#Aquarius update


#Aquarius update 1

Sun is in #Aquarius along with Mercury right now. When the Sun is in Aquarius the nature of the sun is weakened, thus the Sun being placed in detriment under Aquarius. If you listen to a Leo speak (Sun’s home) you may hear a lot of “I’s” . I do this, I am that.

In Libra the Sun is fallen, because the ego is split, it’s concerned with the other as much as self . Libra says “we”. In Aquarius the Sun is in detriment, Aquarius is “all of us” or humanity.

This plays out in Aquarius life by being eclectic. Many see Aquarius as a rebel but in reality Aquarius is a social sign. They really want to be around other people and socialize. I’ve said before that Aquarius has a perpetual identity crisis because they do want to be friends with everyone and fit in. So what happens is they adopt eclectic tastes, take bits and pieces from different things to try to fit in everywhere, but end up not fitting in anywhere. As a result they just feel different, like outcasts. Because the Sun is struggling to find itself. The true self is in a blocked state. In my opinion.

Tons of outspoken and intriguing people are born under this sign who work for social change and on social issues as well as other influences on the greater masses including Oprah, Angela Davis, Bridgett Fonda, Bob Marley,Jackie Robinson,Chris Rock, Alice Walker, Langston Hughes, Ayn Rand, Bill Mahar, Charles Darwin, Ronald Reagan,Francis Bacon, F.D.R and many many others.


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