Aries Traits

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Aries Traits

Note: These Aries traits are traits of the sign itself, not the planet placed in any particular sign. For more in-depth looks at sign in planet traits read my planet in sign breakdowns like Mars in the signs

Aries is known as the baby of the zodiac and represents infancy, the first spark of life. Cardinal modality and fire element. The ram which symbolizes Aries. is all about moving forward and autonomy. When one is first born it is their first autonomous experience. The baby is no longer 100% reliant on the mother. As the child grows up, they’re less and less reliant on the mother and begin to forge their own path.

The constant forward force of Aries is what makes Aries renowned for its warlike qualities. As such, Aries is known for a quick hair-trigger temper. But that temper is short-lived as Aries moves on quickly from any feelings as Aries has difficulty sustaining emotions.

In this quest for autonomy Aries may become known as leader, drawing the companionship of less self-reliant and less courageous souls.

They have a youthful spirit, gregarious. As part of the fire triplicity they’re a royal sign and prone to the same kind of attention-seeking activities of Leo, Sagittarius.

They make capable leaders, governors, generals, weapons makers, presidents.

Physically Aries may denote fevers, overheating, large head, cut(s) on the face, marks on the face. More broadly speaking, wars, fires, destruction. Mars is a malefic planet after all.

Many rulers in Europe and the Arabic world used Aries transits to launch successful conquests and caliphates with Aries on the horizon, or during the spring equinox. In that respect Aries was thought to be a benefic for malefic activities so to speak.

Aries can also be compared or linked to the horseman of the apocalypse known as “Conquest”.

The first horseman, a conqueror with a bow and crown, rides a white horse, which scholars sometimes interpret to symbolize Christ or the Antichrist …

Quote taken from  4 horseman

The lamb or ram of God symbolizing Aries and Christ would make a lot of sense. So Aries is a mythos and astronomy that spans many many cultures and symbols. The rich history of Aries highlights a number of traits and features very consistently though. Those are; war, heat, generals, militaries, anger, violence, weaponry, fires.



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