Astro-profile:Richard Pryor


Astro-profile:Richard Pryor 1
Born: December 1, 1940, 1:02 PM
in: Peoria Heights, IL
One of the greatest comedians of all time and a personal favorite of mine, had quite an interesting astrological makeup. Very paradoxical in nature which in my experience makes a very insightful person and great comedian.

His sun like many comedians, was located in in the placement of the firey centaur, Sagittarius. Ascendant in Pisces.His moon was in the saturnian sign of Capricorn. Mercury,Venus, and Mars were all located in Scorpio making him very intense for a Sagittarius. I love Youtube, because dissecting these videos is so very interesting as you can point to his natal astrology placements based on the descriptions he gives. Here is a clip of him speaking on emotions.
Warning:videos contain explicit language.

1:20 into the video he speaks about how hard it is to sustain a relationship and how he just leaves, which is why the Sagittarius is known as the bachelor sign. The grass is greener on the other side of the fence and Sagittarians can be rather restless. Around the 1:50 mark he speaks on expressing feelings which is rather difficult for a Capricorn moon(detriment) Capricorn is all about order, structure and the moon is about raw emotions and feelings (Moon is home in Cancer which is opposite of Capricorn). Around the 2 minute mark Richard speaks about his normal way of doing things which eludes to his Scorpio Mars and Venus. Venus Scorpio is in detriment, and Scorpio is ruled by the genitals so it is a difficult place to demonstrate pure simple love and all the intricacies of romance that are seen with Venus in Libra or Venus in Taurus (opposite of Venus in Scorpio). After 2:50 he expresses his entire natal chart in a nutshell, hard to sustain being a Sagittarius sun, hard to express emotions with the Capricorn moon, the need for growth and doing new things with Venus in Scorpio and his Venus and Mars being in the 8th house when he talked about his wife saying not to be so physical.

Here is another segment:

This segment really illustrates the intensity of violatile emotions of Venus in Scorpio, and his natal Venus is in opposition to his Saturn in Taurus which makes his love emotions all the more intense and also means that he had to make concessions in his relationships due to lack of self confidence and doubted his self-worth. His ascendant was in Pisces which is why he appeared to be so fragile in my opinion. Pisces is the most sensitive sign in the zodiac and ruled by neptune it is known for it’s escapist tendencies rather than dealing with problems head on.

To touch on something else that goes beyond Richard is the combination of Sun in Sagittarius and Venus in Scorpio seems to be a hallmark of substance abusers, Jim Morrison, Redd Foxx, rapper DMX are a few who have/had this placement.

Anyhow, I hope you have gained some insight into Richard and more so, into these specific natal placements.



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