Astrology gifs May 2016 Vol 2


ggggggVenus / Mars Scorpio

When that urge comes on and you just need some love. Unfortunately your intensity scares some people into locking you out of their life because they’re not as intense.

dfsgWater sign boyfriend or girlfriend

You see their face, and you know what’s coming. So you just stand your ground and take it and hope that it blows over quickly.


Moon – Venus in Pisces

You thought they were one thing, but they weren’t. Now the love of your live and person of your dreams is looking like a mirage.

vbvbCapricorn Aquarius dominated person

Just not sure what the right words are to express your attraction to someone. That’s too mushy and out of your comfort zone.


Of course not all Leos want to be center stage. But that doesn’t mean you can ignore them and get away with it without hearing about it.


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