Capricorn and Saturn principles


Capricorn and Saturn principles.

It’s the New Year and as a New Year custom, many many people make resolutions. Whether it be to lose weight, get in shape, start a project, stop drinking, etc. Your resolution could be anything really. But what happens to most people who start New Year’s resolutions. They usually give up within weeks.

My last email about the full moon spoke of benchmarks to accomplish what it is you set out to. I want to build on that concept a bit more and dovetail it into the idea of Chronos/Saturn.

Chronos is father time itself, and represents Saturn. Fundamentally New Year’s resolutions do not work because not enough time has been committed to your goal. I don’t mean spending hours at the gym per day, I mean going to the gym on a consistent schedule week after week. Something done 3 weeks consistently is a habit, that’s all it takes. It really doesn’t take motivation. Motivation is an emotion, Saturn does not care about motivation. Commit to a habit.

Another Saturn concept? Delayed gratification. Can you wait a long time for results to show? Can you commit to something that takes time, possibly a long time, without seeing results.

Real life example

One of my favorite Saturn stories is about Capricorn champion retired boxer Bernard Hopkins. (Sun, Mercury,Venus Capricorn). Bernard grew up in Germantown, Philadephia, around his 18th birthday, committed armed robbery and was sentenced to prison. He became prison champion and after 5 years at age 23 he was released. For the next 13 years he grinded, winning and defending middleweight titles along the way. Mostly low key wins in small venues. He was making money, but not the kind of money that the top tier fighters made. See, Bernard wasn’t a physical freak athlete, nor was he particularly fast, he wasn’t a hard puncher either. So many of his wins were grinds, those type of fights don’t draw a lot of eyeballs.

Until the ages of 36-37, long after most fighters, and pro athletes in general are retired, Bernard got his signature win against Oscar De La Hoya, and went on to fight until 51 years old, picking up many more 7 figure purses along the way. How did he do it? Disciplined diet, and workout. Didn’t drink or smoke. Used footwork and being smart in the ring. He overcame big life odds, and put in the time, and waited for his chance. Because he was always prepared, luck worked in his favor.

Other examples

CBS Sunday morning is something I like to watch because of the profiles. Profiles of not so famous people that have done extraordinary things. If you watch that show long enough you will see a pattern in the profiles. Whether it’s an artist, chef, musician, business person– you’ll see that often times for the first 4-5 decades of their life they struggled. A chef who toiled away perfecting his craft for decades until they found a perfect dish that turned them into a pioneer. A business person who left a trail of failed businesses until they were like 55 years old, and now they’re a millionaire. These people are usually extremely happy too. They reached the mountain top and genuinely know it was all worth it.

There are millions of these kinds of testaments to Saturn.

People spend their whole entire lives preparing and working towards that one chance at glory, no matter how personal or unheralded it is.

The Saturn in your life

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? How has your track record been committing to them. Remember if you’ve struggled in the past, know that 21 days is all you need.

I always say March 20th  is when to start, that’s what I think personally. But if you’re willing to give it a shot now… commit until January 22nd. Commit to something until it becomes a habit. Time works against you until that threshold and then it works for you. You’re able to log minutes in something and over time your mastery of it goes up levels .So it becomes easier and easier until you can do it in your sleep.


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