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Brave Browser and BAT

This post is going to be different and it’s not astrology related. It’s an appeal to readers and clients of me and For content creators it is an uphill battle for making a decent living. Brave Browser and BAT will help. I have a thread on Twitter addressing this issue actually. :

That thread talks about ways for content creators of all kinds to earn a living via blockchain technology.

One of the ways content creators can earn is with Brave browser and BAT (Basic Attention Token).  Let me explain. Brave browser is a privacy oriented browser that gives you the option to block all ads, block cookies, and fingerprinting. Brave and BAT were created by the founder of Javascript, and co-founder of Firefox. It is a fantastic browser. I use it for all my devices now. Brave has convenient bookmark placement and great add-ons as well.

The great browser is just one component of it though. There is a Ethereum blockchain cryptocurrency called BAT that works with the browser. The token is loaded into the browser and then depending on what you designated for the site you’re on, the owner of that site will earn some BAT depending on the length they spend on the site or channel.  So for instance, if something holds your attention for 10 minutes  and you designate $5 of BAT for a more lengthy 10 minute read, that site owner will earn that. You can designate whatever amount you wish to whatever site you wish.

How do you get BAT to even contribute to content creators. The first place you can go is a cryptocurrency exchange that has BAT, like Binance. Create a wallet in your Brave browser and then send the BAT from Binance to the Browser. There’s something even better however coming in the next few months. Since Brave blocks ads, that means you will be ad free if you’d like. But if you want to get paid to be shown ads, in BAT, Brave will begin their ad ecosystem very soon. So you can earn by allowing ads, then contribute BAT to the sites or channels you like Or publishers can place BAT specific ads. It’s a very simple system.


As of now Brave Publishers can integrate with their websites, Youtube channels, and Twitch channels. So if you have a Youtube channel definitely download Brave and signup as a publisher and verify your channel. If you’re a gamer and use twitch do the same. And lastly of course, integrate your website. This site is a verified Brave publisher and I’ve earned some BAT just by some people spending time on the site. So I recommend if you have any of those platforms, definitely download and try Brave. Also sign up as a publisher.


The ad and data mining model for content creation is coming to a close in my opinion. Options like Brave are the future. And some great features are coming. Twitter integration is coming. So for seeing ads and reading tweets you can be earning if you spend a lot of time on there. If you use Reddit? That integration is coming as well.

If you support this site please do me a small favor, and try out Brave browser by downloading it here > Brave Browser

Just by downloading it and trying it out free of cost to you, you will be supporting me and this site. You’ll definitely love the browser too. I’ve switched over 100%. It’s fast and stops online tracking so it’s a no brainer to me. In the future when all features are live it is going to be something content creators can rely on for income. The android app just hit 10 million downloads and desktop passed 4 million so it’s growing. Be a part of the future 🙂


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