Beyonce album is released during auspicious lunar transit.



Beyonce’ releases an album unexpectedly on December 13th just before midnight to millions of excited fans. The album supposedly was going to be shelved due to the label’s dislike of the contents. She released it anyway and on hype alone it’s been projected that it sold 200,000 copies in the first 48 hours even crashing the Apple Itunes servers due to the volume of traffic. The self titled Beyonce album hasn’t even been released in stores  in other formats yet.


Is Beyonce’ using an astrologer?

Beyonces' natal chart
Beyonces’ natal chart

I ask because of the Moon in Taurus on the Midheaven transit.  The timing is almost too perfect.  If her ascendant is indeed in Leo, then she has good timing. Using the Moon to her advantage,if that’s what she indeed did is a stroke of genius. She knows that women are the ones buying her albums for the most part. When the album was released it I watched my Twitter feed and I get the sense that women were going through a whole range of emotions listening to the album and watching the videos.

Moon in Taurus  passing through the Midheaven was a perfect time to launch such a career move .


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