Astrology gifs May 2016 Vol 1

Astrology gifs May 2016 part 1


lololLibra man and Cancer woman

The sensitive Cancer woman finds her man with another woman, attacks the woman he’s cheating with. Only to find out that her man doesn’t really love her that way any more. The Cancer woman’s heart is shattered and she leaves crying hysterically.

heScorpio man and Taurus woman

Scorpio man sees his credit card bill and can’t believe how much his Taurus wife spent. She doesn’t understand why he’s so upset it’s just money, and continues eating her appetizer.


Don’t wake them from their naps. It’s one of their favorite past times. An irritated Pisces might as well be a Virgo.

lolzSagittarius parent and child

I love you but this is too much. My life is pretty much over, I didn’t think it would be like this.

Virgo gifVirgo woman

I saw you you didn’t wash your hands in the bathroom, these cookies have peanuts in them. Did you get tested at the clinic yet?

fightSagittarius father teaching Aries daughter

You have to be sharp and be strong.

Capricorn gifCapricorn stellium at the party

I should have stayed in. All these stupid balloons. Could have caused a fire. I don’t even know anyone at this party who talked me in to this.


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