their racist agenda, Sudden Rise and Race Affairs, New Scientific Advancement especially in Weapons, Increase Catastrophes.

♇ Pluto in Capricorn ♑ = Absolute Government Corruption, Return Rise of Fascism and Dictatorships, Murdering of Blacks/Maurs, Destruction of Black/Maurish Culture, Assassination of Government Heads, Death of Heads of States, Extreme Oppression by Dictators and World Leaders.

♆Neptune and Chiron in Pisces ♓ = Smoke Screens, Conspiracy, Hidden Agendas, Utilizing the Film Industry to indoctrinate or pacify sedition and betrayal of the people by their leaders and government, increase in clinical trials to inject mental disease and disease in the public for population control and oppression.

Now Sagittarius ♐and Leo ♌both Sextile ✶ (Opportunities that need to be utilize and effort put into) Libra and Mars ♂ and Jupiter♃ are in them so these Energies also can be of an Assistance and Help, however in order them to be so This Nation and you personally have to utilize the energies to grant the opportunities that will present themselves to assist you in your personal relationships and our national relationships.

Now it is up to you to be able to reconcile these opposing energies with self and doing so bring harmony and balance to your personal life which ultimately adds to the community and national lifestyle as well. My suggestion is to build your Libra Portrait and work on those energies in your chart to receive the highest vibration of them and gain Harmony, Balance and Justice in your life.



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