Battle of LA and Earthquake, Tsunami strike Japan.


Just at the anaretic degree of Uranus in Pisces going into Aries, a devastating earthquake hit northern Japan followed by a Tsunami. The last time this transit occurred was during Hurricane Katrina. This is the degree of disaster, war, destuction.  Also there is a Nuclear plant on fire and the reactor is overheating, nuclear materials are ruled by Uranus. Uranus (technology) in Aries (war)  could indicate that high powered technology was used. The movie,  Battle of LA is also hitting theaters today also.

The historical Battle of LA, took place in 1942 shortly after the Pearl Harbor attack by Japan, where supposed weather balloons caused hysteria in LA , and the US military thought it was UFO’s.  Interesting this earthquake hits Japan on the cusp of this movie, knowing that Japan had a direct tie to the events of the original “Battle of LA”. Check out the natal chart for Los Angeles and it’s transits today.Battle of LA and Earthquake, Tsunami strike Japan. 1


Globally, the powerful Cardinal T-square is in effect as well.


Stay tuned…..

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