Do signs at home or in exalt mean they are better? Pt1 Personal planets.

When we look at a natal birth chart and go through the planets we may come to find that we have a few “strong” planets. Say for example we come to the planet mercury and see that we have Gemini placed there, well, Gemini is a mercurial placement so one would assume that would be a great placement for it, but is it necessarily?

Let’s take a look at the planets when they’re at home:

Sun-Leo: The brightness of the sun is strongest here, these people are usually leaders ( Presidents Obama and Clinton as well as Governor Schwarzenegger). But with this sign placement can come extreme selfishness and egocentricity which can rub a lot of people the wrong way. So is it better generally speaking to have a strong ego, or be more Aquarian (Sun detriment).

: The lunar moon person will have a strong emotional streak, often quite sensitive and empathic. Also will easily pick up vibes from whatever environment they’re in like a sponge. This is good for nurturing and taking care of others as well as readily expressing emotions. But is it good for your health to be sensitive? Or would it actually be better to have a more earthy, dry, and less demonstrative emotionalism like a lunar Capricorn( moon detriment).

: With mercury in Gemini one will most definitely be witty with a sharp mind (barring it is poorly aspected). They will be likely to be able to handle mental tasks will great ease. The mercury Virgo native will have a well organized mind and appreciate work that requires attention to detail and organization. But does the mercury Gemini have the attention span to engage in a a mentally deep conversation? Or can one gain great insight by thinking in a more philosophical and all encompassing way (mercury in Sagittarius/detriment). Mercury in Virgo may be doing so many things at once in great detail, and be so picky that they miss out on higher meaning or the creative ethereal mind of a mercury Pisces.

Venus-Libra/Taurus: Venus in Libra is interested in beauty, fairness, and balance. They will be courteous and generous with a partner no doubt about that. But does this mean that there is something wrong with rocking the boat every once in a while(Venus Aries,detriment). Venus Libra may also be taken advantage of but be so interested in keeping things on an even keel they might just ignore it. Venus in Taurus, show me the money baby!! Being showered with material possessions,money, and raw earthy sex is probably a dream most people have had at some point. But is this really love? Is it simply materialism and consumerism under a veil of love? Or maybe one views soul bonding and a deep,intense emotional connection as true love.

Mars-Aries/Scorpio: Mars Aries is quick to uptake a challenge and do it with much vigor. Mars Aries is also quick to blow a fuse and can be rather impulsive so much so that they just ignore warning signs and advice. What about considering options and the best course of action first (Mars Libra/detriment). Sometimes that is more useful and could be more personally beneficial in the long run. Mars in Scorpio will never do things half way and see something through to the end for better or worse. What about showing some cooth though? Subversive tactics won’t always get you into the best of situations (Mars Taurus/detriment).

This is not a final judgment or condemnation of any sign. I’m just sharing my observations on how the planets strength may actually work out of your favor.

What about you? What are your thoughts on the matter?

Stay tuned for Pt 2 where we take a look at the outer planets.

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