The action star : Aries Sun Gemini Moon


Aries Sun Gemini Moon indicates someone who has the Aries physique , same powerful singular forward force, but with a talkative nervous temperament. You may notice their moods change rather quickly.I called this combo the action star for the combination of Aries energy plus the talkative Gemini Moon and their need to communicate.


Aries Sun Gemini Moon

The action star : Aries Sun Gemini Moon 1

Jackie Chan is an action start known for his roles in dozens of movies. Movies which usually cast him as a slick, skilled, but witty  police officer or ancient warrior. His lightening fast moves are usually accompanied by a witty one liner .

Jennifer Garner is an actress known best for her role as a CIA agent in the tv series “Alias”. What better a representation for this combination than a CIA agent. Someone who has to be able to go out there alone, at the same time morph and adapt with circumstances, use cunning and wit to diffuse potentially violent situations.


Anyone you know have this combination?


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