My name is -blank- and I have Venus in Scorpio.


My name is -blank- and I have Venus in Scorpio. 1Venus in Scorpio

My name is __ and I have my Venus in Scorpio. I titled this scribe this way for a few reasons. One is, ever since I have become more knowledgeable about astrology and have read many books, read countless articles and posts around the net. Venus Scorpio has been kind of characterized almost as a disease . Well, it kind of plays out that way for some being that the placement is in Venus’ detriment. Make no mistake, it is not the best of placements, everyone has afflictions in their natal chart, but I think this placement is unique in many ways.


Way back

Ever since I was little I have generally looked at lighthearted social situations as frivolous , a waste of time.  That is because the personal values of a Venus Scorpio are much different than that of a Venus Taurus,Venus Libra, or Venus Pisces native. Venus Scorpio is in a feral state of personal survival. Person interactions  are intensely analyzed and potential threats are sized up immediately. Which may put other people on edge. So even though my personal chart is full of lighthearted aspects and placement, Venus Scorpio acts as an elephant in the room so to speak. An energy that is emitted is threatening to some, exciting to others, but either way people are effected.

This energy has hurt me in numerous situations dealing with other people. Relationships, employers to name two . Because mars is a baser function , Venus in Scorpio is very passionate about things it like which can easily turn into a crusade if this object( Venus Scorpio treats materials and people alike as objects,8th house) of obsession is denied . The lack of perspective just spurs the native to become more and more ardent and assertive in getting what it is they want.  After it’s outlived it’s use, it’s discarded. The Venus Scorpio native decides when it’s not useful anymore, the fixed nature doesn’t seem to allow for any contractual modifications or others input on the matter, because Scorpio is self concerned. It’s a placement that is a constant battle, in between two warring factions, like having an angel on your shoulder in one ear, and the devil in the other.

Love of the underworld

My name is -blank- and I have Venus in Scorpio. 2

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While at the party, Venus in Leo wants to be at the center of the dancer floor cutting rug showing off. Venus Aquarius wants to be line dancing with everyone there. Venus in Scorpio wants to be in the VIP lounge with a handful of other people , watching over the dance floor and stage through a monitor . Probably discussing some type of deal that will bring them income and power. Hades rules the underworld, the unseen hand, secret societies. Limelight may be great for some but power is more satisfying. Gaining wealth exerting power is even more satisfying. TV attention is great for some, accolades are great for some, but ask Ted Turner or Bill Gates if they would trade glitz and glam media attention for enormous amounts of personal fortune. I doubt they would. They’re Venus in Scorpio is fine with the power and wealth.

This also indicates potentially gaining wealth through questionable means. Either stealing, cheating, or lying in some way. Because the unevolved Venus Scorpio native doesn’t care about the means it takes to reach an end. Power and money above all. Hillary Clinton is an example of someone who I don’t believe will ever willingly give up any type of power. Russian president Vladimir Putin is another on who seems to manipulate the politics in Russia so that some how he is always arms length from the presidential office. One could only speculate what kind of underhanded methods are being used there.

What else besides secret societies, politics  and the like is a part of the underworld? Drugs and  organized crime. Taking things that don’t belong, back biting. Scorpio rules the 8th house. Venus Scorpio is making money through others, whether it be stealing, or it be something like being a private investigator. Organized crime is built on boosting consumer items. Drug dealers acquire wealth by selling toxins to people who may eventually die from them. Shady characters , people who lie in the shadows, use fake ID’s, aliases, and otherwise stay out of view.




Venus rules over pleasure, and Scorpio rules over extremes. This is the tendency for this placement to travel well off the path of what is considered “normal”.  Do not confuse this with doing too much of something which is Sagittarius/Jupiter. If you’re a native with Venus in Scorpio, and Jupiter in Scorpio  like Rapper Dmx , then you can expect “extremely too much” to manifest.


This extremism travels into many different areas of life. For comedians like Redd Foxx , Richard Pryor and musician Jim Morrison the extremes were drug and alcohol abuseIn the case of the aforementioned DMX,  the extremity is in the sexual realm. Venus in Scorpio is sensual. But not in the same way as Venus Taurus which enjoys more simple pleasures. Venus in Scorpio is frustrated in this regard, the simple pleasures aren’t that fulfilling, because the intensity and sensation isn’t thrilling enough. For this reason the natives are drawn to taboo forms of sex.

My name is -blank- and I have Venus in Scorpio. 3


Being in a sign of lust doesn’t help things. Anatomically Scorpio rules over the genitals and drawn to forbidden fruit because it’s a challenge and a thrill. The problem comes in when Venus Scorpio secret dealings reach the light of day like in the case of Tiger Woods. If your Venus in Scorpio dealings reach light it probably would cause public disgrace, because this placement deals in ugly. The things you never should want to see. Tiger Woods secret messages to his mistress came out and people couldn’t believe it. Well if you see a Venus Scorpio native, just know that there is much more than meets the eye.


Intense grip

My name is -blank- and I have Venus in Scorpio. 4

If you look at the guy to the right, NBA baller Shannon Brown, he has a look in his eyes that says “stay away from my woman.” He is a Venus Scorpio native married to Scorpio singer Monica, pictured center. Venus Scorpio dealing with the 8th house, sees their loved ones as possessions and this sometimes leads to abuse or cruelty.

The higher more evolved Venus in Scorpio native will be highly devoted and intensely focused on their loved one. This particular marriage we will have to see how it plays out.


I have a collage I made (pardon my lack of photo editing skills) but it’s of all Venus in Scorpi0 natives:


Venus in Scorpio collage


What would you like to add in terms of your experience or knowledge of Venus in Scorpio natives? Lend me your thoughts.

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