Astrology of the life and death of Prince Rogers Nelson


As you may have heard, music icon Prince Rogers Nelson passed away today to an undisclosed illness in his home state of Minnesota. He’d been suffering from an illness since last week when he had to cut a show short and went to the hospital. We don’t have many details about what happened, but as an astrologer I consult the natal chart in a quest for some meaning.

Prince’s natal chart

Prince Rogers Nelson Natal and Transit death chart

Born under one of the most artistic luminary combinations, Sun in Gemini and Moon in Pisces, Prince produced dozens of very eclectic and eccentric albums. His Mercury was also in Gemini so he was not only dreamy and intuitive but his left brain was sharp as a tack as well.  Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West are also famous artists with that combination of luminaries.  He played many instruments but the guitar was his bread and butter. Gemini deals with the hands, a strong Gemini presence tells us that his brain and hand coordination produced some of the best guitar chops in them modern era.

His Moon opposite Pluto showed me that he needed to have tight reigns on his home environment and needed a lot of separation and privacy from the outer world at large. His relationship with women seemed to be good at the same time he probably needed to control the ones he was most intimate with. Moon – Pluto natives tend to have great discipline when it comes to diet. Pluto controls, and the Moon represents nourishment. Lastly, people with this aspect save their most intimate thoughts and feelings for those who pass their trust tests. To everyone else they will have a guard up to protect themselves. It seems like he lived his live this way.

He showed his Venusian flair for fashion with very elaborate and richly textured clothes. Like his jacket and ruffled shirt he wore in his Purple Rain performance, displayed as the feature picture for this article. Which I would attribute to his domicile Venus in Taurus. His Mars was in Aries. And despite being rather androgynous and diminutive in stature, he was very competitive. He wanted to be better than Michael Jackson and competed with him in a friendly way. He wanted to depose Michael Jackson as the king of pop.

There are stories about his tenacity on the basketball court. Which for a 5’2″ man you would think would be a sport he would not be interested in or even be able to play. But he played in high school and was noted for his skills and heart. There is even a story about Prince playing against comedian and actor Charlie Murphy and Prince schooled him and was trash talking while doing it. A case of don’t judge a book by it’s cover.


His ascendant was in 16 degrees Scorpio, and the source for his birth time seems to be reliable so I’m going with this. Biggest thing I’ve noticed is that the full moon in Scorpio is taking place in his 12th house! The house of self undoing. Uranus was traveling through his 6th house which is a period where sudden illness can take hold seemingly out of left field. Uranus rules what is unexpected, sudden surprises related to health, and the like.

Prince was in the beginning stages of his second Saturn return at his time of passing. This is the 3rd stage of testing one will face in their life. Prince might have been facing an obstacle that we don’t know about. A rather important lesson that reared its head again. Unfortunately we will never know or get to see him grow from his 2nd Saturn return. Saturn was beginning to go through his 2nd house. Was this test or burden a financial one? Maybe he was going through some kind of reformation of values. Restructuring financially or spiritually.

Sadly we will likely never have the answers to these questions. Hopefully more clarity can be brought to this situation. What we do have is his entire music catalogue and all his life performances to live on as testaments to his genius.



      • I sorta thought perhaps it was a life changing aspect of his chart that had two choices, the third time around…fall, or conquer, with an absolute lesson to be learned either way. I do not know if we ever get our charts down precisely, but then again isnt the point of life when compared towards astrological charts focused on what we will experience, the choices we can make, and the outcome of our choices? I do believe that he had unfinished tasks……. even though he accomplished so much artistically, perhaps he had missed something from with in, or he had something that happened to him that he did not understand how to cope with… he became lost, weakened spiritually? I mean, I dunno……….. I dont wanna argue my views, just share them ….bc no matter what……we lost one of the most amazing musical geniuses of all time , may he rest in peace. The mystery behind his eyes was present for a purpose……the world may never know…..

  1. My dear 18 year old son was a multi instrumentalist,producer and songwriter he was born same day and evening time scale as Prince but in a different year 96. He also had his own wacky clothing style, adored his guitar and drums. Sadly he died two years ago in a car crash. It amazes me the musical similarities between them.

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