” Black Friday”Sagittarian solar eclipse , New moon and How you can take advantage.


A solar eclipse  will be taking place on Friday November 25th (Black Friday) at 2 degrees Sagittarius. This means that the energy of Sagittarius and benevolence of jupiter will guide you for the next 6 months or so. ( depending on where Sagittarius and Jupiter is place in your natal chart as well of course).

Now the importance of this eclipse taking place on friday is very interesting as it’s “black Friday” the most important single day in retail each year.  Currently Venus and Jupiter are in Mutual reception indicating an expansion of income or luck in income.  Retailers may see increased revenues this year as prices are set to be record lows. Best Buy and other retailers have indicated that items like tv’s could be up to 75% off. This could very well benefit retailers and consumers. What also may happen since the mutual reception is in inconjunct signs is  over spending . Taurus and Sagittarius are both signs that are susceptible to hedonism.The Sun’s ruler being deposited in Taurus during this period, and at the same degree (2′) shows me that this holiday whether you partake or not should prove to be one of happiness and luck.

We must not forget that Sagittarius is expansion of knowledge so knowledge as to how one can make more money will become an increasing focus in the near future, even more so even despite the poor economy.

On a more personal level, wherever 2 degrees Sagittarius falls in your natal chart and by extension wherever jupiter in 2 degrees Taurus is will show where you will benefit and how you will benefit monetarily in the near future , and where you will need to focus to take advantage of this. For example my own personal natal chart. 2 degrees Sagittarius sun will fall in my 2nd house, transiting jupiter i my 7th house. I’m looking to take advantage of some kind of possible winfall. Lottery win of some kind. or winning some kind of sweepstakes.

If this eclipse takes place in your 10th house  you should keep your eye out for opportunities  in your career to move up or gain a better position.

If the eclipse takes place in your 7th house look for a benefit from a marriage partner or business partner.

If you need to know how this effects you personally be sure to check out my available services under the services tab.

Reminder: New moon in Sagittarius  is taking place  concurrently with the solar eclipse in sagittarius. This period of time of abundant jupiter energy deposited in Taurus (money) should be looked at as a time where opportunity should present itself in matters of money and new understanding and information as to methodologies of  how to acquire this.

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