Why do astrologers track moon cycles?


A few weeks ago during the full moon in Pisces I discussed the reasoning behind why we as astrologers follow the lunar cycles.  They can be seen on Twitter but I thought it might be better for me to post the entire thread here.


Also to add on, depending on where your planets are placed natally, certain lunar transits will be much more important than others, so consult your chart. The Sun and moon are the second and minute hands of our astrological clocks, so timing is everything!

For more information on lunar phases check out How to determine the lunar phase and its effect on you



  1. So beside myself alot, torn and conflicted. Could this maybe be because i have sun in virgo and pisces rising? Moon in cancer.

    • You have a strong water signature based on placements and ascendant. The rest of your chart will fill out the rest of the story, but Cancer moon is very strong and your ascendant is a water sign which points to emotionalism

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