Christmas Day full moon in Cancer 2015


This year the world gets a special full moon transit, a full cancer moon on Christmas. At 6:12 am est the moon will be full at 3 degrees Cancer. This moon brings a great opportunity to have a very spiritually nurturing time with those closest to you. If you’re alone, call or facetime your family and let them know truly, how you are doing and tell them that you care. This is the full moon to put work and stress on the back burner and open up, share what is really going on in your life. How are you truly feeling about your current status. Cancer is about connecting, and in an emotionally honest way. If you’re embarrassed by what you want to share about your feelings, you should find someone that you can do that with. It might be a friend, could be a relative. But get what has been weighing you down emotionally off your chest (Cancer rules the chest!)

On a universal level, the full moon in Cancer is about getting back to your roots. Asking yourself if the path you’re on is true to morals that you grew up living by. In your travels through adulthood have you forsaken certain guiding principles that your mom or your dad, grandparents passed on to you? Tap back into that.

Thankfully this moon has totally dodged Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. The moon trines Neptune in Pisces, heightening emotional sensitivity.

This is a powerful full moon so use this opportunity wisely!

What are some of your full moon rituals? Share below.


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