6 reasons why you’re single




After reading a post on another website I thought this would be a good idea. Many people do not know why they have a natural inclination to reject relationships and courtship. Modern dating is a tough world, and not understanding the foundation as to why you approach dating a certain way only adds to the confusion and frustration. So I’ve compiled a list of placements and aspects that may indicate why you’ve been single or choose to be single, and why. Also to give you a template to possibly link up with someone that has the same approach as you do. That would eliminate a lot of worry, guesswork and hopefully lead to something more solid. 6 reasons why you’re single.

* These are astrological inclinations, not excuses for horrible behavior or treatment.

1. Venus conjunct Saturn

Venus is an open and receptive, magnetic planet. Saturn is a malefic that indicates thrift, work, and rigidity. Saturn is a lines and columns planet. So when Saturn sits on top of Venus, this person looks at relationships in a cost/reward way. Not many may live up to the standards of the Venus-Saturn person. So Venus Saturn is constantly cutting potential relationships down over what others may see as very petty. Later on in life when there isn’t a checklist that each prospect must meet, and there isn’t a duty list for them that they must fulfill they tend to modify and loosen their rigid standards, and warm up.

2. Sun with Venus/Mars in Virgo

Sun and Venus/Mars in Virgos want to fix people,  and are also critical of people because their intention is to fix things.  They may not even get far beyond the first few dates when the Virgo has sized up all the “flaws” and these flaws are already nagging their nerves. The Virgo becomes sarcastic and critical to the point that the other person doesn’t want to be around them anymore. So the Virgo will dedicate themselves to a nursing, health, fitness, counseling field where others can be “fixed” and they will work very hard at it, foregoing an intimate relationship.

3. Venus/Mars conjunct Neptune

This person may get so caught up in the dream of someone else, or ideal, that they never actually bother to form relationships because the reality isn’t as shiny. Venus and Mars may be diffused completely and the native delves into music, poetry,film, and other creative fields and creates art about love, but doesn’t actually have a love relationship with anyone.

4. Moon/Venus/Mars in air sign

I’d say this applies if you have a combination of at least 2/3 of the above, but especially if it’s Venus and Mars. Air signs aren’t looking for intimacy or sensuality. Matter of fact they may miss subtle hints at intimacy completely.  Relationships involve emotions (messy,irrational) sex (stale if not mentally stimulated), and attachment. Might be almost asexual and rather spend time their “intimate” time alone with their thoughts,TV, or a book.


5. Venus in Aquarius

You tend to treat everyone the same. Which leaves your significant other feeling confused. It’s just how you are.  Aquarius is a Saturn sign so that distance and coldness is present, even though Aquarius is a social sign. Friends are more appealing than a tradition one on one relationship with close emotional intimacy. Depending on your Moon placement coupled with this placement though, you may not care for relationships that much.

6. Venus in Scorpio

Overwhelming intensity and need to dominate doesn’t endear you to most people and is a strong attracting but equally repelling energy. You know this intuitively. So you withhold this energy and dedicate this energy to a cause and do so with persistence. Since Scorpio is a fixed sign if you get stuck in your ways it will take something drastic to change the course of your relationship life. You could end up being happily “alone” if you find a cause that is able to keep your juices going.

If you know you have some of these placements and aspects, and really want a relationship, you will have to do some work and spend some time looking for people who compliment these placements and/or embody the needs they have. Astrology can be used as a template to narrow down and specify characteristics, put them in boxes so to speak, so that unnecessary guesswork can be avoided.


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