Art imitating life: Astrology of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire.




If you pay attention to astrology and have looked at actor’s natal charts you will find many times that the actors really play themselves. ( Example being Sun and Mars in Aries native Russell Crowe, who tends to play warriors and outlaws).  Sometimes it seems as if the actor’s sign ( and energy) is why they’re actually chosen for a specific role. We’re going to explore that here in the HBO series Boardwalk Empire .

Now the show consists of many real life characters where we know their  astrology, which was overwhelmingly Sun in Capricorn. Arnold Rothstein, Enoch Thompson(Johnson), John Torrio, Al Capone were all Capricorns. The odd couple of Meyer Lansky and Lucky Luciano (Cancer and Sagittarius respectively) are just some of the real life examples. What about the signs of the actors and actresses though that play these real and fictitious characters? And what about their role in the show?

Gillian Darmody (Gretchen Mol -Scorpio)

“I didn’t spend my life getting groped by a bunch of drunks to wind up in a goddamn poorhouse.”

Born 10/8/72 places Gretchen Mol in Scorpio. Sagittarius Moon, Venus and Mars in Libra. Was a mistress  to wealthy men ,who was raped at a party by the A.C.  Commodore. Had a son, Jimmy. Ran a whore house that served the elites in the area. This kind of touches on the Scorpio stereotype of sex , sex, and a side of sex.

Charming personality , uses manipulation and underhanded tactics with a smile on her face ( one of the knocks people have of Libra placements). Had a strange incestuous relationship with her son.




Jimmy Darmody (Michael Pitt-Aries)

“I’m nothing but a murderer. I’m going to Hell.”

Michael Pitt ( 4/10/82) played Nucky Thompson’s sort of adopted son and enforcer. Jimmy was a former soldier ( how Arian) who was scarred by the war. Came back to Atlantic City to work for Nucky doing his “dirty work”. Fitting for an actor who has his Sun,Mercury,Venus,Mars in Aries. Highly impulsive and quick to anger this fire got him into some trouble along the way. Natal Moon in Cancer squaring Pluto (strange symbiotic attachment to his mother) and it squaring his Sun and Mars also seems to support the rumor that he had anger and emotion issues on the set revolving around drinking. And that is the reason why his character was killed off.

Richard Harrow (Jack Huston-Sagittarius)

“I put my nose… where it didn’t belong”

Jack Huston (12/7/82) plays Richard Harrow, the disfigured war vet who befriends Jimmy. They form a strong  bond and friendship . And a formidable fire sign violent crime tandem. Skilled marksmen ( Sagittarian. duh. But has an earth Moon- Mars combo, Virgo and Capricorn respectively lends a steady hand) who uses his skills to help Jimmy perform hits (not the musical kind). Sun, Mercury, Venus in Sagittarius conjunct Neptune.

Not much is known about Richard, his family doesn’t have contact with him, he says he has a sister but doesn’t speak to her. Very Neptune. Speaks to the Sagittarian lore of the wanderer. Wherever he lays his hunting cap is his home. After the death of Jimmy, he lives with Gillian and Tommy (Jimmy’s son) in the brothel and acts as a father figure for Tommy.






Chalky White ( Michael K Williams- Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp)

” I don’t trust nobody Nucky, never did”

Michael K. Williams (  11/22/66) plays Chalky White. The leader of Atlantic City’s black community. Organizes labor  and jobs for the city’s black residents, part time enforcer for Nucky Thompson. We saw a glimpse of the Scorpio “hidden power”. When Chalky was in lock up.  Dunn Purnsley saw a well dress black man and thought that he was an uppity , bourgeois black doctor or something. Because Chalky gave Dunn Purnsley the beating of his life without having to lift a finger. Chalky owns a social club and handle business but really likes to keep things on a business level with people outside his family.




Those are four characters that I believe the actor really really plays themselves on many levels.  I may do a pt 2 of this with the main  characters, and some of the other sort of side characters like agent Van Alden and Margaret Thompson so stay tuned.



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