An Aquarius Story

An Aquarius Story

Capricorn season flew by this year. Very fast. Wasn’t it? And we had an eventful blood moon lunar eclipse to end the transit. In comes the other Saturn sign, Aquarius, the sign of electronic algorithms, data, AI. I believe that’s what Aquarius represents. Aquarius is indeed a cold, technical “energy”.  But I want to humanize Aquarius a bit by sharing a story. I’ve spoken about this a little bit on Twitter before.

I had a beloved Aquarius auntie and uncle. My uncle, father’s brother, Elwin, and a woman from Saint Vincent who he met going to Lincoln University, Annette. Both Aquarians. Both born in the same year.They lived downstairs in a two family my father bought for the family. My grandparents upstairs, uncle and auntie downstairs.

After my grandparents passed and cousins moved out but  they remained downstairs. My uncle was a science teacher and a deacon (Aquarius Sun, Aries moon)  and my auntie a homemaker. Amazing seamstress and garment creator. (Aquarius Sun, Virgo moon). She used to collect dolls and figurines and create clothes for them. She gave me a set of ninja turtles when I was little, I was little so I pretty much dismantled them, but I never forgot them. Might have been the last gift I got from her I think **laughs out loud**.

In their house friends of the family my “cousin” and his mother also lived with them. They were Leos. So sometimes I, or my brother and I both would get dropped off there after school or just other times to stay over while our parents had other things to do. My uncle called every young man, young doc. (Impersonal Aquarius stuff lol) Me, my brother, our cousin, kids on the block, didn’t matter. I never heard him call me by name one time. But he had this stable reassuring demeanor where I never questioned if he cared or not. My brother and I are both Cancer moons so we pick up on things like that.

My auntie always had the best west Indian food cooking from scratch, much of it my grandmother’s (had a cookbook of her own dishes and a bible sized archive of others) . We would hang out there and they would keep us occupied with books or we would go outside with my “cousin” to play basketball. It was one of those milk crate hoops nailed to a telephone pole. Some times my uncle would take us around while he took photographs, he had a Mercury and Venus Pisces and loved photography. He was very much a people person and hated being by himself so if no one was around we would always go out somewhere. So he captured a lot of candid photos of people. I think he loved that most of all. We would go back to their house and eat with them and sometimes my cousins, my non-blood cousin and auntie


I just remember it being the coldest, and at the same time friendliest environment I was ever in. They were not the warmest people. But yet still, I never thought I was in danger and was kind of free from judgement it seemed. People would be in and out of the house all the time, neighbors, their kids, but I never felt neglected or like I didn’t belong there.

That might be some of the magic of Aquarians. Some signs are so in tune with their feelings or unaware of their subconscious biases that they ignore or cater to specific people more than others. I never noticed my auntie or uncle act that way. I don’t even remember them raising their voices, even though they did talk loudly in their normal speaking voice. Everyone was treated the same. Me, my brother who were blood, and my cousin, and others who were not… didn’t matter. Some how they made things seem personal without personal at all. It’s hard to put into words.

Reflecting back on those times helped me learn a lot about how to treat other people too. I learned from them.  They were cool headed and socially smart. They saw the value in people and treating people well.. and they were never without. A good lesson for the current times especially.

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