Capricorn the Ancestor


♑ Capricorn is the sign of the Eldest, the Oldest, the Boss, the Authority, the Father or Disciplinary Parent, the Bread Winner. It is the sign of age, maturity, time, and math.

It also represents the Government, Heads of State. As the opposite and Partner of Cancer, Capricorn deals a lot with Family as well, especial the family Social Life. Capricorn represents the Ancestor, or Matriarch, Patriarch or both.

When I think of Capricorn I actually think of my Great Gran Mother Ruth, the Matriarch of our family or my Grandmother, her oldest child and “seemingly” the next Matriarch in the family. I wonder what commonalities we all conjure when thinking of the “Heads of State” in our Families.

Utilizing CONCEPTUAL ASTROLOGY, let’s OPEN THE LOTUS on Capricorn the Ancestor and examine some of the universal astrological

Capricorn the Ancestor!

The Eldest ♑ in the 1st


Saves for the Future ♒ in the 2nd

Speaks with Inner Wisdom, is a compassionate advisor ♓ in the 3rd

Head of the Family represents the family♈ in the 4th

Invest in the Children, loves to feed the children, or give them gifts and sweets. Loves games or gambling♉ in the 5th

Breathing Exercise keeps Healthy as well as mental exercise such as reading the daily paper , Chess, Qi-Gong, Tai Chi ♊ in the 6th

A nurturing and protective Partner, is the chief negotiator of the family and the bringer Harmony and balance in the family ♋ in the 7th

Leaves Legacy for Children, and at times seems to pass as another Child is born into the family ♌ in the 8th

Practices Religion, Spirituality or Philosophic Path daily and are the disseminate-or of this information and practices to the family, Routinely Generous♍ in the 9th

Is the known as the authority over the clan and is the one whom is called upon to arbitrate family disputes and make final judgments ♎ in the 10th

Evolves or Transforms via brotherhoods/sisterhoods or associations as well incarnates or is reborn in the future family line as one of the children♏ in the 11th

Deep connections to the Ancestral Spirits and Greatly charitable and compassionate ♐ in the 12th

Peace! Now all of my delineations and connotations are subject to change, for we know this is a blanket look under the hood of Capricorn as the Ancestor, Matriarch, and or Patriarch.

Again many think of the Eldest in the family and images of a wise, stern yet deeply spiritual and loving mature person in our family comes up.
For others could be a mean nasty GRINCH that stole Christmas or Ebenezer Scrooge type.

Plus I didn’t really go in on the negative stereo-types, however as you are reading this feel free to add those or to build on this Capricorn “The Ancestor” archetype !

Also with Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio a powerful and rare mutual reception, that transit will hit home if it already hasn’t as many of us begin to lose the Elders in the family to the spirit journey (Sag in the 12th of Capricorn) whether via physical or mental health or their passing into the spirit realm, and as well many new children will be born in the family as our Elders release their physical bonds.

Notice how when some of the eldest in the family die, new children are born right before or after? I think this has a lot to do with the energy of Capricorn having Scorpio in the 11th (A House tied to Children for it is the Opposite of the 5th House and Leo)…

I also think because Leo the sign of Children in the 8th House of Legacies and Rebirth that when the eldest die, they do so when another ancestor is being born in the family or a little before or after…

That rare auspicious configuration of Saturn ♄ in Scorpio ♏ and Pluto ♇ in Capricorn ♑ is also significant because it spells out astrologically the ANCESTORS REBORN, or ANCESTORS RETURN or REBIRTH OF THE ANCESTORS

This is WONDERFUL NEWS for this reminds me of a biblical passage “The Last shall be the First and the First the Last” which brings to mind these current turbulent times which many feel are the “last days” or the “end of an age”. Since Capricorn is the sign of time, I correlate all this to the Zep Tepi (thanks to Paul Moreland) the first ones, whom come at the end of an age to witness and help usher in a new one.

Crazy Right?

It is my personal stance that Children Born during this configuration are indeed some of the FIRST of our bloodlines, reincarnated to help us usher in and celebrate the end of an age and the beginning of a new one.

These children to me supersede any “Star Children, Indigo Children, or Crystal Children” for they will be KEY to guiding us in this New Age. We shall see in 33 yrs or so if I am right???

Take the “TIME/♄ ” why the Sun ☉ is in Capricorn ♑ to celebrate your ANCESTORS! Not a coincidence that KWANZAA is during this time of year!

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