Are you always tired?

    Well then you may have your Mars placed in Pisces or mars poorly aspected to Neptune.

    Mars placed in a water sign tends to make the native’s ebbs and flows coincide with their emotions. Placed in Neptune this makes the native impressionable and susceptible to manipulation, and in a mutable sign the native can scatter their energy and spread themselves too thin. They can also drain themselves by worrying too much about things.

    This combination also usually makes the native need a good nights sleep as well as lots of naps throughout the day and even still, you may be tired. But this doesn’t have to be this way.

    There are many herbs and techniques that can drastically improve this. If you think that this may a placement you have. Contact me and I will look up your natal information and check to see if you are a Mars Pisces native, and if you are I have an itinerary for you to utilize so that you can get the most out of your situation.


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    1. I have Mars in Pisces retrograde at 22 degrees with a Pisces rising of 18 degrees. I sleep on average 6 hours a night during the work week but do sleep in til 9 on weekends. That does it for me. I have had periods in my life (child bearing years) when I did struggle for lack of energy but I seem to be doing much better as I age. I have a ton of energy. But when I crash….I crash hard. lol.

      • lol Thanks for the input Amy, glad you are doing better at this juncture. Right now Jupiter is in pisces so you should be experiencing even more energy now as well.

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