How to use astrology to make you a better personal trainer.



So you’re a personal trainer, and you have to deal with a plethora of personality types.  Some may be very difficult to deal with for any number of reasons. Maybe they’re moody, and irritable. Maybe they need a lot of motivation. There are many different types of characters you will cross paths with working in a field where personal relationship building is important.

So knowing that as a trainer I have to be able to tap into the clients psyche a bit and know what pushes their buttons and how to motivate them. Astrology is one of , if not the best tool to utilize for this purpose.  Many will question how this is even possible. I don’t expect this scribe to reach mainly Astrology adepts and students so I’ll explain.

Study of the soul

Astrology is the study of the soul. We calculate the characteristics and tendencies of a person based on what planetary season they were born in. Just like animals being born in different seasons and different climates, humans are born in different cosmic seasons. Planetary cycles and energies helping to shape and mold an individual.  So let me break down how this applies in elemental examples in somebodies personal natal chart.

  • Mars , Moon, and/or Sun in a fire sign: Will definitely have unbridled energy and self motivation so that part won’t be the problem. The problem with them will be discipline and patience. These natives will want to be fast and furious and may get bored and also lose their physical form during a workout which will lessen it’s effectiveness . Keeping them disciplined while mixing in some challenges will keep them interested.
  • Mars, Moon, and/or Sun in a water sign: These natives will need to feel comfortable and secure. Will need some motivation from the trainer. There will be times where their moods create an issue of motivation. They will also need some structure and discipline. But not of the drill sergeant kind. Just structure. Also creating a bond of trust with them will also help keep them on the right track. Rewarding them for a good session will give them a sense of accomplishment and build their self esteem.
  • Mars, Moon, and/or Sun in an air sign: Tapping into their mental body is going to be of the utmost importance with these natives. They lack the self motivation of the other elements. They are mental people, they like to socialize. So keeping these people motivated and focused will require keeping them mentally engaged. I’ve said before that especially for air mars people, mental engagement is required for physical activity. So conversing with them, also working out with them is something that will keep them motivated. If you’re a silent trainer they will probably stop coming to you.
  • Mars, Moon, and/or Sun in an earth sign: They may not need as much personal motivation or discipline as the other elements. Earth energy is practical and utilitarian. So they are willing to work. The issue here will be pushing boundaries. They will have to be pushed to new heights because they aren’t boundary pushers. They will continue with what they know works which may stunt progress.

So as a trainer you will come across one of these or a combination of these and It takes some guile to know how to press the right buttons. Astrology in my opinion is great for that.

One size doesn’t fit all

one size

The point being here is that this is a field where you have to cater to others. So adapting to how they operate  is going to determine how successful your are. If you’re operating from ego and just doing things your way and not listening or paying attention to the clients you won’t be successful.

Learning these characteristics will happen over time as you get to know the client. But if they decide they don’t really need you before that time comes then you’re out of a client. So using astrology off the bat should help you secure more clientele. Why? Because you’re speaking to them on their terms and their level right off the bat.

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