6 ways to conquer an afflicted or weak Mercury


What is an afflicted or weak Mercury?

A native that has Mercury in Sagittarius, Mercury in Pisces, or Mercury afflicted by a planet like Neptune or Saturn, or it being situated in the 12th house,  may have communication barriers that prevent them from connecting with others. Whether the reason being the inability to articulate themselves or fear of appearing stupid. Astrologers know that none of these mean a particular person is “stupid”, but just think and communicate better using different mediums.  It still is very advantageous to be able to communicate directly and clearly and I have some methods and ideas to help you accomplish that.


1. Focus on the use of simple words

You will feel much more confident using simple words. Especially if you’re speaking publically and are not used to it. Rehearse your speech or talk using simple words so that if a bout of fogginess comes in you have easy words to help you. Leave words like subdermatoglyphic in the dictionary.

2. Avoid information overload

Attempt to keep your speaking environment quiet and free of visual and audio clutter.


3. Grounded emotions

It is important to ground yourself before speaking. Whether it be through breathing deeply into the pit of your stomach, or literally grounding via barefoot walking.  This is so you speak with an uncluttered mind.

4. Good listening

Focusing on the words of the person you’re speaking to is as important as what you say.


5. Throw in quotes

This is especially for public speaking.  Keep a few quotes in your arsenal. They might come in handy especially if you go through a period of confusion.


6. Write

Prep what you want to say by writing it out first.


Use these tools to help you. Mercury in Sagittarius and Mercury in Pisces actually can become extremely charismatic speakers.

Do you have an afflicted or weak Mercury? What have you done to conquer some of the hurdles these positions face.



Speak your mind !