Bo Jackson: The embodiment of the Jupiter mythos.


I danced to the beat of my own drums,not nobody else’s”-Bo Jackson

Bo Jackson Sagittarius

Born November 30th, 1962 1st decan #Sagittarius native.

Bo Jackson: Amun/Thor in the flesh

There are a lot of tales and stories around this man. That he shot his bow and arrow  in the Royals locker room. Hopping a Volkswagon, and jumping a 40 foot chasm. These are Paul Bunyan esq stories as people being interviewed said in ESPN’s “3o for 30” documentary.  Doing physically super human things in track and field, Baseball, Football and challenging himself to physical feats just adds to the Jupiter bigger than life mythos. Breaking records in the NFL combine. Playing more than one sport professionally  in a year span is indicative of the Jupiter tendency to over do things by over extending yourself. Trying to reach to heights that might be unattainable.

bo Knows


Running the ball with lighting in the background, appropriate of a Jupiter native.

Hitting first pitch homeruns and scoring long rushing touch downs are things that were never believed possible for one man to do.As many Sagittarians, mundane repetitive work is avoided. Bo Jackson said ” Practice to me, I felt, was a waste of time”.


Leap of faith


The horseman beating a ground ball for a single.

Bo Jackson: The embodiment of the Jupiter mythos. 1

The Japanese believed in the Bo Jackson mythos and it showed by making him an unstoppable player in Tecmo Bowl, just illustrating the huge Jupiterian figure he was.

Inside the chart

His chart has a very strong Jupiter energy. Sun in #Sagittarius conjunct Mercury in Sagittarius. And Jupiter exalted in #Pisces squaring Sun and Mercury indicates a bigger than life persona and aura. Indicates a lot of pride, maybe too much. Also means not necessarily appreciating your luck and good fortune. Mars in Leo is excellent for sports. A need to be first or the best. Good athleticism . Sun trine Mars indicates a strong drive , strong self drive without being abrasive and combative.

Venus Scorpio trine Jupiter in Pisces. He gained financially through the #BoKnows campaign. Benefited based on his Jupiter persona. Being a multi talented athlete and excelling at all of them.

Career shortening injury

In January 1991 Bo was tackled along the sideline in a playoff game by Kevin Walker which dislocated Jackson’s leg, and although it popped in by itself it tore the head of his femur, ending his NFL career. A hip injury for a Sagittarius athlete is almost too ironic. Sagittarius rules the hips and sciatic nerve .He recovered and played in the MLB for a few more seasons before retirement in 1995.

Post sports

Jupiter bringing him more financial luck with his sports complex which he is co-owner and CEO. And his food company N’genuity.He is an avid outdoors guy who collects the heads of the game he catches. He hunts with a bow and arrow in true Sagittarius form.  He spends his free time in his “man cave” (Venus in Scorpio) creating arrows and bolts for his archer equipment. In 2012 did “Bo Bikes Bama” 300 mile charity bike ride for tornado victims. Just Jupiter on top of Jupiter.


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