9/11 Terror attacks and the Gemini twins.


9/11 Terror attacks and the Gemini twins. 1

Saturn and Gemini

Saturn is known as delay, and restriction. Debts and government. The father/authority figure in the general sense and in the personal sense within the family nucleus . Gemini know as the twins, deals with communication and local travel. Neighbors and siblings. Early education and the lower mind. Being a dual mutable sign, there is changeability and duplicity inherent in this sign. Ruled by mercury. It is the sign of the merchant and mercantilism. Think about the farmers market, or an open air market. Direct contact with locals, selling goods. That’s what Gemini is all about.

Saturn in Gemini 1971

When the WTC first officially opened on April 4th, 1973 ( number 4, Saturn number), it was to be the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey’s headquarters. Also 110 floors of commercial office space. Saturn is work, restriction, government. Gemini is communication, local travel. So it was perfect for the governmental headquarters of an authority on local travel. Perfect place and time period too.

Fast forward 2001

Saturn return’s to Gemini in 2001 . This is when the tragic events of 9/11 occurred. As you can see from the pic above, the symbol for Gemini contains two towers in it. The towers came down right at the beginning of their Saturn return . It’s possible that the towers were in debt, represented debt and that would have to do with Saturn. The Port authority headquarters was then gone, which is deals with Gemini.

Since then

We have see an increase on restriction of civil liberties, increase of government control on communication. Patriot act, NDAA and other legislation directly correlates to Saturn in Gemini. One must be very careful about what they say nowadays. So the falling of the Twins/Gemini/Towers symbolically meant the beginning of the restriction of open communication.  The future of local travel will also have more restrictions. Instead of a passport to leave the country, you may need one to cross state lines for example.

More ID requirements. We see now a campaign to implement more voter ID laws in some municipalities. This is a restriction of your voice. Your political voice. Think about the characteristics of Gemini, and of Saturn. Then think about what has changed since 9/11.


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