The appeal of Donald Trump and why he connects with the public

Donald Trump and his current political success analyzed through astrology

At the outset of the 2016 presidential campaign season Donald Trump was regarded as little more than a sideshow attraction. An entertaining spoiler who ran off at the mouth but wasn’t really in it to win it.  He was a rich guy just saying whatever he wanted without a care about consequences. Pundits and writers alike thought it was a sure fail campaign that would quickly collapse and pack up its things and go home. And guess what happened? He’s now winning caucuses, and winning polls. What is it about a wealthy billionaire who was born wealthy in New York City, that connects with these working class mostly Caucasian voters? There are human factors and astrological factors involved that can help us decode this mercurial firebrand billionaire and the phenomenon of non-politics politics that has gained steam.

The politics

Fred Trump, Donald’s father was himself a real estate developer and a man of great fortune himself (some would argue slumlord). None the less, Donald Trump was birthed into this world with opportunities that 99% of the population only dream about. He went through military school, Fordham University, and Wharton while excelling. Donald later turned a “small” loan of a million dollars as he put it, into billions of dollars.

This is what I believe people see. Which is a nexus of the American Dream and can do attitude. Those people who support him think ” If Trump can turn 1 million into billions, I can turn $10,000 into 1 million”. He’s been a more successful real estate developer than his father was. Donald Trump connects with the dreams that many of these people had when they were children, and somehow rekindles  those childhood  dreams once again. Because a man who knows how to do it will lead the country and help everyone else get to where he is.

Loose lips

He speaks very plainly and directly. He doesn’t use lawyer jargon or talk at the people who go out to hear him listen. He’s a business man, not a lawyer trying to trick folks into supporting him only to change their mind once in office.  So in my opinion the contrast between Trump and the rest of the field save for Ben Carson, is stark. On one hand here is a business man who took some money ( a substantial amount) , and not only didn’t waste it like a rich spoiled child, but worked hard and made a lot more money. This man has buildings all over the world with his name on them. He employs people, and helps others feed their families.

Then on the other hand, there is Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. One who went to an Ivy league law school in Cruz, and another who went to law school in Rubio.  Ted Cruz practiced private law then worked in government from 2003 up until now. Marco Rubio has been in congress since the year 2000. These are lawyers who are skilled in rhetoric and deceitful by nature because it’s their job to deceive.

When those contrasts are made it’s clear as to why Trump’s campaign has gained so much steam. I think that’s the nucleus of it. Will it sustain? Time will tell. It has gone much further than projected so who knows.

Donald Trump and his Natal Chart

IRclMIcjZ3yxpHWDZQNjZQNjZQNjThe greatest strength of the mutable modality is the ability to connect and become a conduit of the energy field of any environment they’re in. This is why so many Geminis, Sagittariuses, Virgos, and Pisces excel and the communications,music, and entertainment fields. Donald Trump has his Sun in the 10th house, in the sign of Gemini. And his Moon is in Sagittarius. This is an optimal house placement for someone who feels comfortable being well known and in the public eye. Gemini and Sagittarius are both communicators. Gemini more focused on the words, and Sagittarius more focused on the idea. This combination is powerful for it’s combination of relaying a message and at the same time inspiring, and being direct. Donald Trump has the gift of gab. Geminis are known to be big talkers, and he is no different.


The flip side of this mutable combination is that it’s very changeable. So opinions are likely to change often. Remember John Kerry and the swiftboat ad? Changing his mind which ever way the wind blows? John Kerry is a Sagittarius Sun and Gemini Moon native. So opinions Donald has held, and comments he has made, can be contradicted in a matter of months, even weeks as we’ve seen. The mutable’s strength of versatility and being a conduit is also a weakness. The pitfall is being seen as unstable or wishy-washy.

His Venus – Saturn in Cancer conjunction I find especially interesting. His wives must not embarrass him. They must be attractive to the public, but also attentive mothers. Agreeing to certain duties in order to be married to him. This is because Saturn puts rules and regulations on anything it touches. Venus reveals how relationships are experienced and the wishes of the native while in relationships. It also reveals the type of pleasures one likes as well. Donald Trump does not smoke or drink. Saturn has put business before pleasure  in his life.


Where Venus shows relationships, the Moon goes a step deeper and reveals his ideal wife. His Sagittarius Moon alludes to an attraction to foreign born women– women of a different culture, race,  or ethnicity. Sagittarius rules over all things foreign.

His Mars is  in Leo. This is a great sign for Mars to be in. I maintain that this placement is one of the most assertive, willful, and energetic placements in the zodiac. The physical vigor this placement provides the native born under this transit is outstanding.  He is 69 going on 70 years old but physically it is apparent he has a lot of energy. This is only bolstered by a trine to his moon in Sagittarius which gives him more of that  fire in the belly spark.


Lastly, his MC (tentatively) is in Taurus. His business is a Taurus business, the real estate business. Physical buildings, casinos,  luxury hotels. All things related to the physical manifestations of Venus (opposed to the intellectual manifestations in Libra). He’s a billionaire builder and Taurus is the sign of wealth, which Donald Trump is not lacking in by any stretch.

He’s a big talker, who says whatever is on his mind ( that changes often) — he is dedicated and demanding in marriage, and has plenty of energy to succeed and a drive to appease his healthy ego.  I think people get the sense that all of his accomplishments are things that he wants everyone to have because of the conduit effect I spoke of earlier.

Question now is do the wheels fall off this thing? Saying what’s in your heart doesn’t translate over to politics well as history has proven time and time again. Will he refine his message and become more calculating like his rivals Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Maybe today but who knows what he will think or how he will act next week.


Fox news hosted a GOP debate in Detroit March 3rd. During this debate, Trump’s “flexibility” was painted as a negative. Trump admitted to changing his mind on a few subjects when pressured by Marco Rubio and Megyn Kelly. This once again highlights what I’ve said earlier about his combination of mutable Sun and moon. Very malleable and is constantly learning and metabolizing new information. This has it’s positives and negatives. In politics however, sticking to the same script, the same positions is more of a positive. Even if the person is wrong.

Are you a Trump supporter? Why or why not.



  1. Hey, Seth. Sorry that thread in LL devolved so quickly into the non-astrological. It appears I contributed to that significantly with the images I posted, which in retrospect were clearly protesters. You’ve made some good points regarding the mutability relating to changeability and that has shown clearly in his political positioning this election season. I don’t support Trump. I think he is a current symbol for both what many see as right about the US and what many see as wrong with it. I’m a Bernie supporter, but as far as the astrology goes, and the question of will Trump’s campaign success continue, I’m preparing for a Trump presidency — two terms. His natal chart and progressions are stronger than every other candidate I’ve looked at. I will tell you that the Leo rising chart is wrong. My friend Shaun Barry and I independently validated a 27° Cancer chart for him that agrees — to the minute of arc. Few astrologers will take notice of this, but it is this chart that shows in the declinations what I alluded to.

    • Whats up Kannon. I’m not a Trump person either. I know the article sounds pro Trump but I’m sitting out of the Presidential election in favor of local elections. I’m just intrigued by why and how he’s connecting with people and what separates him from other candidates.

      What you say about him going all the way echoes this from Twitter :
      As for the 27 degree Cancer ascendant you and your friend rectified, I ran it . Looks much different .

      • Hey – I totally agree with your local emphasis. That’s actually right in line with my own politics which I describe as ‘progressive communitarian’. Here is Shaun’s write up on the chart: … The most important natal and progressed factors are found in the declinations. The key in both cases is the tight alignment of Sun-Uranus-Nodes-MC … If he remains alive and healthy it would appear to be unbeatable.

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