Astrochologist’s 5 Deal Breaker Relationship Love Synastry Aspects

Bad Synastry Aspects

Relationship synastry is a field of astrology that explores energy dynamics between two individuals in the context of a relationship. Some aspects support the relationship, as seen in 10 explosive relationship aspects . Other times there are elements of synastry that work against a smooth relationship. In this list we explore some of the negative aspects that could end up being deal breakers in relationship synastry with the 5 Deal Breaker Relationship Love Synastry Aspects.

5 Deal Breaker Relationship Love Synastry Aspects

1 Venus,  moon conjunct Saturn

These aspects can play out as extremely controlling, and even abusive at their worst. The moon person experiences melancholy because the Saturn person comes off as an authority figure first, not a lover necessarily. Venus person wants to express the warmth that is supposed to come along with Venus. Saturn isn’t interested in being mushy, that’s a waste of time. Saturn wants to work, and wants to see results. So unlike a lighter aspect such as a sextile, the conjunction is always on. Saturn is always on duty.

2 Mercury in negative aspect with Mercury

Super big deal breaker. You ever have a significant other who you thought was too quiet, or too talkative? Chances are this aspect was at play. Communicating on the same wave length will make or break a relationship. If you’re a person who likes to talk for the sake of talking and your partner is more deliberate — you might be wondering why they don’t talk more. Eventually this wears thin as one person loses patience.

3 Moon conjunct moon

I know what most people are thinking… how could this be a negative aspect for a relationship? I’ll tell you why. You and your significant other will have such similar mood patterns from day to day that it will seem like you’re in each other’s heads. It’s a very suffocating dynamic.

4 Mars opposite ascendant in the 7th house

I don’t really care for this aspect. When Mars is in a significant other’s 7th house you become their main motivation, but also competition. Unless you’re into competing with your significant other in a dysfunctional way ( fights that leads to intense sex ) I don’t see this playing out that well.

5 Mars conjunct Saturn

When you’re the Mars person in the relationship, the Saturn person can literally sap your energy. You might notice that you have all kinds of energy and passion in your normal day to day, but around your significant other your enthusiasm is noticeably diminished. You may not even notice! This might be something that just happens, but you’ve never connected the dots. I’m here to tell you it could be the case in your relationship.

When I say deal breaker I don’t mean it’s a definitive end to the relationship. It just means that these are heavy aspects to deal with, big obstacles. Some couples don’t like having to deal with these things, while others will work through them together. The choice is really up to the individual couples.





  1. Moon conjunct moon – this actually will work very well if both partner is in a strong Plutonic relationship AND they also have at least five of the aspects listed from – 10 most xplosive synastry relationship aspects in love astrology.

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