Are you a cuspian?

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In astrology there are individuals known as cuspians. These individuals happen to  have a planet (Sun is mostly focused on) in close proximity to the succeeding planet mathematically. For example; There is an individual born on May 21st. This person will supposedly be ruled by two planets (Venus and Mercury in this instance). This person is a Taurini (Taurus and Gemini mix) born in the “cusp of energy”.

Now many astrologers say that the idea of cusps is incorrect and not possible. I agree from a strictly traditional astrological standpoint,  But as a true cuspian myself, and a KNOWER that there are small areas of black and white and a HUGE area of gray in most all aspects of existence, that this simply is untrue. Also being a cuspian myself I can testify to this.

Make no mistake about it though, you are one sign or the other. This is mathematics here. So whether you “feel” or exhibit traits of a different sign (because we’re dealing with entire natalities, lordships, chart rulers, and so on) you’re still one sign or there other since we time planets down to the minute.

I like this wheel that I found because it highlights the “gray areas” I was talking about. The cusps are usually 2-3 days before and after the sun passes through a new sign or 2-3 degrees before or after 0 degrees of a sign. (27-29 and 0-3 degrees).

Now I will take myself as an example.

I was born in the cusp of prophecy or the 5 day period of December 19-December 24th. I refer to myself as a Caprittarius. ( I was born 29 degrees in Sagittarius in the tropical zodiac). Many of these cusps are aligned with fixed stars and other celestial bodies that are critical points in the cosmos.

There are not many descriptions floating around about cuspians/cuspers but I’ve come across a few. Here is one that describes my cusp :
“Those born on the Cusp of Prophecy do not expect to be liked by other people, although it often happens that they are. Being independent of the approval of others gives Sagittarius-Capricorns a power and freedom that many lack. On the other side of the coin, they may themselves like few of the people they meet, and may thus be seen as antisocial. There is generally speaking only one requirement for being a close friend to a Sagittarius-Capricorn, besides the fact that you like them: you must accept them without reservation for what they really are. Those born on this cusp have their antennae out to detect when others are flattering them or simply being polite, which doesn’t cut the cake. Consequently, only a few individuals manage to get close to most Sagittarius-Capricorns.”

These are coffee table book interpretations. Astrologically these aren’t a “real” thing,  But there may be some truth to them. What do you think?

Are you a cuspian? How does it affect you. Do you think there is a difference between cuspians and the other degrees of a sign?

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